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Oh, My Adorable Wife

Oh, My Adorable Wife



  Elder sister’s run away from home made her the victim of the arranged marriage, while he married her just for his grandfather’s last wish, not caring what she was. However, after an accident, he found out that his mute wife had more mysteries…
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A loud shattering sound came from the study room on the second floor of the antique mansion. Ashley touched on the gorgeous gold—plated wall and walked silently towards the entrance of the study room.

The tightly—closed door could not stop the choppy quarrel.

“I don’t want to marry, why should I marry my family? Why is it that you are not the master of marriage? If you don’t help, you can let Ashley marry the man, why is it!”

Claire’s fierce rebellious voice made Ashley’s heart tremble.

In the study room, Liam stared at the grinning sister who was crying, and the handsome face was full of wind and rain. “Look at you crazy now, don’t think I don’t know that you are for the unpromising man! Even dare to talk nonsense, and want to launch your sister?!”

Liam was obviously also mad, and the whole face was blue. “The marriage between the family and the family at the moment is related to the survival of our Dawson family. In the past ten years, Dawson family has provided you with a luxury, comfortable life. Now It’s your turn to repay the Dawson family!”

"I do not!"

"You can’t say no! I tell you, you are married, you have to marry, you have to marry without marrying! Unless you are dead, they don’t want you to enter their graveyard, or even if it is tied, I will send you to Hendry Family!”

“You cold—blooded people, I don’t want to sacrifice my love, I will never marry!”

The elder brother’s decision was even more irritating to Claire, whose mood was close to collapse. She shouted hysterically and ran out of the study room with her head held.

Ashley was so stiff that she looked at her sister and burst into tears.

“Claire Dawson!”

“Liam, enough.” In the study room, Mrs. Dawson, who had been sitting in a wheelchair and never said a word, finally said, “Don’t force her to be too tight, the water is full, and the words that have been said have already been said. The rest of you can arrange it.”

Liam loosened the fist that had been clenched for a long time, bowed his head to Mrs. Dawson, and said with respect, “Well grandma, I will send someone to arrange.”

“It’s enough for people to look at it well. When you meet the Hendry family tomorrow, you can relax your company’s urgent needs.”

Liam nodded. “Yes, it’s late at night, let me send you back to have a rest.”

Mrs. Dawson nodded her head and let her grandson push herself to go outside, but when she passed by the passage of the stairs, the old woman looked back slightly, and the white lace skirt hidden on the other corner did not miss her sight.

Ashley frustrated and returned to her room, lying on her soft bed, the door was opened by the brush.

Subconsciously turned over and sat up, Ashley looked at the red—eyed Claire walking in and closing the door, she blinked and lowered her head.

Claire sat down at the bed. “Have you heard it?” She laughed at herself, so loudly, she was afraid that the whole house would know that she was not robbing her family and Liam, not to mention the fact that Ashley was just outside the door.

Looking at the pure and ignorant sister, her heart was even more stinging.

Why is she married to Hendry family, because she is a sister, because she is two years older than Ashley!

No, it must be because Grandma and her brother love the little girl, so they will not hesitate to sacrifice her happiness!

“Ashley, are you blaming your sister for just talking about your name?” Claire took Ashley’s hands and her face was guilty. “Just now I was angry to crazy, you know that your sister is always straightforward. There is no slightest malice. Besides, you are just getting grown up. How can your brother and sister let you leave home?”

Ashley raised a pair of black eyes, staring at Claire for a moment, observing the sincere apologize on her sister’s face, she smiled and raised her hands to draw a sign language — not to blame my sister, don’t be sad.

Claire secretly hooked her lips and her face still had a mournful color. “But Ashely, you know that Jack and I are really in love, we can’t live without each other, so I can’t wait to be sent. I want to escape.”

Ashley was so incredulously wide—eyed, and her hands were flying fast — Grandma and brother would be very angry and sad!

Although she has not participated in the family or company affairs, she also vaguely knows that this time, the Dawson family wants to marry her daughter, in order to marry one of the best family members in the city, and win the chips of the family business.

But when Claire left, who could fill this vacancy, how could the Dawson explain it to the Hendry?

It seems that Claire was aware of Ashley’s worry. She patted Ashley’s hands and comforted her, “You can rest assured that even if I leave, no one will marry the family, in consideration of the relationship between our ancestors, the Hendry family will still help us when we become insolvent. Our Dawson family won’t go bankrupt.”

She squeezed the soft hands of Ashley more forcefully. The red eyes were especially sharp. “If I don’t leave, my happiness will be destroyed forever, and the future of Jack and I will be destroyed. The Dawson family be still promising even if I leave. Although it is a bit difficult, grandmother and brother are…… I’ll come back to pay for my sin when our family rebuild achievements. Right?”

“Ashley, this time you must help me.”

Ashley was stunned and looked at Claire’s firm face. She finally nodded hesitantly after a long while.

Claire smiled, “I know that my little sister will not let me down! The Hendry family will visit us tomorrow.”

Early in the morning, the Dawson family got up early and were busy to settle everything, for welcoming somebody.

Wearing a yellow jasmine lace dress, Ashley secretly slipped out from the back door of the house when others were busy with their affairs.

Every time there were any important guests visiting the house, she was not allowed to attend——She was unable to speak, which was enough to make people gossip about the Dawson family.

So this time, Claire handed over the task to her, asking her to date out Jack, and send the letter written by Claire to him when the Dawson family busying with meeting the Hendry family.

Silently gasping, Ashley ran out of the intersection, from far away she saw the figure of Jack. She became happy and ran to the zebra crossing ready to rush over, at the same time, a black Maybach was approaching towards the intersection.

Creak——The frictional sound was ear—piercing. Ashley stepped back and fell to the ground, with her palms hurt.

The driver braked suddenly and got off the bus to check, “Are you okay, little girl?”

Ashley swayed her head and waved her hands, then screamed ignoring the driver behind her and finally ran to the opposite side of the street.

The driver returned to the car and turned to report to the reserved man sitting in the back of the car. “Boss, the little girl gets hurt in her palms, but she ran away.”

“Well.” Eric replied, without any expression on his face. His cold eyes passed through the half—opened window, and a comely figure running lightly to a man in the white shirt flashed into the view.

The light—yellow set the girl’s skin white and delicate. She was facing the man with a pure smile, beautiful like a flower.

Just a look, Eric turned his gaze and said, “Drive.”