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Sharing Bed With Campus Belle

Sharing Bed With Campus Belle


The youngest king of the mercenary world, bid farewell to the life of bullets, bullets, and blood, and returned to the ambiguous Flower Capital. No matter if she was the campus belle, the policewoman, the female star, or the arrogant and cold goddess, it was easy to capture them all. Of course, everything had to start with living together with the campus belle. After all, nothing could be more exciting than living together with the beautiful girls.
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  There was dim light, noisy music, well-dressed dancer, and a rough and barbaric man. This was an underground bar somewhere in Italian. There were not many people who dared to enter this bar. Because most of the guests who came here were people who traveled in the Dark World all the year round. Some of them were criminals carrying many murders on their backs, some were professional killers who took lives as work, and some were mercenaries who handled various tricky affairs on behalf of government officials or others. They lived a dangerous and killing life.

  As a professional mercenary, it was not the first time for Li Feiyang to come here, but this would be the last time he came here. Just two or three days ago, Li Feiyang just talked to his parents who were far away in China, and his parents insisted on him returning home.

  After three years of mercenary career, Li Feiyang was used to living in the rain of bullets all day long. But he was indeed a little tired, so he did not think much and agreed to his parents' request.

  After drinking the last glass of wine in front of him, Li Feiyang was about to get up and leave, but at this moment, the door of the bar was pushed open. A red-haired man rushed into the bar and shouted, "Hey, have you all heard? Alice was killed, and it was a whole set of their organization!"

  The red-haired man's words shocked all the people in the bar. One of the bald men even stood up and said in surprise, "That's impossible! There are more than 200 men under the command of Alice. They're fully equipped, and they're the biggest gang in the south. If we want to destroy them, we have to send our troops. But if we use our forces, it's impossible that nothing will happen!"

  A mysterious smile appeared on the red-haired man's face. "Of course it wasn't done by the army. Have you ever heard of 'the dragon's scales'?"

  "Dragon group?" The bald man frowned. "How can I not know? In recent years, the biggest mercenary group is one of the five biggest mercenary groups in the world. There are a total of seven people. And it is said that the commander is a newly grown-up yellow. Does it have anything to do with them?"

  The red-haired man nodded and said, "They should have done it. Otherwise, who else could have destroyed him and his men without anyone noticing? Speaking of the Dragon Group, their commander is really not simple..."

  The red-haired man became more and more excited as he spoke, but Li Feiyang didn't intend to listen anymore. He put down the wine glass in his hand, dropped a unique gold coin on the bar, and then walked out of the bar.

  As the door of the bar was closed, the noisy sound inside was blocked. At this time, there was no one on the street. Li Feiyang suddenly felt a chill. He quickly took out his cigarette, lit it, and took a deep breath. "Hey, it's really a shame to be praised face to face."

  After that, Li Feiyang walked to the corner of the street and was ready to stop a taxi directly to the airport. But at this time, he suddenly found that there was a very charming figure in the corner of the lane not far away.

  Li Feiyang raised his eyebrows and wanted to see what was going on. He didn't expect that the enchanting figure hidden in the dark alley had already taken the initiative to reach out his white arm and hooked his slender finger toward him.

  "Interesting." A playful look flashed across Li Feiyang's eyes, and he quickly walked over.

  After walking into the alleys, Li Feiyang found that this was a blond white woman with a height of nearly 1.75 meters. She was wearing a big red dress with a short skirt, showing straight and white legs, and a pair of blood. The red high-heeled shoes reveal a primitive temptation in the glamour.

  At this moment, the woman was leaning against the wall. One side of the shoulder strap slipped gently, revealing her charming shoulders. She said to Li Feiyang in standard Italian, "Sir, do you want to fight with me?"

  The red-robed woman's words were simple and direct, but they were extremely flirtatious and made it impossible for people to refuse.

  Li Feiyang smiled, threw away the cigarette in his hand, and replied in standard Italian, "Here?"

  "Isn't it good here? Don't you think it's more exciting?" The woman asked back, and slowly approached Li Feiyang step by step.

  "The field in the middle of the night? Not bad!" Li Feiyang no longer hesitated. He stepped forward and clung tightly to the woman's body. As he kissed the woman's beautiful pink neck, he put his hand into the woman's dress.

  "Well..." The woman let out a delicate hum, without any resistance, and let Li Feiyang's hands touch her tender skin.

  As time went by, as the kiss became more and more intense, the woman seemed to be unable to suppress her excitement. She suddenly jumped up and wrapped herself around Li Feiyang like a bear without a tail. Her slender legs were tightly hooked around Li Feiyang's waist, as if inviting Li Feiyang to enter the final phase.

  However, at this critical moment, Li Feiyang suddenly stopped and said in a very disappointed tone, "By the way, we haven't discussed the price yet. I can't afford to pay for it if it's too expensive."

  "The price is not a problem. You can give me as much as you want." Li Feiyang stopped, but the woman didn't. She answered while trying to unbutton Li Feiyang's pants. However, the woman didn't notice that Li Feiyang just saidiang, and her answer was alsoiang.

  Hearing the woman's answer, Li Feiyang smiled faintly, squinted his eyes and said to the woman, "I didn't expect that you, as a reception girl in Italy, can also speak mandarin. It seems that the competition in your industry is quite fierce. Do you need to entertain African guests?"

  This time, Li Feiyang used Russia, but the woman still understood. Her movements suddenly stopped, and then she quickly bounced backward, leaving more than three meters away from Li Feiyang in an instant.

  "Have you already known my identity?" The woman stared at Li Feiyang and asked warily in English. The charm and temptation in her eyes were suddenly swept away, replaced by coldness and coldness.

  Li Feiyang still maintained a faint smile. "Of course, how can a beauty like you stand on the street to recruit customers? Do you want other ladies to have no food? What's more, no one can deliver the goods without a good price before doing business. Or have I really been so handsome that a beautiful woman like you deserves to be rejected?"

  Thinking of her behavior just now, the woman's expression revealed a trace of regret. She knew that she was too anxious. However, the woman quickly regained her composure and took out a small pistol from nowhere. She pointed at Li Feiyang and said, "Dragon King, you are indeed very careful. Your observation ability is very good, but even if you exposed my disguise, it can't change the final result. I know you are very powerful, but no matter how powerful you are, you can't escape from my bullets at such a close distance. So, quickly hand over the key to the Duke's vault, otherwise... oh..."

  The woman was trying to make the final warning, hoping to complete the task without using force. After all, no one in the Dark World wanted to face the fight with the Dragon King of the Dragon Gang. However, before the woman could finish her words, Li Feiyang, who was still standing three meters away, appeared in front of her at this moment and kissed her red lips deeply, so that she could not say another word.

  After a deep kiss, Li Feiyang showed a satisfied look. "It's said that the blonde stunner of the assassin world is an old hand who caused countless men to lose their love. I didn't expect her to be a virgin. It's really surprising."

  "How do you know... no! What are you talking about! Bastard!" Yaya blushed and raised her hand to shoot, but at this time, she found that the micro pistol in her hand had already reached Li Feiyang's hand.

  Li Feiyang looked at the mini handgun in his hand. While playing with it, he nodded and praised, "Yes, it's small, so it's more convenient for carrying and hiding. It's suitable for female killers. And although it looks very small, the power of this gun may be more than that of the Bolining MQing houses."

  How did my gun come to his hand? Yaya was shocked and her face was full of disbelief. It was not until then that she finally realized that there was a huge gap between her and the man in front of her.

  "All right, all right, don't be unhappy. This is a gift for you." Seeing that she suddenly looked serious, Li Feiyang took out a key from his arms and threw it to her.

  She took the key, took a look at it, and cried out involuntarily, "Is this the key to the Alice's Treasure House?"

  "I don't know. I just picked it up. Do you like it or not?" Li Feiyang waved his hand with a smile and turned to leave.

  The bounty listed on the List of Mad wanted in Europe and the United States was eight million dollars, which seemed to be a huge sum of money, but those who knew the truth didn't take it seriously, because the real value of it was the 50 million dollars of gold that he had accumulated over the years.

  Yaya was obviously an insider, so she came to Li Feiyang and intended to steal the key from him. Although Li Feiyang didn't admit it, she knew that the key in her hand must be the key to the Alice's treasury. However, she didn't expect that she tried so hard to get the key and failed. When she was about to give up, the other party gave her the key so casually.

  "Why?" Looking at Li Feiyang's back, she couldn't help asking in a low voice.

  Li Feiyang didn't stop. "Just take it as buying your first night. I'll get it later. Besides, I'm going to retire. Someone like you will definitely come to me with this guy's key. I'm afraid of trouble, so I have to give it to you."

  The trouble, worth 50 million dollars, must not be refused by a few people. Yaya looked at the key in her hand, and then looked at Li Feiyang, who was about to disappear in the night, and shouted, "Dragon King, I will help you accept this trouble first, but you will never get it at the first night of my Yagekia!"