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Miss, You Have Me

Miss, You Have Me



  As soon as she was born, she was framed and nearly burnt to death by her father. Fortunately, she was saved by her beautiful master. Fifteen years later, she would return for her revenge. She would turn the whole sky upside down! Gathering treasures, taming pets, marrying people, torturing dregs and becoming stronger. She didn't waste any time. Under that hidden peerless beauty, what kind of background would she have? This couple had joined hands to create a legend that would shake the world! Little Theater: Little brother-in-law: "Is sister-in-law ever afraid of my brother looking for Little San? "He has a high talent, strong strength, handsome looks, and a good figure. He has money, power, and power, as well as helpers." A certain lady squinted her eyes dangerously, "Have you discovered that there's someone outside?" His brother-in-law said in fright, "No! "Hehe, I'm curious." A certain woman laughed wickedly, "Then we will poison him to the point where he can't be considered human. Then, we will capture him again and bring him back!" A certain man approached her with a smile. "My wife, don't worry. I will only allow you to use it ~"
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The moon was bright and the stars were dim. Everything was quiet.

"Someone come!" Burn this little bastard to death! "

From within the Tian Ji Kingdom s of Tian Ji Kingdom, this violent and angry shout suddenly rang out.

In the next moment, it was as if the Chu Residence had suddenly exploded, and a strange silence followed.

A group of aggressive looking people walked out from the backyard. One of them was roughly holding a half swaddled baby, obviously having just been born. The baby's face was flushed from being pinched and was crying unbearably.

A lady wearing plain white clothes with messy hair stumbled out after him, "Master, please don't! This is your daughter, she's really your flesh and blood. I didn't steal her from her, I really didn't steal her! "

Big sister, stop quibbling, master's talent is high, he is strong, how could he give birth to trash that has no talent? Previously, everyone saw with their own eyes that you were fighting with someone, this little bastard is indeed a bastard that was born between you and a wild man, how can our Chu Clan leave behind this kind of stain! Behind the woman walked out a woman wearing gorgeous red clothes. The woman's face was beautiful, curvy, and had an attractive temperament.

"Hong Yan, it's you, right? All these years, I have never fought with you over anything, why haven't you let me go! "No matter what, she's good to me, but she's my flesh and blood. Just let her go, I beg of you!" The woman raised her head. Her life was obviously not well, and she did not have a scrawny face, but her delicate facial features made her look more delicate and pitiful. It was said that a real beauty lay within her bones, but her facial features were still exquisite and beautiful.

This woman's name was Mei Luo, the official wife of the Chu Clan's Patriarch. At that time, she was pursued intensely by his husband, Chu Huai Zhi, and in the end, they were betrothed to each other. However, they did not expect that in less than half a year, Chu Huai Zhi would bring back a beautiful girl named Hong Yan.

Hong Yan had gotten pregnant within half a year and had given birth to a son and daughter in succession.

Even though Hong Yan was young, she still considered herself as the mistress of the Chu Residence, and thought that Mei Luo would fall due to the loss of favour, slowly dying.

But Mei Luo was beautiful, the woman that Chu Huai Zhi fell in love with at first sight, the one that he had painstakingly asked to marry, was really a beautiful woman that was close to the moon and shy flowers. She got drunk in Mei Luo's courtyard, and after a one night stand, Mei Luo became fond of her again, and was even pregnant.

It was just that he did not expect that just as Mei Luo was about to give birth to the child, he found out that there was no relation between him and a man. Chu Huai Zhi was furious, and immediately tested his Inherent Skill on the child, only to discover that the child did not have any Inherent Skills, his body was so weak that he was no different from a piece of trash, unable to cultivate to become a warrior.

There was no longer any time left for him to shine in this Twin Polar Continent where martial arts was the sovereign and the strong were the rulers.

Furthermore, Mei Luo was the one who stole the woman's life, so he was definitely a bastard, hence he decided to burn the baby girl to death.

Hong Yan taunted the defeated and incomparably miserable Mei Luo, "Big Sister, you're so shameless, how could you blame yourself on someone else? You did such a despicable thing back then, you should have thought of the consequences today, and if this child hates you, this shameless mother, he'll hate you, and regret living in your stomach. If I burn her to death now, it would be a good time for me. On the contrary, she should be thankful to the old master so that she won't have to grow up in the scandal of a lowly mother like you! "