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Switched Bride

Switched Bride



  Escape from marriage at the wedding site, sister missing sister for marriage? She could not break the engagement, she could not run away, she could not be unfilial, she had forced herself to become his bride! But it was easy to get married, not easy to get along with, because she was married to a wolf! She defended her bed with all her might. "You and I both know that we have a marriage that is not real!" He threw the marriage certificate to the floor and said, "We are a legal couple and I am protected by the law!"
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A city, the most luxurious hotel.

Chu Mu Yan leaned on the wall of the hotel's tycoon, bored out of his mind as he played with his phone.

She was wearing a small white dress, and her hair was pulled up high, revealing her shiny, full forehead.

The simple necklace was worn around the beautiful neck of the swan, making it appear even whiter.

With every breath she took, the exquisite butterfly bone would undulate slightly, giving off an alluring and sexy feeling.

Today was the wedding day between her Elder Sister Chu Muyu and CEO, she was invited to be the bridesmaid.

When she was about to send her sister to the wedding, her sister suddenly said that she had a stomachache and had to go to the bathroom, so she had to wait here.

But it had already been almost twenty minutes and big sister still hadn't come out. Chu Mu Yan was a little doubtful, so he got up and checked.

"Elder sister, are you done yet?" Chu Mu Yan kept his phone, rushed into the bathroom and impatiently urged Yue Yang on.

After shouting a few times, Chu Mu Yan did not receive any response. She walked into the bathroom in confusion, but what entered his eyes other than the wedding dress that was scattered on the floor, there was no sign of Elder Sister Chu Muyu. Chu Mu Yan was shocked, where did her sister go? The person just said she was going to the bathroom, how come she's completely gone now?

"Sister! Sister! Where are you? " As she shouted, she opened each of the compartments to check. There was no one there. Chu Mu Yan was incomparably anxious. Where did her elder sister go? She paced around the bathroom, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly, a bold thought appeared in her mind: My sister wouldn't. Did something happen?

If that was the case, it would be very serious.

She didn't dare to tarry any longer and immediately told her parents about her elder sister's mysterious disappearance.

"What did you say?" Mu Yu is missing? " Chu Mothers stared at Chu Mu Yan, his face was filled with panic and anxiety, "What do we do? The wedding is half an hour away! "

Chu Mothers muttered to herself, and then pointed her spear at Father Chu: "It's all you! Mu Yu already said that there is someone she likes, why must you keep your promise? Forcefully asking her to marry the Luo Family brat, this is good! My Mu Yu! " As she spoke, she began to cry.

"Mom, what did you say?" Chu Mu Yan was confused by the side. Then she suddenly reacted and exclaimed, "Big sister didn't willingly marry Luo Bei Han? Why are you all so confused? "Since elder sister is unwilling, why did you still force her!?"

Since he didn't want to get married on his own, then the most likely way to go missing right now was to escape!

"Enough!" Father Chu was also annoyed, he shouted, "What's the use of saying all this now? Hurry up and find him! We must find her before the wedding! " Father Chu gave the order. Everyone had no choice but to follow his orders.

Because this matter could not be known to the people from the Luo Family, they could only split up and search.

But after they had circled around, there was not even a shadow of her. Chu Mu Yan's sister had ran off cleanly, not even a single trace of his was left, no one had seen her at all.

Just as everyone was in a panic, Chu Mu Yan received a message from Chu Mu Yu: Mu Yan, don't look for me! Take good care of Mom and Dad!

When Chu Mu Yan saw the message, he immediately called his. However, Chu Mu Yu had already turned off his phone.

"What do we do now?" Chu Mu Yan asked Father Chu and Chu Mothers with a headache.

However, the Father Chu only cared about getting angry, he was just busy being sad, how could he have any ideas?

"Dad, mom, how about we directly explain the situation to Luo Family?" Chu Mu Yan tried to suggest.

"No way!" Father Chu immediately denied it.

The reason he ignored his eldest daughter's objections and insisted for her to marry to Luo Family was actually because he had many considerations.

As he was not good at business, after the old man's death, the businesses in Chu Clan were still the same as before, but they did not improve at all.

As for Roche, who was initially on par with the Chu Family, after Luo Bei Han took over the position of CEO, his market value continued to soar.

If Chu Mu Yu could marry Luo Bei Han, the businesses in Chu Clan could borrow strength to back him up.

It would be good to say that he was selfish. In short, he could not let Chu Clan's business be destroyed by him just like that.

Furthermore, he had observed Luo Bei Han before in secret.

If Mu Yu could marry him, she would definitely be happy.

It was just that now that she had actually escaped the marriage, it would be a small matter to explain things to the Luo Family, but it would be a pity to lose the Luo Family.

Chu Mu Yan looked at the Father Chu who was deep in thought, and asked with a frown, "Why is that so, Father? Is it because of that engagement between Grandfather and Luo Family's Old Master? What era are you in now? "

Her voice successfully pulled Father Chu back from his thoughts. Looking at her face that resembled his eldest daughter, he suddenly had an idea.

"Mu Yan, immediately put on your sister's wedding dress!" he commanded, taking on his father's dignity.

"What?" Chu Mu Yan did not understand, but then he seemed to have thought of something, "Father, you can't be thinking of letting me marry in place of big sister, right?"

Father Chu nodded helplessly and heavily, "Mu Yan, only you can save Chu Clan now!"

"Is it that serious?" Chu Mu Yan was shocked in his heart, laughed dryly, and asked, "Isn't it just breaking the engagement? Just say it directly! I believe that Luo Family should be able to understand. After all, Big Sis has people I like … "

"Sigh!" Mu Yan, if only things were as simple as you think it is! " Father Chu sighed and interrupted her, "Forget it, I'll explain it to you later. You should go and change your clothes now!"

"Dad!" Chu Mu Yan shouted, staring at Father Chu in disbelief.

Before she could finish, someone knocked on the door.

A few of them were startled, and the Father Chu opened the door.

The person who came was Luo Bei Han's special assistant. He politely asked, "Mr. Chu, are you guys ready? The wedding is about to begin! "

Chu Mu Yan immediately stood in front of Father Chu, and just as he was about to say that the marriage contract would not work, he was immediately dragged behind by Father Chu, and was ruthlessly glared at.

Father Chu turned his head, perspiration trickling down his forehead, but he still nodded his head with a calm smile: "It's almost done! "It's almost done!"

"Alright then!" Then please come over right away! " After receiving Father Chu's reply, the Special Aide, Xiang Yang, left immediately. He still had many things to busy himself with.

Turning his head back to look at Chu Mu Yan who still could not accept it, he suddenly knelt in front of her.

"Dad, what are you doing? Get up! " Chu Mu Yan hurried to support him.

The Chu Mothers also came over to help, while crying and complaining at the same time: "Could it be that killing Mu Yu isn't enough, and you still want to harm Mu Yan?"

"What do you know?" Father Chu glanced at Chu Mothers, and then turned to continue looking at Chu Mu Yan, "Mu Yan, forget it, your father begs you! "Is that okay?"

Chu Mu Yan released his hand and took a step back. He felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart, "Dad, that is the happiness of my entire life!"

"Then how do you know that marrying Luo Bei Han won't make you happy? Feelings can be slowly developed! " Father Chu persisted, his eyebrows knitted tightly, "Mu Yan, do you agree? Chu Clan is counting on you! "