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Run Into Mr. Morris

Run Into Mr. Morris



It was a thunderstorm. Jenny was drugged by someone but she tried to escape. She ran to the roadside and stopped a car. Morris stopped, picked up Jenny, and put her in his car. At that time, the drug started working as Jenny held Morris tightly. Morris also couldn’t control himself... Five years later, Jenny’s beautiful twins saw a handsome man, Morris, who looked like the twins. He was the CEO of TK Group, where Jenny worked in. The twins wanted Morris to be their father. Surprisingly, the man was also interested in the twins. This time, Jenny bumped into Morris again, but he asked, “Have we meet before?”
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The weather today was extremely hot.

At around 11 pm, the door to the Jenny's courtyard in the villa district on the Bamboo Mountain suddenly opened. Jenny barefooted ran out the door, wearing a red and white lattice students skirt and having her hair messy.

Her face was red, her breathing was short, and her steps were a little messy.

"Sister, sister!" A few minutes later, an unusually sharp voice came from behind, "You're back, give me back!"

Jenny listened to an agitated spirit and lifted her spirit to speed up.

"Boom ..." Suddenly, there was thunder and lightning. A storm was about to come.

"Ah ..." Jenny was afraid of thunder. She covered her ears and hid behind a big stone in the purple bamboo forest by the roadside.

After the lightning, the sky returned to deep darkness.

A woman in a purple sundress and a fat middle—aged man chased after them. They looked around and looked at each other strangely.

"Did you run far?" The man gasped heavily.

The woman wiped the sweat from her face and said out of breath, "Should ... should not run too far. She drank that glass of wine and it would soon happen. She was also afraid of this weather. "

The man looked at her annoyingly. "Tell you, she's gone. You'll sleep with me!"

The woman pouted and looked reluctant. "What are you worried about? She must be ahead."

"Come again!" The man waved his hand and ran forward with the woman.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Jenny came out of the forest. One hand covered her undulating chest and ran to the other fork in a panic ...

The street lights were bright and there were many cars, so she could stop one car and go to the hospital.

After running for a while, another thunderbolt smashed her body and shook her body. She fell to the side of the road.

Quack! A passing black Bentley stopped and the door opened. A handsome man with a handsome figure got out of the car and kindly raised her. "Girl, what's wrong with you?"

Jenny leaned on his arm softly, smelling the scent of a man's exclusiveness that emanated from him. Her eyes flashed, and the sensitive cells in her body were exploded by sparks.

She got excited and hugged the man as she breathed. She face against his chest, mumbling.

Morris was shocked. She suddenly felt that her body was very hot. He stepped back in doubt and lifted her face.

She saw that her little face, which was wrapped in black hair, was extremely flushed, her eyes wide, and her mouth wide open. She was panting like a fish dying of thirst.

He stunned slightly, reaching out to remove the strand of black hair on her face, his eyes widening. "It's you?"

"Save me." Jenny, whose reason was completely controlled by the poison, could not hear what he was saying, only to feel that there were Tanners of love worms in her body.

"Quick, hurry ... save me."

Hearing her hoarse and painful voice, Morris's eyes narrowed.

"Okay, I'll send you to the hospital."

He quickly picked up Jenny and put him in the back seat of the car. Just as he wanted to pull back, his neck was gripped tightly by a pair of soft hands.

The lips were close together, and Morris's whole body was tight. His heat suddenly rushed to the brain like a flood of water.

Jenny was even crazier, his slender legs wrapped around his waist ...

The rain fell and splashed on the rocking roof of the car.

After some time, the black Bentley opened the door.

Jenny rushed out, her hair was still messy, and she ran towards the front. She was crying.

"Hello ... don't run!" Morris chased out her clothes and saw two snowy lights coming up. He opened his eyes and screamed, "Quickly escape!"

Jenny stunned and stopped. She turned around and looked at the man who was lit by the car's lights through the rain. Before she could react, the whole person was pushed by the man.

Oh! In the blink of an eye, Morris was knocked down by a big truck.

"Ahhhh ..." Jenny looked at the man who had fallen into a pool of blood, clasping her hands tightly on her skirt and screaming in horror and pain.

Then, her eyes darkened and she slowly fell to the ground ...