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Dear Daddy, Come On!

Dear Daddy, Come On!


She was at the same level as Jiefu and the other three, and she was at the same level as the old man. As for the other person, he had not expected that he would be able to reach the end of his sentence... At the end of the day, she thought to herself, "Why don't you try to kill me? I'm not going to let you go." As soon as he entered the room, he let out a sigh of relief and said, "I'm Li Yantian. I'm the one who's called Li Yantian. I'm the one who's called Li Tianlan. I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm afraid that I'm going to have to go to the washroom." There was only one thing that he could do, and he was heading towards the end. At the same time, he was in the middle of a fight. When the group of disciples gathered together, they all thought that they were lucky enough to have a family, and they all knew that they were lucky enough to have a child. At last, she let out a few words and said, "This is too much." If she wasRegarding all the other things, there would be only one person who was able to get out of the room... It was because of the fact that he had already made it to the other end of the day that he had already been able to make it to the real Dan stage!
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  Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, and heavy rain poured down.

  In the dark rainy night, a girl stumbled on the road with a weak figure, like a ghost, with a dull and dull look on her face.

  The girl's feet were bare, her clothes were in a mess, and her two white thighs were exposed.

  Following the bottom of her thigh, a bright red blood stain slowly flowed down, but soon, it was washed away by the rain...

  It was not difficult to see that the girl might have encountered brutal invasion.

  Her whole body had been soaked in rain.

  All of a sudden, he stopped and slowly raised his head, only to find that a car was approaching.

  There was no hope of survival on her face, only a touch of desperation and sadness.

  Instead of avoiding the surging car, he met the dazzling light and closed his eyes.

  Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu一

  The girl's body drew a radian and suddenly fell into the cold night.


  Four years later.

  Mount Yun Ding was located on the top of a steep mountain.

  The surrounding field was surrounded by green, as if it was a thousand-year-old castle hidden in the forest, with a strong sense of mystery.

  In the main building, there was a room with a little dim light. The atmosphere was strange and the smoke was in the air.

  Li Shengtian, who was sitting on the sofa, slowly put the burning cigar in his hand into the ashtray.

  Thick smoke and dust enveloped his handsome face.

  Her cold demeanor seemed to be more arrogant than that of the noble deities in the western murals.

  Through the smoke, a little boy, about three or four years old, was sitting opposite him.

  The little boy was extremely beautiful. His lips were red and his teeth were white. His eyebrows were clear and his eyes were beautiful. There was a hint of childishness on his cute face. There was no doubt that he was a very handsome boy.

  This child, at this moment, pulled a long face, as if he was facing a formidable enemy.

  His big black eyes blinked from time to time. In his eyes, in addition to the purity of children, there was also a hint of stubbornness and maturity that was obviously beyond his age.

  This little pair of eyes had shocked Li Shengtian to the point that he could not believe that he was the one who had seen the entire scene.

  There were probably not many people in the world who dared to look at him in public for such a long time. This little guy was a little interesting.

  "Your name is Gu Antong. You're three and a half years old this year. You're studying in a middle class in Roman Noble Child's Children's Park. You're Li Xuini's best friend in the class. Am I right?"

  Li Shengtian pursed his lips. His tone didn't sound like he was talking to a child at all.


  Gu J Buddhists were not afraid at all. He nodded and replied. After that, he did not forget to smile at Li Shengtian with a natural and pollution-free smile.

  "OK! Gu Antong, you are the last person to see Li Xuini. Tell me, where is she?"

  "How can I know where LL is?" Gu Xuetong looked innocent.

  Nini was Li Xuini's nickname.

  "Kid, do you know what kind of punishment a lying child will suffer?"

  Li Shengtian's face darkened slightly.

  "But uncle, do you know how low a thing is to scare a child?"

  This little guy had nothing to fear on his little face. He was calmly provoking Li Shengtian's authority.

  "Oh? Then tell me, what should I do to you?"

  "Anyway, you can't torture a child! Besides, I don't know, but I don't know! If you bring me here and my mommy can't find me, she will be worried. Uncle, you can't findGAL, so you must be very anxious. But you can't let my mom even find me? Uncle, do you think it's reasonable?"

  Gu Xuetong's big eyes, which were as big as black grapes, were crystal clear. They turned around and looked around.

  Li Shengtian's fingers kept knocking on the armrest of the sofa.

  "Gu Antong, listen, it's no good to oppose uncle! You are a smart child. You should understand whether you should take the initiative to cooperate with uncle or not? You know, in this world, there are few things that I can't afford. What are you willing to do? Do you need uncle's help to realize it?"

  This scoundrel was very difficult to deal with. None of Li Shengtian's men could defeat him. If it were an ordinary child, he would probably be scared to pee by such a scene.

  "Uncle, my house is not as big as your house, but my family is also very rich. I want everything, and my family will satisfy me!"

  Gu Xuetong remained unmoved.

  This kid!

  Li Shengtian was even more furious.

  "Believe it or not, no matter how stubborn you are, I will turn your little butt into a flower..."

  "It's against the law to torture! Uncle, you can't beat me. In case you are taken away by the police, who will go to find Ni Li? Also, uncle, think about it. If Ni Li is cheated by human traffickers, I will also be spanked by others. How pitiful it is. Your Ni Li is a treasure, but I am also a treasure of our family..."

  Gu Xu's description of Gu Xuetong was very interesting.

  This was practically pouring salt on Li Shengtian's wound.

  The so-called blowing out his beard and staring at Li Shengtian was probably a description of Li Shengtian at the moment.

  As a nine-foot-tall man in the business circle, he had seen all kinds of opponents. Now, he was dumbfounded by the little kid's words.

  What kind of parents gave birth to such a child?

  He really wanted to see it.