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His Catty Young Wife

His Catty Young Wife



Angela Swift, the elder daughter of her family. She was smarter, more beautiful, more talented than her younger sister, yet less favored by her parents. The day before the wedding day of her sister and her ex-boyfriend, she was drugged by her sister, and met a golden bachelor in a presidential suite. They had a one-night stand under the influence of the medicine. It turned out the man was Hunter Mason, who was a myth of the business world, a man standing at the first tier. Unexpectedly, they met again at the wedding of her sister and ex-boyfriend. "Who would marry a woman like you?" Her sister humiliated her in front of all guests. Unexpectedly, Hunter Mason, who was like the knight who saved the princess, walked towards her and announced loudly: "Angela is my girl, and we're going to get married."
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Angela Swift struggled to keep her blurry eyes open, but was shocked by a pair of unfamiliar phoenix eyes. What beautiful eyes. It was as if magic was being emitted from his eyes, causing her consciousness to become lighter and lighter.

"Be good, little wild cat, relax …"

The man's voice rang in her ears, like a feather tickling every inch of her skin, and then he took her into an orgy she had never experienced before.

As the sun rose over the horizon, Angela Swift woke up in pain.

"Hiss —" She gasped, barely able to sit up. The silk quilt slipped off, exposing her bruised skin to the air.

When she looked down, she gaped in shock. The crazy images of last night flooded her mind, and she quickly turned to look back.

The man was no longer there.

She let out a long breath, rubbed her temples, and tried to remember what had happened yesterday.

Her parents had uncharacteristically called her home for lunch, and after dinner her mental state had continued to decline and she had to look for a hotel to have a break.

Her head throbbed, and she suddenly remembered the strange smile and enthusiasm of her sister before she left home.

The only person who could move her parents was her sister, who did everything she could to make her go home …

She felt as if she had fallen into an icy cave. When she got up, she saw the phone number at the head of the bed ruthlessly tearing apart. She quickly put on her clothes and fled with her pale face.

After leaving the hotel, she took out her cell phone and saw that a dozen or so missed calls from her parents.

Angela Swift's eyes darkened slightly. She initially wanted to ignore it, but at this moment, her father called again.


"Angie, what are you doing?" On the other side of the phone was Jonathan Swift's discontented and even angry voice, "Don't you know that today is your sister's wedding day? As the elder sister, you haven't even arrived yet, what will you try to explain? "

"Me there?" Angela Swift sneered. "Dad, are you sure you want me to go over and wish my ex—boyfriend and sister a good marriage?"

Jonathan Swift seemed to be shocked by her question. After a long while, he said, "What are you going to do with it after all? I don't care. You have to rush over within an hour!"

After that, without waiting for Angela Swift to speak, Jonathan Swift hung up the phone without saying anything.

Angela Swift pursed her lips and tightened her fingers as she looked at the gradually darkening cell phone screen.

Ever since she was young, her parents had always favored her sister more than her. She had once thought that it was because her sister was younger than her, but now it seemed that she was treated too biased!

Annabel Swift had taken her man, and they had not only ignored it, they had even forbidden Angela to mention it, and had happily arranged their wedding!

Ah, letting her attend?

Never mind, ever since she was young, Angela Swift had never been afraid of anything!

Angela Swift walked out of the hotel room with her red lips curled up slightly while she brushed her long hair. With her high heels tapping on the ground, she left the hotel.

Angela Swift got off the taxi and was about to enter the hotel when she was attracted by a passing car nearby.

That car, if she remembered correctly, was the latest one from overseas last month, and it was only available for limited sales. There were only three of this kind of cars in the entire world right now.

Someone who could get on this car was undoubtedly a big shot.

Oh, looks like the Steinke Family and Swift Family really value this wedding.

Angela Swift smiled mockingly, turned her gaze away, took a deep breath, and walked into the hotel with a look full of anticipation.

She didn't notice that her seductive body had long since been locked onto by a man inside that car.

Inside the car, Hunter Mason looked at the slim figure that entered the hotel. He recalled the scene of her moaning and turning under his body last night, and suddenly curled his lips. Unexpectedly, a rare smile appeared on his usually cold face.

Yesterday, he was drugged, and then this woman walked in.

He did not know who designed it, but he only knew that the fragrance of this woman was unusually good. It was completely different from the other commonplace women. Even her red lips were sweet and tasty, which was why he lost control.

He was very satisfied with her taste.

Since he encountered her again, this time, he definitely would not let his prey escape from his hands.

Just as Angela Swift walked into the venue, she saw Raul Steinke wearing a suit and leather shoes walking towards her with a dark expression.


Her name was almost squeezed out of his teeth. Angela Swift looked at his almost angry expression, curled her lips, and smiled lightly. "The wedding is about to start. You aren't accompanying your bride, and instead came here to find me. Is that alright?"

"Don't talk about this for me!" Raul Steinke​ extended his hand to grab her arm, "Angela Swift, you didn't come home last night? What did you do?"

Angela Swift shook his hand off and looked at him coldly. "Whatever I do has nothing to do with you." The corner of her mouth curled up in ridicule, "What, do you think I could only sleep with you? There are so many men in the world; you think too highly of yourself!"

She had been together with Raul Steinke​ for four years, and they had agreed that they both keep their virginity for the wedding night. However, he couldn't bear and hook up with Annabel Swift who had always been interested in him.

Soon after Annabel Swift became pregnant; their adultery was exposed.

The two of them were going to get married, yet he kept pestering her. It was disgusting of him to say that he still loved her.

But it didn't matter now, after all, the bastard really matched with that bitch.

Raul Steinke​ wanted to say something, but his gaze was suddenly attracted by the man who just walked in. Not only him, many people couldn't help but look over because of that man's outstanding temperament and strong aura.

"Who is he?"

"You don't even know him? The Crown Prince of the Mason Clan, the uncle of the bridegroom — Hunter Mason!"

"Although he's called uncle, he's actually not even thirty years old yet. Moreover, he didn't rely on his family's influence to build his own business empire, and is known as the genius of the business world …"

"I heard that Carlos Mason, Hunter Mason’s father, kept urging him to return to his country. He seemed to urge him to get married …"

Angela Swift had heard from Raul Steinke​ that he had a very powerful uncle. Now that she heard the crowd talk about him, she was a little curious about this uncle of his.

She couldn't help but turn her head to look, but when she saw the man's face, her body froze and her eyes widened. Her brain instantly went blank, and she didn't know what to do.

How could it be him?

It was actually the man who slept with her last night!

The so—called genius in the business world was actually the man she had spent the entire night with … This was too scary!

Angela Swift couldn't help rubbing her eyes to confirm that she wasn't mistaken. But no matter how she looked at it, it was the man who was like a wild beast on her body last night.

It really was him …

Angela Swift was completely petrified. It was at this moment that Hunter Mason's gaze fell on her body. His originally cold gaze instantly became ambiguous and searching.