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Honey, Enjoy My Passion

Honey, Enjoy My Passion


It was said that Leng Chen, the first young master of Hong Kong City, had a high and cold desire for sex. It was not until he met Xia Xiaoxi that he realized how amazing the demand of his company was. "Wang Lengchen, get up!!!" This was what Xia Xiaoxi often said after she met Ye Lengchen. "Xia Xiaoxi, don't move!" This was what Leng Chen often said after meeting Xia Xiaoxi. He spoiled her to protect her, and his cold face only showed a gentle smile for her. However, she hated him and tried every means to escape from his world. Four years later, he found her leaning against the wall. "Xia Xiaoxi, do you know the taste of life is better than death? I'll let you have a good taste later."
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  The dark cloud came over without warning, and the world suddenly lost its color.

  "The weather forecast didn't say that it's going to rain today." Xia Xiaoxi, who had just left the community, looked up at the gloomy sky and muttered to herself.

  "Master Ye, yes, it's Miss Xia." A black extended Bentley parked opposite the community where Xia Xiaoxi lived, and people who entered and exited at the gate of the community could clearly be seen.

  Hearing Ah Tai's words, Ye Lengchen's slightly closed eyes quickly opened, and her dark and bright pupils were like a deep and mysterious pool, giving off a deep and mysterious light.

  "Follow." His voice was low and cold, with irresistible majesty and momentum.

  Ye Lengchen stared straight at the slowly moving figure. The cold aura quickly filled every corner of the Bentley carriage, and the temperature suddenly dropped to nearly zero.

  He clenched his hands into fists and clenched his teeth. His eyes were cold and fierce, and the corner of his mouth was blood-curdling and flamboyant. He was obviously angry on his handsome and charming face. "Xia Xiaoxi, do you think I can't find you if you hide in Ruicheng City?"



  Xia Xiaoxi waved her hand and stopped a taxi. As soon as she sat in, she sneezed twice. She frowned and rubbed her nose. "Did someone scold me?"

  Twenty minutes later, Xia Xiaoxi got off the car and walked into a four-star hotel.

  At this time, the Bentley car steadily parked on the side of the road. The door opened from the outside. The first thing that came into his eyes was Ye Lengchen's strong legs. Her steady steps were full of wildness and strength that belonged to men, and the noble temperament that came out of her body was unparalleled.

  Through the revolving door of the hotel, Ye Lengchen saw Xia Xiaoxi standing in the lobby on the first floor and making a phone call against the wall, as if she was waiting for someone.

  "Why didn't you answer the phone?" Xia Xiaoxi turned her back to the door of the hotel and did not notice the pair of eyes behind her that seemed to swallow her and destroy her.

  Leng Chen's face darkened at night, and she walked to Xia Xiaoxi step by step.

  There were not many people in the hall, so it was quite quiet. Hearing a burst of footsteps, Xia Xiaoxi subconsciously thought that she had asked someone to come. She turned around and just called "the younger generation" the next second, her whole person was completely petrified.

  Frightened, at a loss.

  At that moment, her breathing and heartbeat all stopped, and she once thought that she had an illusion.

  How could Ye Lengchen be him?

  Xia Xiaoxi was absent-minded, and Leng Chen's two arms were hard on the wall, firmly imprisoning her.

  Having not seen each other for four years, she was even more beautiful, especially today in a pale green lace dress, pure but sexy and feminine.

  The strong and familiar male breath was blowing on her face. Xia Xiaoxi's heart began to beat wildly without rhythm, and even her breathing became nervous.

  "What are you doing, Ye Lengchen?"

  "What do you think? Xia, Xiao, Xi!" The last three words made Ye Lengchen gnashing her teeth and squeezed out. Then her body pressed down, almost sticking to her soft circle.

  Xia Xiaoxi put her hands on Ye Lengchen's sturdy chest, pulled her face down and said in a muffled voice, "Mr. Ye, this is a public occasion. Please conduct yourself well!"

  "Mr. Ye?" Ye Lengchen chuckled, full of evil spirit. "Is it necessary for an old lover to be so unfamiliar with each other? After all, you have been my woman four years ago."

  Xia Xiaoxi suppressed her crazy heartbeat and lowered her voice. "As Mr. Ye said, it was four years ago, not now. Now I have nothing to do with you. Please behave yourself, Mr. Ye!"

  The man's muscles were stronger and stronger than before. Xia Xiaoxi tried hard to push him away, but she couldn't.

  For the second time, Ye Lengchen was warned to be self-respectful. How could she accept the arrogant and unruly Ye Lengchen? And since he came in, Xia Xiaoxi had never looked straight at him, without a single glance.

  Very good!

  Ye Lengchen freed one hand to pinch Xia Xiaoxi's chin. "I don't like you to talk to me with your head down. Have you forgotten this habit?"

  This woman's memory was really poor. It had been four years since they last saw each other. Perhaps she had forgotten this habit.

  Ye Lengchen's evil eyes showed a desire that she had hidden for four years. "It doesn't matter. I'm happy to help you get back what used to be between you and me in this hotel at this moment. Some, some, some, some!"