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The Royal Palace Affairs

The Royal Palace Affairs



  The carefree me, there is no peerless demeanor, and no actuarial wrist. He had thought that he would live his life in such a dull manner. When she reached the age of 15, her little sister's brilliance attracted the attention of tigers and wolves, bringing about a calamity. His family had undergone a change. He had gone from a young lady to a palace maid. As soon as he entered the palace, he felt as calm as the sea. As a servant, she had courage, dignity, and grievance. She could only grit her teeth and swallow the blood. In the palace, there was only death. Some people laughed, some people cried, and some people climbed up at all costs. The lowest, the truest. I have seen all the good and bad in the palace, and I have suffered a great deal, and I know the court painter, Lin Qikun, and it is the most beautiful thing in the palace, and I look at the wingbird side by side. He drew all the people in the world. In less than a year, he married and became a prince consort, because a painting of the sea of snow was given to him by me. Bride, but not me. Presumably, I can only be a palace maid, a palace maid who can draw pictures. I don't think there's any marriage in my life!
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Born in an official's family, my life is good. Although being born in an official's family is a virtue, Daddy still allowed me to read and write books.

Daddy dotes on me a lot. When I was young, Daddy liked to hug me a lot.

Only, after little sister was born, Daddy didn't hug me again. Slowly growing up, I also know one thing, my little sister Yin Li Xiang is the Yin Family's most brilliant pearl. She had an outstanding appearance, a smart brain, and could already read at the age of three. She had both talent and beauty, shining brilliantly, and was known as a peerless beauty in all of Qin Huai.

As for me, I was more than clumsy until I was five years old. I could only learn how to read, and what I learned was always inferior to my little sister, Pear Fragrance, who was three months younger than me. I admire her, but I have to work hard in the dark, and I still can't be as likeable as her.

Perhaps, the poems and paintings of beauties could be full of life and fragrance.

Ever since his sister was ten years old, endless people came to ask for his hand in marriage. Everyone wanted to marry this talented girl back to their home. Furthermore, the Daddy was a third stage official in the imperial court. Although his position in the Qin Huai was not high, but he had a fair way of doing things, and as a pure official, he was respected. Daddy did not place a high value on fame and fortune. Although his position was at the third rank, he still took up his position in the Qin Huai and was happy and carefree. I think, the Daddy's ambition is not to be part of the government's competition.

I didn't understand it at first, but later my wet nurse told String that it was because Daddy promised my deceased mother that she would find a good marriage for me before we could have a marriage with Pear Fragrance.

When she talked about my mother, she was the renowned courtesan, Ni Jingjing. It was likely that everyone in Qin Huai knew about her. Those who had seen her before would never forget what sort of extraordinary beauty she possessed. It was said that she had shocked everyone into becoming an immortal. My Daddy's looks are also majestic, and I was a teenager at that time. Married my mother to her husband, talked about how talented and beautiful you are, and talked about it happily in the Qin Huai. However, I can feel that there are some jokes in those words that don't make sense given my age. It's just that my mother didn't accompany me to grow up. When I was seven years old, she left the world without a care for anyone. When I was older, I knew that my mother's fame had spread far and wide. She had been to the capital, and even to the Grand Turtle.

Not only have I not inherited my mother's peerless beauty, I also don't have Daddy's handsome talent. I am not very eye—catching, with the pear incense standing together, even more overshadowed. People say that she doesn't look like her mother, just like her father. But I don't look like anyone. It's a bit strange. Someone said, I am not the biological daughter of Daddy Yin Qing, I have only passed it over as a joke. Why should I not believe those around me when I listen to rumors? The nurse told me that she was the one who delivered my baby.

It is true that she is lacking in talent and intelligence, so I am not jealous of her and do not feel inferior because of my sister's brilliance. She has her good demeanor. Everyone in the Qin Huai knows about her, so I don't mind. I have my own Yan Ruyu from my books and the elegance from my paintings.

One of the matchmakers said that my name was too vulgar and that I had offended some immortals of both east, south, west, and north, so that I could not get married. Daddy will change my name to Ni Chu Xue. I don't know why Daddy changed my surname as well, but I liked the word Ni. It was a name that came from deep within my memories, one that I liked. He didn't do anything to me because of my mother's death, but he still made me do what I liked. The Yin Family who was rich would not mistreat anyone from the Yin Family. But it can only be material possession and freedom. I want to prove that Daddy cares more about me than him. That proves that he cares about his daughter.

When he was fifteen, Riko's < < Plum Blossom Snowy Sea Diagram > had become famous throughout the Qin Huai. Its fame had spread far and wide. I'm still me, I haven't changed anything, I won't get any light because of my sister's reputation. Sadly, even if I changed my name, no one would ever mention marriage to me.

I was glad to be able to find my freedom under the cover of my sister's brilliance.

The nanny said that I was too kind and compassionate. In fact, she was too tactful with her words. All the girls in the mansion would directly say that the Eldest Miss was too stupid.

His mouth grew on someone else's body. Whatever he loved to impart was whatever he wanted to impart to them. It would be a pleasure to talk about it after a meal or a meal. What was the definition of beauty? Indeed, compared to the average woman, I was a head taller. My features were deep and flat, and only my eyes were alive with a faint, smiling glow. I don't have the gentle beauty of a Qin Huai woman on me. As for me, I'm taller and thinner, yet I'm more like a man who doesn't like others.

"Aunt, Aunt."

Laughing lightly, I ruffled the hair on my forehead, put down the book in my hands and left. It was Yin Jing, a cute seven—year—old boy. Other than the pear blossoms, there was not a single other man or woman born in the Daddy. Yin Jing, the second cousin of the first cousin Yin Zhui, had adopted her eldest son, Yin Zhu, as Daddy's adopted son. I also liked his sweet mouth very much, so I would often take him out for a stroll.

"Why is Xiao Jing looking for Aunt alone today?"

He pouted and said unhappily: "Mother went to offer incense, Aunt, I want to go too, Aunt will bring Xiao Jing there."

The little guy had a rather lonely expression. I can't stand to see a child disappointed the most. I generously said, "Alright, Aunt will bring you to eat malt candy." Since he was going out anyway, he might as well bring more people to accompany him. With him as a companion, it would be quite interesting. Today, I heard that by the Qin Huai River, there were some paintings that were sold, so I decided to take a look.

I like to see all kinds of different styles and painting, although the pear fragrance is more famous than those people, I don't think she is the best. Of course, I can't say it out loud, or she'll be angry. In my opinion, there are many types of painting, and there are also many types of painting skills. Some are exquisite, some are rough, some are gentle, and some are tough. Each family has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Some things required experience and vision. No matter how intelligent or talented Riko was, it was impossible for her to draw something like this.

He walked to the back door and pulled Xiao Jing out. The gatekeeper didn't ask me where I was going and when I would be back. With regards to my life, the Daddy didn't really care about it at all. I don't care what other people say, a woman can't go out and let others see her, covering her face and so on. I am me, not someone else. I live my life, not someone else's life for me. I think that Daddy is busy, so busy that he has no time to ask me about how often I go out. Actually, as long as Daddy says a single word, I won't go out, it's just that he never said anything about it.

After sixteen years of age, I can recite every single word that I said to the Daddy. So, I still have something that I care about. I've been suppressing it, thinking about it in my heart.

The glory of Qin Huai, was something that could not be said. Liu Rusi, He Shengxiang, had a beautiful talk with many talented people around.

Unfortunately, I've wandered around more than a hundred times, and I've never seen anything like this happen.

Of course, Qin Huai's brothel was famous for it, it became like a kind of scenery. The women of the brothel leaned on the fence, watching the flowers, playing the zither, and singing. Wonderful appearance, versatility, it is a kind of scenery in the eyes of tourists.

The silk bamboo along the river bank was filled with the joy of silk bamboo, and the laughter of the warbler's voice interweaved with each other, creating quite a lively scene.

With a light smile, I held Xiao Jing's hand and led him to a secluded place where we could rest under the willow tree. Xiao Jing was at the side of the river watching the ducks playing under the lotus leaves. He always liked to see these things, and I let him have her way, so every time he pulled me out and saw something he liked, she had to enjoy it before she left.

Qin Huai's life is like a fairyland, in my heart, it is always the most beautiful.

In the distance, who was the singing prostitute? The light singing was like an eagle's voice, sounding sorrowful. It isn't a pity that only singing doesn't make one feel happy. I reached my hand out to pluck the willow leaf, so as to let others hear her voice. Liu Ye pursed her lips and let out a long and light voice, which merged with the song. That song sounded even more wonderful. It was like a dragon getting its eyes focused, and immediately, it seemed to have its spirit activated.

The singing stopped, and the last of the voices also stopped from my lips.

Xiao Jing clapped happily and shouted, "Auntie, listen to me properly, it's even better than singing."

It was a pleasure to be praised, even though she was a child. I chuckled, "Xiao Jing, this is just a side voice."

"Aunt, Xiao Jing has grown up. This way, Xiao Jing would be able to hear Aunt's melody every day. No one would know that Aunt's melody was even better than her singing. " He was very serious, not the least bit glib.

I couldn't help but laugh. "How can I do that? "When you get older, your aunt's white hair will grow out."

"Chaos." A cold snort of disdain.

I stood up and saw a tall man in white clothes. Before he could say anything, the man in white shrugged his shoulders and shook his head disdainfully. "I thought it would be some peerless beauty, but it turns out it's an ugly woman."

The light mocking voice made me feel uncomfortable.

He also dabbled in this aspect, and he could hear me singing more than the song, but the words made me sigh.

I can't agree with this man's thoughts. I admit that I am not beautiful, but to say that I am an ugly woman is a bit too much. This is the first time someone has spoken to me like this. Didn't he see that my hair was combed, or was it the hair of a girl? He lightly rebuked, "Impudent fellow, so it turns out that you are such a superficial person."

As he approached, I could see him more clearly. The man's eyes were dark, but they had an azure feeling, as deep as the ocean. His figure was tall and straight, like a pine tree standing on top of a cliff with its back to the moon. He wore a white robe, which was as white as the white clouds on a sunny day after the rain. There was a cold and impatient aura coming from him, and his thin lips were pursed, as if someone owed him something.