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Miss Good-for-Nothing

Miss Good-for-Nothing



  She was the lowest level trash in the Frigid Spirit City. She had married with her elder sister. After an accident, she died without a complete corpse. She was a top assassin from another world. Once she crossed over, her mouth would be reborn into a useless piece of trash. The first time they met, she saw him naked. The second time they met, she was seriously injured and in prison. He came to see her. So what if he was useless? Wasn't this king forced to eat feces by him just like before? Conspiracy, immersion, bizarre life came one after another, what kind of unknown secret was hidden behind the darkness? Was it a coincidence or fate? On the day of the wedding, when her red makeup touched down, she played a song of parting from her grievances, recounting the bitterness in her heart. In the end, she married with regret. The so-called oath was like a fleeting flower. When times have changed, she had thought that she would have fallen to her roots. However, in the end, she was merely a chess piece in the hands of others. A certain trash boasts: No matter how good-looking or capable you are, if you don't like it, then you don't like it. One of them sneered, "These are all secondary. The most important thing is to be alive." It also depended on how the loser was defying the heavens. He would be able to use tactics and tricks to subdue the male god and make the chess piece into a wife.
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In the cold spirit Continent, everything was white, with a few snowflakes floating in the air. On the mountain path outside the city, a beautiful figure was running quickly, intending to shake off the pursuers behind her …

"Hurry up and chase her, don't let her get away, otherwise we'll all die." His orange eyes were filled with killing intent, but his heart was filled with confusion. Damn, wasn't she a piece of trash? How could he be so fast? He even injured his brothers, and they chased him for half a street, yet they couldn't catch up to him. What a scam!

Yan Li Jiang's heart went cold, looks like Yue Zhong Qi was really going to kill all of them, she thought that she was really sullen, she had been reborn in this world with only spiritual energy, she did not have the slightest bit of spiritual energy, and the top assassins in the next century actually ended up fleeing in panic, it was not easy for her to escape, but these people were chasing after her, what kind of hatred do they have!

With that in mind, Yan Li Jiang increased her speed, endured the pain on her body, and flew forward.

"Hiss …" Yan Li Jiang suddenly took in a breath of cold air. Looking at the hundred thousand foot cliff in front of him, she suddenly felt that something was wrong and wanted to stop, but she couldn't do it.

His feet instantly stepped on empty air, and his body directly plummeted down. Yan Li Jiang closed her eyes, the heavens were truly wanting her to die!

"Leader, the Snow Seal Pavilion is in front of us, what should we do?" The assassins behind them all stopped when they saw Yan Li Jiang barging into their Snow Seal Pavilion's barrier, waiting for their leader's order. They all looked different from what Yan Li Jiang saw. In their eyes, there was no cliff in front of them. It was just a barrier, but what Yan Li Jiang saw was a cliff.

"Go back and report to the prince, the others will follow me here." The leader pondered for a moment before pointing to a person.

Snow Seal Pavilion was not a place that just anyone could barge into. There were many traps laid inside, and if one barged into Snow Seal Pavilion, the only thing that awaited them was death!

After all these years, the Snow Seal Pavilion was a god—like existence in the Cold Spirit City, and no one had ever seen the people inside. As for what the Snow Seal Pavilion was made of, or what it looked like inside, no one knew.

In the past, there had been a few people that had rushed through the Snow Seal Pavilion to investigate, but none of them had made it back. Moreover, there was a powerful barrier outside that normal people could not enter, causing him to be puzzled as to how Yan Li Jiang had entered.

Yan Li Jiang's body fell straight down, she didn't know what was waiting for her below. Maybe it was the abyss, or a rock, or maybe she would be smashed into pieces in the next moment, but she was powerless and could only endure …

Suddenly, Yan Li Jiang felt her body turn cold, and the ice water instantly entered her mouth!

It was a lake!

There was a trace of surprise and joy in Yan Li Jiang's subconscious. She borrowed the buoyancy to swim upwards, but the moment she opened her eyes, she was startled!

Damn, isn't this scene too alluring? What entered his eyes was a naked male body.

The water level was not high to begin with, and the man in front of her was still standing. Immediately,'s black pupils revealed her strong and attractive upper body, and her enchanting lower body that was one—third of her body. Under the grey light, her bronze colored skin was stained with droplets of water, and her solid body seemed to contain endless power.