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Ghost Wonderer

Ghost Wonderer



  To remove the 72-ghost curse, with a spell book and ghost whip, he wandered in the metropolis, meeting beauties, researching forbidden spells, releasing souls from purgatory… When all was ended, he would become something else!
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Years ago, Bibury under the Ben Nevis had a great event that was earth—shattering.

There was a dragon pendant that died on the Ben Nevis. The daring villagers went up the mountain and saw the dead dragon. They planned to bury the dragon. But in the pit, dug out a myriad of mass graves!

Everyone confessed to arrogance and buried the keel in a hurry. The result was that night, Bibury had an accident!

The first to die is a young man.

He broke into his throat with a fork and killed himself!

Then someone strangled himself with wool and drowned his head into the washbasin...

Only one night, more than a dozen people died!

And these people are all people who participate in the funeral of the mountain.

Only one who has participated in the funeral dragon is okay, it is the Magee’s family.

The Magee's wife has been pregnant for eight months. The old man said that it is the child in the belly of Magee's wife who is blessing them.

But on the night of Magee's wife gave a birth, the fog around Bibury burst into flames, and the cries came from the fog, and the ghost fog approached Magee’s family.

At this time, I did not know where to come from a beautiful dignified, beautiful girl.

The girl gently puts on her sleeves to dispel the fog. And in the Magee’s yard, leaving a message to the Magee’s family:The newborn baby should not go to the mountain before the age of 18!

Let's say that the girl is drifting away.

Since then, Bibury has nothing to do.

Seven years later.

Ablett is seven years old. He has been timid and naughty since he was a child. The more adults do not let him go to the mountain, the more he wants to go and see.

In particular, I heard about the dragon graves on the Ben Nevis. Ablett, together with the Eaton, had to go up the mountain to plan the dragon graves and look at the dragon bones.

Ablett is seven years old and Eaton is nine years old. In the early morning, the two children smashed the small iron shovel and went to the mountain.

Neither of them knew that the Ben Nevis was a grave mountain.

There are countless ridiculous mountains, and I don’t know which foot will step on the grave.

The two of them abandoned a lot of strength before they climbed the Ben Nevis. But after going up the mountain, they were dumbfounded.

At first glance, the dense forests of the mountains, the dry grass everywhere, and the cemetery that can't see the side.

"Ablett, which one do you say is the dragon grave?" Eaton asked to Ablett.

Ablett thought about it and said: "The dragon is so big, its grave must be very big. Let's find a big digging. It's right."

"Yes!" Eaton smirked. "You still be smart."

"That is of course." Ablett is not modest at all.

The two bears are daring, and the wild graves are winding around, and they find a huge tomb!

The big tomb is as tall and small as a small house. The grave is covered with weeds. Although there are no tombstones, it is still very conspicuous.

"Just this?" Eaton looked at Ablett unsurely.

"It should be."

The two bears looked at each other and Ablett gave an order and excavated!

The shovel is very hard on the soil and it is difficult to dig.

However, both of them had perseverance and dug up the soil on the top, and the bottom became soft.

It’s just that there is a smell of rancid smell in the soil.

After dug for a long time, the graves were almost cleared away, and the Eatons gasped: "Ablett, I can't dig in the sky."

Ablett learned the tone of an adult: "I didn't listen to people, insisting is victory, let's insist!"

Said, Ablett waved his fist at the Eaton.

Eaton scratched his head, looked at the dog's tail grass, sitting on the leisurely Ablett, finally reacted.

"Ablett, why don't you stick to it?"

Ablett spread his hand: "There is only one iron shovel, of course, it is for you, our relationship is good."

"It turned out to be like this..." Eaton grabbed the head again and continued to excavate.

Hard work pays off, and after a while, the shovel "when" slammed into a hard thing.

"Ablett, dug up!" Eaton cried in surprise.

Ablett also spits out the dog's tail grass, and quickly ran over, rushing to the Eaton: "dig out and see."


When I hit something, the Eaton was more energetic.

It didn't take much work, but pulled out a yellowed bone from the soil.

It is a piece of bone that is more than a foot long and has thick bones. It is already yellowish and black.

Eaton surprise: "Deep into the keel!"

Ablett took it upside down, but shook his head: "I don't look like a keel, it looks like a human bone."

Said, Ablett threw the bones out.

Eaton hit a spirit: "Don't you say this is a dragon grave?"


Eaton are speechless: "Now, what to do?"

"Let's go, the sky is getting dark, it's best to go down the mountain before dark, and the adults say that the hills are haunted."

Eaton cried: "You didn't say that before you came."

"I just remembered it." Ablett spread his hands innocently.

Looking at the sun in the west is about to fall, and the Eaton is even more afraid.


Just as the two were just about to leave, there was a cry of resentment in the big grave.

Ablett was shocked and saw that the soil dug by them suddenly bulged, and a hoe was drilled out of the soil!


The two screamed and ran away.

As a result, the Eaton just turned and slammed into the tree.

Ablett was also scared of white face, but still did not forget the Eaton, dragging the Eaton and turning around.

The two ran all the way down the mountain, only to hear a burst of screaming laughter behind them, echoing in the ear.

Ablett never looked back and ran out of the Ben Nevis in one breath.

After returning home, I dare not say what I am doing today.

As a result, Ablett launched a high fever that night, and his face became paler.

Magee and his wife asked and Ablett said that the matter of digging the bones today, the couple suddenly frightened and scattered.

Digging graves to dig graves, hurting the world.

And of course, they will not forget what Ablett said when the mysterious girl was born.

But now there is no way, Ablett’s mother took a bowl of ginger soup.

After Ablett drank, the family was going to sleep, ready to go to the town tomorrow, look for Wu fortuneteller.

The autumn wind outside the window was bleak, and the breeze was rustling with fallen leaves.


I don't know where the cry came from, the Magee’s family is suddenly a spirit!

Ablett is also pale!

Because he saw the glass on the window, there was a man with a smirk!

The head is round, with round eyes, blood and tears in his eyes, and his face is black and blue. He is a man, but he has a big scorpion, and he is watching Ablett.

Ablett was scared to scream.

Magee and his wife were shocked by Ablett’s exclamation and quickly asked: “What happened?”

Ablett trembled and pointed at the window and said, "Hey... there is a head on the window..."


Magee looked in the direction of Ablett, but he did not see anything.

The sparkling glass passes through the night in the yard.

"Look at it," said Magee.

"Hey, can't you see?" Ablett blinked and stared at the head.

The heads he saw, obviously there, how can he say no?

Ablett was afraid and scared, and his eyes stared at the window: "Hey, there is a man there, and there is a big man!"

The son said that the vowed, Magee also picked up.

Magee’s heart was snoring, but for the sake of the child, he still bravely went down to the ground, took the kitchen knife, and trembled toward the window.

Ablett suddenly shouted: "Hey, come over, your head is drifting over, head, head!"

Ablett's hands were in front of him, and he watched the head of the man float toward himself, and the more he drifted closer, he even smelled a bloody and rotten atmosphere.

The neck of the head was bloody, with a smirk on his face, and it had already floated to the eyes of Ablett.

Ablett is almost fainted by the scene of this monk.

Magee waved a kitchen knife and slashed the air in the window. He didn't see Ablett's face turned green.

The bloody head suddenly burst into a sneer, and the long scorpion pulled out and struck Ablett's neck.

Ablett suddenly couldn’t breathe, and his hands were caught in front of him.

Magee discovered the abnormality of Ablett, but he still didn't know what happened, and he was in a hurry.

The couple swayed Ablett and cried: "Ablett, Ablett! You can't have anything!"


Just then, there was a crisp knock on the door.

The couple’s heart was “squeaky”.

At this time, Ablett was able to breathe.

"Oh, I..."

When the words were not finished, Ablett fell on his knees and fainted.

The couple quickly went to try Ablett's breath.

Fortunately, the breath is still there.

The knock on the door continued, Magee blocked his wife and trembled: "Who?"

There was a childish voice outside the door: "The one who saved you."

It sounds like a little girl.

The couple is strange, in the middle of the night, how can a girl knock on the door.

Magee slowly opened the door and looked around with his eyes.

Looking down, I saw a little girl who was ten years old at the door, dressed in a light green dress, glared at the watery eyes and sneaked into the room.

"Child, you are..."

Magee wonders, where did such a small child come from?

The little girl carried her hand, obviously only ten years old, but it was the appearance of an adult, and coughed softly: "I am here to catch ghosts!"


Magee smiled, what can a child with such a big point know?

Just want to send away the little girl, who knows that the little girl went straight into the house and came to Ablett.

"What are you doing?"

Magee's wife was nervous, but she turned to think about it. It’s just a little girl, and she didn’t think much.

The little girl looked at Ablett, her eyes were quite weird, and she seemed to whisper to herself: "My little husband looks like this? Hehe..."

The couple quickly stepped forward and wanted to see what happened. The little girl had turned around and looked straight at them, her eyes as a torch.

The little girl is carrying a hand: "I know you about your business. The ghost is on the body of Ablett. I need you to prepare something to drive him out!"

The couple were shocked and wondered how the little girl knew so much. She quickly asked, "What should I do?"

"Don't panic, you go to put his underwear down, put the shoes under the pillow, put the sputum at the door. Then prepare a yellow paper, cinnabar money, a bowl of chicken blood, then cook a bowl of yin and yang rice, a pair of wooden chopsticks. Said the girl.

"Is it a yin and yang meal?" Ablett asked.

"It's the same bowl of rice, half black, half white. It's made with black rice and white rice. There is no black rice with high glutinous rice."

"Good, what else do you need?" Magee asked quickly.

Although I feel sick and rushing to go to the doctor, as long as I can save my son.

The little girl looked up and looked heavy: "You still need to... die!"