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Wild Consort From Modern Times

Wild Consort From Modern Times



  Although transmigration was vulgar, Rong Li felt that after being rescued from falling into the water and becoming the Shen family's fifth young miss, many mysteries were coming towards her. Shen Ling who was also a transcender like her, Shen family's secret to the Han Sanchi of the Han family, the Misty Palace Palace Mistress, and the curse of the Martial Imperial Manor had all started when she was forced to marry into the Martial Imperial Manor … When the relationship between Rong Li and Crown Prince Qin Mang went from a bickering to an unspoken love affair, it was as if the plot had only just begun. Her and Shen Ling's similar looks, the weird actions of the emperor, the half-crazy old man in the underground cave, and the Misty Palace Palace Mistress who had appeared out of nowhere, all of these seemed to be closely related to the deceased Shen Ling. The closer Rong Li got to the truth, the more shocked she became. Everything was actually not a coincidence, and she was the key to causing all of that mystery …
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Cold, cold to the bone.

Rong Li held her breath and moved her four limbs with all her might. Amidst the rippling of the water, she could only see the cold light above her head.

"Hualala ~ ~ ~"

When she suddenly emerged from the water, before she could clearly see her surroundings, she heard a terrified scream:

"The Five decedent's Consort has fallen into the water! Someone, come! Help! "

Rong Li floated up and down in the water, and only had time to retort in her heart: "What the hell is the Five decedent's Concubine?"

"Sister Yao'er, my poor daughter! Why are you so stupid? If you go like this, how will Mother live! "

"Master, Madam, the Five decedent's Consort just fainted for a moment, and is not in any life—threatening danger!"

"Evil creature!" What a vile creature! She was wearing a night attire and wanted to escape the marriage! Humph! I have never been so shameless as to cause trouble for the daughter of a family! "

"It's good as long as he's fine!" Someone come, quickly help Big Sister Yao'er get dressed up. Otherwise, if you delay the auspicious time, the current Shen family won't be able to afford it! "

In the midst of the haziness, Rong Li only felt a few people making moves towards him. Not only did they change her clothes, comb her hair, they even smeared them on her face!

With a large amount of anesthetic on his body, Rong Li was unable to resist at all. Even if he tried his best to open his eyes, all he could see was a blinding flush.

After an unknown period of time, Rong Li began to slowly wake up. Although her head was no longer drowsy, her body was still weak and powerless. Hearing the whispers of the people around her, Rong Li finally realized that this was not the twenty—first century she was living in!

The old way of addressing her, the old style of clothing, and the old decorations of the room all showed the fact that she was in another world!

If this wasn't an alternative revenge method plotted by her enemies, and if she didn't accidentally enter an ancient costume studio, then there could only be one explanation!

— That was the old story of the novel, the teleportation.

If she had really transmigrated, then she was sure that she was wearing it! It was because this damned hemp made her body immobile until now. Otherwise, how could she be stuffed into the big red bridal sedan by these damned ancients!

Why should I marry a man I don't know at all? Just based on the fact that old lady Mao wanted to replace that Lao Shizi and the other five decedent's Consort to get married! I am NO in the 21st Century's international killer list. 1, it was not that noble "Lin Daiyu" who was sick to death because of slanderous rumors. In the end, she even chose to jump into the pool and commit suicide!

The bottom of Rong Li's heart was berserk, but her body was still soft, without the slightest bit of strength.

The horn of joy was sharp and resplendent. Rong Li jolted in the bridal sedan, almost causing her to fall asleep again, when they had finally reached their destination!

"The bridegroom kicks the palanquin!" The matchmaker let out a sharp yell, and Rong Li felt as if his palanquin had been casually touched by someone without strength.

The curtain was opened, and the matchmaker carried her out of the bridal sedan.

Rong Li's body was powerless. She could only lie on the matchmaker's body and stare at the man's red shoes that were always by his side.

"First bow to Heaven and Earth!" Being supported by the matchmaker, no matter how reluctant Rong Li was, her waist still bent down.

"Second bow to the hall!"

"Husband and wife bow to each other!"

After three kowtows, Rong Li was sent to her new room.

Because his body was too weak to sit still, Rong Li was laid out on the bed for six whole hours!

The darkness of the night was replaced by the burning of red candles.

The person lying on the red couch heaved a sigh of relief and slowly sat up.

"Although the paralysis has not passed, I have 10% of my stamina, which is enough!" Rong Li twisted his wrist, lifted his red hair and quickly took off the hair ornaments on his head. God knows how heavy these golden hairpins were when they were stuffed into his hair. The total weight was more than a dozen catties. It was already a blessing that his neck was not crushed!

He was extremely hungry, and seeing that there were no maids guarding the new room, Rong Li immediately sat at the table and started to eat.

As she ate, she observed her surroundings.

After hearing the chattered mouths of the maidservants who were dressing her up, Rong Li had a rough idea of what had happened.

The Consort of the Five decedent s of the Shen family dragged the Crown Prince Wu along with his and fell into the lotus pond during the Princess Yue Zhu's Flower Viewing Banquet. After the wuwuwuwuwuwufei, the mother of the Crown Prince Wu, heard of what had happened, he flew into a rage and wanted to go to the palace to impeach the Shen family, which was already in dire straits. However, the Emperor gave out an unimaginable royal decree, making the Crown Prince Wu marry the Five decedent's Consort.

The concubine of the Shen family's Five decedent s was originally an illness afflicted with sorrow and sorrow. When he was pierced by such malicious rumors, he wanted to commit suicide. In the end, he had somehow disappeared, while she, Rong Li, had muddle—headedly transmigrated over, and the Li Dai Tao had stiffened!

Where did the Shen family's Five decedent Concubine go? Why did she teleport into the pond in Shen Mansion for no reason at all?

Of course, the only question Rong Li wanted to know the answer to was the second one. Whether the Shen Family's Five decedent Concubine lived or died, or even where he lived, she did not care at all!

However, if she were to investigate the pool of the Shen Mansion, using the identity of the Shen Family's Five decedent's Consort would be much more convenient than her surreptitiously investigating it. Thus, she could only fretfully click her tongue and place the first question in the scope of her request.