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The Rise of Miss "Phoenix"

The Rise of Miss "Phoenix"



  The moment he transmigrated, he would become a trash who could not cultivate despite having no spiritual energy at all? Not only did he not get married, he even almost got his innocence destroyed? Very good! Zi Ling Xue sneered. 'Wait until grandaunt beat up you blind Hai Bian Te until your parents don't recognize you. Then, who is the trash that you're telling me about?!'
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"You … "What do you want?"

In a shabby thatched cottage, a thin and weak little girl was trembling. Her face was deathly pale as she looked at the man that was constantly approaching her.

"For what?" The corner of Ye Yunan's mouth raised as he pounced on Zi Lingxue, "Of course I'm bringing you to enjoy your happiness."

"No …" "Impossible, let go of me …" Zi Lingxue struggled with all her might, but she was caught trying to escape!

Ye Yunan could not wait any longer. His laughter made people feel even more disgusted. "Good cousin, since you are the one whom the Third Prince does not want, why not give it to others first? Cousin, I will treat you well!"

"I came here to let cousin have a good time first. Perhaps he would be kind enough to let you be my concubine and give you a place to settle down!"

"No, no!"

Abomination, disgust, fear.

Tears fell from Zi Lingxue's eyes as she tried her best to push him away. However, how could she beat Ye Yunan, who was a Rank two Spiritual Master?

Ka—cha! *

The panicking Zi Lingxue bit onto Ye Yunan's arm.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH@@ Ye Yunan cried out in pain. He was infuriated by Zi Lingxue's actions and casually slapped her fair and tender face, "Stupid bitch, you're still pretending to be holy and saintly at this time. How come you don't know what shame is when you shamelessly want to seduce the Third Prince?"

"This young master thinks highly of you for playing with you, but you refuse to show your face!"

Clap clap clap. Dozens of palms fell down, making Zi Lingxue's snow—white face turn red and swollen. Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth.

"You actually dare to bite me!" Ye Yunan revealed a fierce look and fiercely kicked Zi Lingxue a few times on her lower abdomen. Ye Yunan sneered as he suddenly stepped forward and ripped off Zi Lingxue's clothes. His fair skin was instantly exposed to Ye Yunan, greatly stimulating the heat in his body.

"If it wasn't for your shamelessness, how could I have tricked you here with just a slip of paper? What's more, don't even think about having someone come to save you."

Zi Lingxue's head was buzzing from being hit by Ye Yunan. She was basically subconsciously opposing Ye Yunan.

"Stop struggling, how can you beat me?"

Ye Yunan laughed arrogantly. Although he did not learn anything and was extremely lustful, the Ye family had given them elixirs and medicines. He was now a Rank Two Spiritual Master, but Zi Lingxue …

Heh, a waste without even the slightest bit of spiritual energy in his body, yet he hasn't even reached the threshold to become a Spiritual Cultivator. It was impossible to escape from him!

In the past, even if Zi Ling Xue was trash, she would still care about her fiancée's status. If people bullied and scolded her, she would definitely not lose her life.

But it was different now!

Gong Wuji gracefully threw her a piece of paper, ending this relationship.

Very good.

Without the protection of Gong Wuji's fiancee! Ye Yunan didn't need to worry about anything else!

As Ye Yunan looked at Zi Lingxue's red and swollen face, he felt as if all the blood in his body had been stimulated. The blood in his body began to boil. "Cooperate with me honestly. Otherwise, you will suffer worse than death!"

"Let go of me … "No." At first, she struggled, then she was powerless. The weakness in Zi Ling Xue's eyes faded away and a few of her eyes emitted a cold light. She was unable to cultivate spiritual energy. She was weak, but even if she died, she had to maintain her innocence.

She definitely wouldn't allow this. Her body was being humiliated. She steeled her heart and struggled to break through the broken wall.


Blood flowed profusely from Zi Lingxue's forehead, splattering on the wall and Ye Yunan's body!

Ye Yunan was scared witless by Zi Lingxue's actions, and his desire disappeared.

"Zi Lingxue, feed it."

Ye Yunan's finger trembled slightly as he reached for Zi Lingxue's breath.

"Oh no... Oh no, no. "There's no air left."