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Game of love

Game of love



Tshezang was going through a magazine when she suddenly saw a vacancy for job. Without a second she directly sends her resume. But when she went to the interview, she regrets what she had done. “It's him!! I can't believe it.”she couldn't help but curse him in her mind.
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  Tshezang finally graduates and threw a party.

  She invited her best of friends and sings until 2 in the morning. The next day she directly starts to send her resume to different types of companies. She sends her resume for almost a month but none of the companies were taking her in.


  It's was a scorching day, Tshezang was really tired and her legs were numb. She rested near the park for a while. She couldn't help but to look at the sky to prevent her tears from rolling down. “I can't be weak. I will find a nice job and will help my sister to graduate. No, no, I can't be weak just because I can't find a job. I will definitely find a job!!” she thought and gathers all her strength together and again went to find a job.

  It was 4:00pm. Tshezang was disappointed but she puts on a smile and knocked the door. She felt happy when she saw Lhazin smiling at her.

  “ Sister did you find a job?”, Lhazin asked as soon as Tshezang gets in the house.

  Tshezang felt really sorry when she saw her little sister ask her the question.

  “ No, I haven't but I will definitely find one in future.” she said as she put on a big smile just to ensure her sister not to lose hope.

  “Oh I see...” Lhazin said gloomily.

  “Don't lose hope easily. Your sister will probably find a nice and a suitable job.” she said happily.

  “ Oh I just remembered. There was a vacancy for a secretary in newspaper, if you want then you can give it a try.” Lhazin said.

  “ I guess then I will have to send my resume." She said quickly taking out her laptop.

  While Tshezang was sending her resume online Lhazin took the initiative to pour a cup of tea for her sister.

  It's was already 8 in the evening when finally she finished sending her resume.

  “Sister! Are you done??” Lhazin asked.

  “ yeah!”

  “ let's have dinner than.”lhazin hungrily.

  While having the dinner Tshezang suddenly opens her phone and exclaimed “ Oh my god!!”.