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A Contract Marriage

A Contract Marriage



Sally was forced to marry Harry, a wealthy CEO in the entertainment circle to save her sister. On their wedding night, Harry was drugged and he thought it was Sally's scheme. So he brought different women back home every night to provoke Sally. Irritated Sally drew a line between herself and Harry to not interfere with each other's private life. Harry hated this thorny Sally, however, he made no one else touch a finger of her. Sally worked as a little star-assist. One day, a popular singer set trouble with her and slapped her on the face. Harry was the one revenged for her and the one who helped her when she was in need... Sally wondered why he did those redundant things. Harry only answered, “Besides me, no one could bully you.”
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Late at night,

Sally was woken up.

After staying in this villa for more than a year, she still had difficulty adjusting to it. She could not sleep with a slight noise.

There was a loud noise coming from the living room downstairs.

Thinking that it might the servant, Sally dyed the rabbit fur slippers and got out of bed.

When she left the bedroom, the noise was even more obvious.

"Mr. Harry, tell me the rumor is true or not." The woman said in a finical sweet voice.

"You want to know?" The man's indifferent and cold voice was very interesting.

"I want to know, Mr. Harry, please tell me.

Hearing this kind of unruly conversation, Sally frowned and wanted to turn upstairs.

But when she appeared on the stairs, she had already alarmed the two people in the living room sofa.

The man was calm and leaning on the sofa, his long fingers holding half a glass of champagne.

When the seductive woman saw Sally suddenly appeared, she exclaimed in shock and fell onto the man's arms.

Sally dyed his eyes and looked at the man with a pale expression as if he was a stranger.

But in reality ... The man on the sofa with his deep eyes and half lips, and his thin lips and the shallow hook was her nominal husband, Harry.

The charming woman beside him, Sally had also seen her on television.

Daisy, a female star, had starred in several TV series.

In the past year, Sally had no idea how many times it was.

Every time, Harry brought a different woman in front of her.

"Harry, who is it? How could she suddenly appear?"

Daisy broke the atmosphere of Sandy, and lay halfway on Harry's chest, looking frightened.

His eyes looked hostile to Sally.

She couldn't allow him to catch up with Harry tonight.

Her gaze swept past Sally’s bunny slippers. Daisy looked disdainful as she leaned on Harry.

It turned out to be an 18—year—old girl.

"Harry, who is she? She suddenly appeared and shocked everyone." Daisy said softly, looking like unhappy.

Harry's thin lips casually sipped a glass of champagne, mocking her: "She? She's the young master of my family. She is my wife!"

It seemed like he was talking to Daisy. Since Sally appeared, Harry's gloomy eyes did not move away from her.

Daisy was shocked and widened her eyes.

Everyone in the circle knew that Young Harry had always been single.

How could she be married?

And ... the other was a girl who could only be called a little girl.

Daisy pursed her lips and turned to look at Harry's face.

When he saw that he didn't mean to joke, he barely believed.

However, Daisy also heard what Harry said.

Obviously ... Harry probably didn't like this young lady, Sally.

Her body leaned tighter towards Harry, and said provocatively: "Since it is Mrs. Harry, should I go away?"

After saying that, she looked at Sally with provocation.

Harry was still laughing.

Sally, who had not spoken, was too tired to look at the two of them again and did not want to be humiliated by Harry.

She pursed her lips and said coldly, "If Harry wants to bring everyone into a nightly song, please also maintain the most basic courtesy and education!"

In a word, Harry's private life was bad and he was rude.

Harry's eyes darkened, projecting cold displeasure.

Thinking Sally was too impolite and uncultivated.

This damned little girl knew how to make her angry!

Daisy looked at Harry's gloomy expression and became even more proud. She said with flattery: "Harry, she has such a big temper.

Daisy was gloating and did not mind fueling the fire.

Harry put down the goblet and stared at Sally with deep eyes. "Now, get out."

Go away?

Hearing this, Sally dyed her face coldly and did not move.

Daisy could not help but straighten her waist and laughed at Sally: "Madam, did you not hear that? Harry let you go out, don't disturb us ..."

Before she could finish, Harry looked at Daisy. "I mean, you get out!"

Daisy's face turned pale and her provocative smile froze.

"Harry, Harry..." I can't believe that you say this to me.

Harry's patience was exhausted. "Don't let me say it for the third time."

What more could Daisy want to say? He couldn't say a single word when he touched Harry's uncaring eyes.

It made her feel that if she didn't go out now, the consequences would be serious.

Too late to look at Sally, Daisy grabbed her bag and fled.

Sally dyed her eyes coldly as Daisy left in a hurry. She was not in the mood to continue confronting Harry.

She turned around and walked upstairs.

"Did I allow you to leave?" Behind him, the cold and charming male voice did not intend to let her go.

Sally's footsteps did not stop.

Just a few steps away, her arm was tightly gripped and the strength was as big as crushing her.

Sally was shocked and looked back at him. "Harry, let me go!"

He pressed his thin lips tightly and was already on the verge of anger.

Just now, she talked back and ignored his orders. This little girl had completely angered him.