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Prince's Escaped Consort

Prince's Escaped Consort



  The house of a marquis was in constant competition, the imperial court's imperial harem was in chaos. If someone did not offend me, I would not offend them. If anyone did, even if it was far from death, the roots would still be removed! To expose the false face of one's kin, to uncover the truth of their clan's extermination, to set off a fight for the throne … The hypocritical uncle harbored evil intentions and sent her into the mouth of the tiger to marry the dying Black Faced King. Do you want her to have a delicate body, a high level of medical expertise, or marry a sickly woman? No way! The sickly prince was pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger. He vowed to catch the beautiful lady before ruthlessly ravaging her, ravaging her in the process. One day: She put her hand on her waist and pointed angrily: You are shameless and shameless! A certain someone felt refreshed, [How can I bear children without being shameless or being a scoundrel?] SHE:.
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As time passed, the red candle tears flowed down, as if they were unmoving. Si Kou Nian Xi stared at the red candle for a long time, before finally sighing.

Furthermore, this time she was only sent by her uncle to become one of the many concubines that belonged to the Pingyang King Leng Shao Yuan.

However, she was not a weak Miss who would just sit still and wait for death. Since she was unavoidable, then Leng Shao Yuan would not blame her!

With that thought, Si Kou Nian Xi moved forward and arrived at the table with the Acacia Wine. He extended his hand and took out the medicinal powder hidden in his sleeves, took a deep breath, and gently dropped the medicinal powder into the wine pot.

Before Si Kou Nian Xi even had the chance to put down the apprehension of being drugged for the first time, the sound of footsteps outside the room gradually drew closer. Si Kou Nian Xi hurriedly retreated to the side of the bed, took a deep breath, and covered his head with the big red veil once again, before sitting down.

"Your Highness!" Si Kou Nian Xi rushed to the door and stood guard as the voices of the wedding maids and maids sounded out.

"All of you, go down!"

A drunken voice said, followed by the sound of a door opening and closing.

Dressed in a big red wedding robe, Leng Shao Yuan walked step by step into the new room and arrived in front of the bridal bed.

Without the slightest pause, Leng Shao Yuan lifted his hand, waved his large hand, and dropped the hood over his head to the ground.

The sudden appearance of the light caused Si Kou Nian Xi to subconsciously close her eyes, and his impeccable appearance entered Leng Shao Yuan's eyes. His pink wedding dress revealed Si Kou Nian Xi's exquisite figure, and his fair skin appeared incomparably tender under the candlelight.

Si Kou Nian Xi opened his eyes and saw the surprise in Leng Shao Yuan's eyes. A sarcastic smile quietly appeared on his face.

"My wife, you are so beautiful tonight!" Leng Shao Yuan sized up Si Kou Nian Xi's impeccable appearance with hazy, drunken eyes.

Si Kou Nian Xi didn't want to marry someone he didn't know, or be used by his uncles and aunts to achieve some sort of goal. The biggest resistance Si Kou Nian Xi had towards this marriage was that this time, when she married into the Duke Palace, she was only a concubine!

A concubine with a lowly status who could not wear a big red wedding dress or be red all her life!

How could Leng Shao Yuan not be angry?

Only, at this moment, Si Kou Nian Xi was secretly rejoicing in his heart that he was not truly going to marry Leng Shao Yuan, but he had forgotten about the meaning behind those words. Why did the famed playboy Leng Shao Yuan say it out loud!

Covering the displeasure in his heart, Si Kou Nian Xi's face revealed a light smile: "My prince, it's getting late, why don't we drink some of the Acacia Wine and rest?"

Now, she had to suppress her anger and coax Leng Shao Yuan to drink the alcohol that she had drugged. Only then, would she be able to continue her plan and escape from the Duke Palaces!

"Alright, alright. The first moment of the Spring Festival Gala is worth a thousand gold. My wife, don't worry. This King will drink the Joyous Union Wine with you right now!" Hearing Si Kou Nian Xi's proactive words, Leng Shao Yuan could not help but exclaim in joy. He impatiently picked up the wine pot on the table and poured it into two cups.

Seeing Leng Shao Yuan's impatient look, Si Kou Nian Xi laughed coldly in his heart, and the uneasiness in his heart disappeared in an instant.

She had chosen to escape tonight with all she had. Leng Shao Yuan, this playboy's wariness towards her, was nothing compared to the Prime Minister's Estate!

Si Kou Nian Xi looked at Leng Shao Yuan with a sweet smile, and raised his cup without batting an eyelid.

The two of them held hands and drank the wine in each other's cup in one gulp. During this entire process, Si Kou Nian Xi didn't hesitate at all, and didn't hesitate at all.

Since it had come to this, she could no longer control herself. All the hesitation and uneasiness she felt were useless at this moment! What Si Kou Nian Xi wanted to do was to suppress his emotions and bring this show to the end!

After handing in the wine, Leng Shao Yuan put down the wine cup. His lustful eyes started to continuously size up Si Kou Nian Xi's body, and unexpectedly, he had already quickly untied the belt on his wedding robe. "I've already finished drinking the Acacia Wine, my wife, hurry up and get dressed, the first moment of spring snack is worth a thousand gold, let's have some fun earlier!"

Seeing Leng Shao Yuan finish the cup of wine, Si Kou Nian Xi's heart could be considered to have dropped.

At this time, seeing Leng Shao Yuan say that, without hiding anything, a sneer quietly crawled onto his white face: "Your highness, do you want to rest early? Then let your highness have his way! "

A cold and slow voice came out of Si Kou Nian Xi's mouth. Then, after Si Kou Nian Xi finished speaking, Leng Shao Yuan, who was about to take off his belt, suddenly fell face—first onto the ground …

Under the night sky, a petite figure quietly slipped out from the side door of the Pingyang Kingdom, and quickly rushed towards the small alley opposite the Duke Palace. She saw that it was Si Kou Nian Xi who had poured the medicine on Leng Shao Yuan.

"Nian Xi!" In the alleyway, Shao Mo Li was anxiously walking back and forth. When he saw the small petite figure that was slowly approaching, he immediately went to welcome her: "You didn't alarm anyone else right?"

"Rest assured Big Brother Shao, everything is going smoothly!" The petite figure slowly approached, excitement flickering in her eyes. "I must really thank Big Brother Shao this time, if not for you …"

To be able to escape from the Pingyang Family, how could Si Kou Nian Xi not be excited?

Shao Mo Li lightly smiled at Si Kou Nian Xi, and a gentle expression flashed across his face: "No need to be so polite!"

Si Kou Nian Xi's actions this time, if it was successful, it would be extremely difficult for Si Kou Nian Xi to find a good person in the future. When Si Kou Nian Xi was begging for help, he also hesitated, but in the end, he still chose to help her!

Hearing Shao Mo Li's words, Si Kou Nian Xi laughed: "Hehe, Big Brother Shao, have you prepared the things that I want?"

Shao Mo Li said gently: "The carriage is already prepared, and on the carriage, there are also coils of clothing, and the people accompanying them are all carefully selected by me, you can rest assured!"

"There is no need to thank me. Time is of the essence, Big Brother Shao will leave first!" After Si Kou Nian Xi cupped his fists in farewell, he quickly climbed onto the carriage.

It wasn't that Si Kou Nian Xi didn't know what he was thinking, but that all she was thinking was about how to escape the imperial city, that was all!

The carriage driver waved his whip, and Si Kou Nian Xi's carriage slowly sped away in front of Shao Mo Li's eyes ….

The next morning, the sky was clear and the warm sunlight shone through the clouds.

Inside the new room of the Pingyang Duke Palace, a tall figure was quietly lying on the ground. This person was Leng Shao Yuan who had been poured on the ground by Si Kou Nian Xi.

After Si Kou Nian Xi poured out the medicine, he did not move Leng Shao Yuan onto the bed. Instead, he laid Leng Shao Yuan on the ground like that for the entire night, and was even dressed in a red wedding robe! He was really bold!