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Mr. Mystery Husband

Mr. Mystery Husband


A loser married a top beauty! Yes, Jonathan Quilter, an ordinary man that everyone could mock at, married the top beauty, Marilyn Lester. Not only did he gain a fairy-like wife, he also became the heir of the Lester Family! "You are just a good-for-nothing, a loser raised by a woman." People sneered. Ignoring people's unfair judgment, this man made a promise. One day, he would make the Lester Family reach a peak in the business world. Oh, he was the superb winner after defeating all his rivals! That’s the power of love and his strong will! And his legendary life just began...
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Outside a two-storey villa.

A thin man in ordinary clothes stood there.

Listening to the laughter coming from the villa, the man pushed the door open without any hesitation!


More than 20 pairs of eyes, mixed with shock and contempt, were staring at him.

The laughter suddenly stopped!

"Ooh, isn't this President Quilter of our Lester family? You're deliberately coming late for the banquet? Unfortunately, there is no place for you to sit here."

There was a tall man sitting at the front end of the banquet hall. He looked at Jonathan Quilter with disdain, and his words were full of mockery!

"President Quilter? Everyone, remember this good-for-nothing man is none other than Jonathan Quilter!"

"That's right. He's a useless man who has tricked the Old Master into letting him inherit the Lester Group before he died!" Someone said without hiding the sarcasm in his words.

"It's a shame that Marilyn Lester from our family, who's regarded as the top beauty in Janwald City, is married to such a useless man. Not only did she become a complete joke, but the Lester family has also lost face and becomes the laughing stock of everyone in Janwald City."

The hall was filled with the sound of ridicule and discussion.

However, Jonathan's eyes were fixed on a woman in a white dress at the banquet... Her long dark hair fell gracefully on her shoulders. Her beautiful appearance made it difficult for people to look away.

When she saw Jonathan, there was a hint of coldness in her calm and beautiful eyes!

This woman, Marilyn Lester, was once the pride of the Lester family, but now she was the object of everyone's veiled mockery.

Jonathan went straight to Marilyn and took out a medicine bottle from his pocket. He said softly, "Marilyn, you have been having headaches recently. I saw that you accidentally left the medicine bottle at home, I have decided to bring it over to you."

Marilyn looked at the man who was insulted by the crowd coldly. He had quietly opened the bottle and poured warm water into a cup.

Two years had passed!

She still couldn't figure out why her grandfather had asked her to marry him and even bequeathed the Lester family's assets to him before he died.

Judging from his performance in the past two years, Jonathan was not qualified to inherit the family's assets. However, he was legally married to her as a matrilocal husband living off her family. They had obtained a legal marriage certificate and hosted a wedding banquet.

When she got home exhausted every day, he would have prepared the food, heated the water and cleaned the house. He might not have lived up to Grandpa's expectations, but he did take care of her very well. However, that was all.

Marilyn gently closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair. Nobody knew whether she did not want to look at Jonathan, or that she was so tired to the point that she had no energy to even move.

After a long time, she said softly, "Since you're here, just sit down. You have to bear with their harsh words. Remember not to come to this kind of occasion often in the future."

Jonathan put the medicine and warm water in front of her, nodded and sat down next to her.

The tall man, who was laughing at Jonathan, slammed the table and stood up angrily. He said, "Jonathan, this is a Lester family event. You are not qualified to sit here."

Speaking of this, he stared at Marilyn fiercely and said, "Marilyn, let's make something clear. You can tolerate this good-for-nothing for two years, but the Lester family won't even take a look at him. Ask him to get lost, or else..."

Marilyn suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the furious man coldly. She said, "Or else what? You want me to get lost too?"

The man who was speaking was William Lester. He had been working for the Old Master for many years. Amongst the younger generation, William had the highest likelihood of inheriting the position of general manager at Lester Group.

However, when the Old Master was about to die, the general manager position was taken away by Jonathan out of nowhere!

Hearing Marilyn's words, William stiffened in shock, and he even retreated a little.

This was not because he was afraid of Marilyn.

It was just that this woman who used to be kind and lively, had suddenly become so much colder in the past two years.

At this time, a woman, who was old but in good spirits, came out with the help of another woman.

William's eyes were full of surprise, and then he shouted at Jonathan with a ferocious look, "I was kind enough to ask you to get lost, but you didn't. Now Grandma is here, let's see how you can handle this!"

After the death of the Old Master, when the elderly Mrs. Lester saw that the Lester family was going to fall into the hands of Jonathan, she stood up and took over the family.

As soon as Mrs. Lester showed up, everyone stood up.

Mrs. Lester looked at the crowd with a smile on her face, especially when she saw William, she nodded with gratification.


When she saw Jonathan, who was eating, her face suddenly changed!

Mrs. Lester pointed at Jonathan. She was so angry that half of her body was trembling. "Who? Who let this good-for-nothing in? This is our Lester family's monthly gathering. What does it have to do with an outsider? It's rare for me to join this occasion. Do you want to make me angry?"

William looked at Jonathan with a sinister smile, his eyes were full of the pleasure of revenge.

Marilyn secretly kicked Jonathan's chair and gestured for him to stand up. She hurriedly said, "Grandma, Jonathan is worried for your health, so he comes to see you."

Mrs. Lester suddenly raised the black cane in her hand and pointed at Marilyn's face. "Get him out of here right now, or you will never step into the Lester family ever again!"

Marilyn glanced at the man who had been scolded by her grandmother but was still carefully peeling the walnut skin for her, and her heart softened.

She pleaded, "Grandma, Jonathan is not very capable, but no matter what, he is your grandson-in-law. Let him stay here this time."

The anger on Mrs. Lester's face grew stronger and stronger, and the Lester family members around her were quiet as a mouse!

At this time, the door suddenly opened. A man and a woman came in.

The woman was tall and had a seductive figure, with curly blonde hair. She came with her arms wrapped around a chubby man with dark spots on his face.

As soon as the woman came in, she shouted at everyone. "Don't just stand there. Come and welcome my boyfriend, Zachary Langley."

Zachary Langley?

Everyone in the Lester family didn't react immediately. They also didn't dare to say anything when they saw the young master's posture.

The chubby man raised his head slightly, and the woman hurriedly introduced, " Zachary is the director of Langley Group, and he is also my current boyfriend!"

"Langley Group? The Langley Group, which is expected to enter one of the top ten groups in Janwald City within three years and owns assets of more than one billion yuan?" William was shocked and stood up in a great panic.

Mrs. Lester had been in charge of the Lester family for two years. How could she not know how powerful the Langley Group was? She didn't expect that the heir of the Langley Group would come. All of a sudden, all her anger disappeared without a trace.

When she looked at Zachary, her old face was full of fawning smiles. She quickened her pace and said, "Nice to meet you Mr. Langley of the Langley Group. Come on, please take a seat!"

The crowd burst into a heated discussion.

"The young master of Langley Group? I didn't expect Jovana to be so capable."

"Yeah, it was already miserable enough for Marilyn to be married to a useless husband. But compared with Jovana now, she has nothing to brag about."

Jovana Lester was the daughter of Marilyn's eldest uncle. In the past, she used to be suppressed by Marilyn in all areas. Fortunately, Marilyn ended up with a good-for-nothing husband, who kept getting scolded and ridiculed.

Over the past two years, Jovana had gradually become the focus of attention. She tried her best to hook up with the young master of Langley Group. Once she succeeded, she couldn't wait to bring him to the family party to show off.

She wanted to vent her anger in front of Marilyn, and let everyone know that she was also very capable.

Jovana walked up to Marilyn and said mockingly, "Cousin, I didn't expect that you would bring your husband to an important family banquet. Aren't you afraid that he wouldn't know the basic etiquette and end up offending our family's distinguished guests?"

Mrs. Lester yelled at Marilyn, "What are you still doing here with this good-for-nothing?"

Marilyn smiled sadly. She knew that after this incident, not only would Jonathan be unable to enter the Lester family's house, but she would also be driven out of the family's circle.

Zachary took a look at Marilyn's beautiful face.

As soon as he stepped into the Lester family hall, his eyes were fixed on this beautiful woman in a white dress.

The moment he saw her, the blood all over his body started to boil. He had long heard that Marilyn from the Lester family was beautiful and graceful.

The rumors were true!

Zachary smiled, waved his hand and said, "It doesn't matter. Sit down, everyone."

It was obvious that he was treating himself as the master.

However, everyone in the Lester family was happy and didn't have any displeasure.

Jovana smiled and said proudly, "Zachary has received a high education and is elegant and a gentleman. It's his first time visiting Grandma, so he brought gifts."

Mrs. Lester's face lit up, and all the members of the Lester family turned to look at Zachary.

Zachary took out an exquisite gift box from his pocket. When he opened it, there was a necklace with diamonds on the periphery and a bright red gemstone in the middle.

It was obvious that it was an expensive gift.

At this time, no one had the mood to continue eating. They all gathered around Zachary and Jovana like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon.

Mrs. Lester maintained a flattering and polite smile, and her old face was almost cramped trying to maintain the smile.

Marilyn sat quietly. She was like a fairy, but was neglected by others.

Jonathan looked at the woman who was as cold as ice and felt a pain in his heart. He said softly, "Marilyn, the Lester family has already treated us like outsiders. Why don't we leave?"

Marilyn smiled at Jonathan but her smile was full of despair and sadness.

"Ever since my grandpa made up his mind to let me marry an incompetent person, I already know that I would never be able to escape from this fate."

"I would rather rot in the Lester family than to evade the responsibility my grandpa had given to us like you did. Jonathan, you really let me down."

Every word was like a needle piercing into Jonathan's heart.

After a long sigh, Jonathan said with a bitter smile, "In the past two years, I thought it would be enough to just be by your side. It turns out that this is just my stupid and naive idea."

"If you think that the Old Master's last will and testament have been the shackle that binds your destiny, then I will help you break it!"