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Owe Me A Promise

Owe Me A Promise



  He was the head of the First Army and had met her by chance. He had fallen in love with her at first sight and then proposed to her. He had decisively killed an outsider while being aloof and heartless, but he had only given her his love! After being thrown aside by her ex-husband for her to look for a man, she declared, "I, Lin Xiaoxiao, am the most incredible man to sleep with in my entire life!" The two of them got drunk and messed up. She waved her hand casually and said, "You don't need to be responsible!" He gritted his teeth. "But I need you to take responsibility!" She was flabbergasted. "… …"
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In the Western Restaurant, a dark red Persian carpet was spread across the floor. Above his head, a crystal lamp shone on the dark marble table, reflecting the warm rays of the sun.

The melodious low sound of the violin slowly flowed through the space; it was quiet and elegant.

Sitting on both sides of a beautiful western table was a man and a woman who were staring at each other. It was quite a scene to behold.

The man was handsome. He wore a silver—grey suit which looked extremely pressed and proper. He should have been a gentleman, but his face didn't look like a gentleman at all.

His sword—like eyebrows slanted inwards, and his eagle—like eyes were filled with anger. The moment he opened his mouth, he shouted with a thunderous voice and a furious expression, "Lin Xiao Xiao, I don't love you, but can't you see that?! "Just how low are you to keep pestering me to refuse to get a divorce?!"

Lin Xiao Xiao took a deep breath, then exhaled a huge breath of impure air, grabbed the cup of red wine beside him and gulped down a large amount of it down.

She pursed her lips and smiled, "Ye Jing Chen, you think that I love you? You think I don't want to divorce you? Don't you look in the mirror and see how ugly you are! "

"I'm ugly? Lin Xiao Xiao, you country bumpkin, female warrior are not worthy of me at all. If it wasn't for my father forcing me to marry you, do you think I would have married you? Do what you have to do in your dreams! " the man roared.

Lin Xiao Xiao suddenly stood up, he raised his hand and pointed at his own nose, his eyes wide: "You said I am not worthy of you?!"

Ye Jing Chen looked at Lin Xiao Xiao's bold and unrestrained movements, a clear look of disdain flashed past his eyes, "Look at this, this is a Western restaurant, do you think it's your dirty orchard? Can't you be more polite? "Don't embarrass me!"

Lin Xiao Xiao looked around, and realised that there were a lot of people looking at her, so she raised his head. She admitted that she had never been to such a high class restaurant before, but today, Ye Jing Chen insisted on coming to this restaurant to talk about divorce, so she had to bite the bullet and come over.

"Shame? Why don't you tell Dad about you and your baby and just get a divorce? Is there a need to go through so much trouble? " Lin Xiao Xiao laughed in disdain.

He clearly knew that she was a boor, yet he still brought her to such a cultured place. Wasn't it purely because he wanted to see her embarrassed? Embarrassment, who's afraid!

Anyway, it wasn't her fault!

An awkward expression quickly flashed across Ye Jing Chen's eyes. He didn't want to tell his father about Qing Er, because if he did, he would become the heartless man who would divorce for Xiao San and his original wife.

He had been trying to catch hold of Lin Xiao Xiao's evidence of cheating, but he could not do anything about it. This woman was already twenty—six, yet she still did not have any thoughts of love, nor did she have any intimate contact with other men, making it so that he could not even take a picture of her evidence of cheating.

This was really annoying. He had invited her here today to have a meal and talk about a divorce. He wanted to let her know the difficulties and leave.

Pulling on the collar of his shirt, Ye Jing Chen's voice became softer, raising a hand to indicate Lin Xiao Xiao to sit down.

No matter what, he still wanted face. The quiet atmosphere of the Western Restaurant was because of Lin Xiao Xiao's hoarse voice, causing everyone to look towards their table.

Lin Xiao Xiao snorted, he sat on the chair and drank a cup of red wine.

Ye Jing Chen looked at Lin Xiao Xiao who was seated opposite his. It was probably because he had drank the red wine, her tender cheeks had an intoxicating blush, and under the light of the crystal, she looked extremely pure and enchanting.

He admitted that this little girl Lin Xiao Xiao was extremely beautiful, but his personality was even better than that of a tigress. The most important thing was …

His hair stood on end as he thought about the events of his wedding night. He took out a cheque he had prepared beforehand from his briefcase and handed it over to Lin Xiao Xiao.

"Give me money?" After marrying Ye Jing Chen for three years, Ye Jing Chen had never given her a shred of family money. Every time she ran out of money, she would have to lower her head and take it from Ye Jing Chen's mother.

Because the Ye Family didn't allow her to go out to work, they felt that she had embarrassed herself by going out to work, yet they didn't give her a monthly allowance.

In the past three years, she had lived a miserable life, not to mention eating at such a high—class western restaurant. She didn't even dare to think about it.

The students all thought that she had married into a rich family and was leading a better life than anyone else. Only she knew how inferior her life was to that of a pig or a dog.

Seeing the many zeroes on the cheque, Lin Xiao Xiao's eyes blinked, then blinked again.

This stingy husband of hers actually gave her such a huge sum of money!

Before she could think of what was going on, she heard Ye Jing Chen say coldly: "This is one million, for you to go whoring. Tonight, go to the most luxurious market place in the city and buy some top—notch bulls."

Since he couldn't get evidence of her cheating, he had to give her a man!

Hearing these words, Lin Xiao Xiao's face darkened, turned purple, and turned green …

With all sorts of emotions tangled together, she didn't know how to look at the man sitting in front of her — her husband!

This was the first time her husband gave her money. Moreover, he even gave her a million in large amounts. His purpose was … It was actually to get her to use this money to buy a cow, to play with men! To openly let her put on a green hat for him!

To be honest, she really wanted to smash this money onto Ye Jing Chen's face, but she didn't do so.

Nonsense, once the money was in her hands, it would be hers. As for buying the Cowherd, how could she not know the tiny bit he had in his heart?

To put it nicely, he wanted her to buy a cow—boy. To put it crudely, he wanted to catch evidence of her cheating!

She, Lin Xiao Xiao, was going to get a divorce, but he would never divorce with an indecent reputation!

However, Ye Jing Chen, you underestimate me, Lin Xiao Xiao. If I, Lin Xiao Xiao, am to sleep in this life, then I will sleep with the most powerful man in the world. One million yuan is too little, far from enough. So when you have enough money, you can let me have a look at a man's money! Consider this one million yuan as an advance payment! When did you pay in full, and when did I go to sleep with the most awesome man in the world! "

With that, Lin Xiao Xiao grabbed his own small bag, kept the cheque, and left.

He was so angry that Ye Jing Chen had difficulty retracting his gentle aura just now. He rushed in front of Lin Xiao Xiao in rage, and was about to snatch the cheque from her hands.

However, just as his hand reached out, his wrist was grabbed by Lin Xiao Xiao, followed by the sound of bones breaking apart.

Lin Xiao Xiao grabbed Ye Jing Chen's wrist, and said while beaming: "Hubby don't worry, I definitely won't use this money carelessly."

With another creaking sound, Lin Xiao Xiao corrected his dislocated wrist, then threw away his hand and walked away. He was so angry that Ye Jing Chen scolded loudly behind him, "Lin Xiao Xiao, I will definitely divorce you! Just you wait! "

After the two of them left, a devilish looking man, who was sitting at the furthest table in the west side of the restaurant, chuckled.

He smiled at the man sitting across from him who was reading the document and looking straight at him, "Just now, that couple was really weird, and that man was even weirder. This is the first time I've seen a man give his wife money so she can sleep with a bull."

"I think that woman is quite interesting." Zhan Bing Chuan looked up after reading the last financial statement. Under the glazed light, his godlike handsome face was distinct and distinct, with a deep eyebrows, carved nose, cold facial contours, and a pair of obsidian eyes. He was extremely handsome.

"I never thought that you would be interested in a person's wife, but she just said that if you want to sleep, you have to sleep the most amazing man in the world. Chuan, I think he is talking about you, be careful that one day she will really throw money at you and you will sleep, haha."

Zhan Bing Chuan pursed his lips and did not say anything. In his mind, he recalled Lin Xiao Xiao's outspoken and straightforward appearance, his extremely high martial prowess, and her loose yet pure outfit.

Thinking of this, his lips curved up in a strange smile.

If she really comes to sleep with him one day, it doesn't seem bad.