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The Naughty Consort

The Naughty Consort



  The genius military doctor, Feng Zi, rushed over and opened her eyes only to discover that she had actually rolled around together with a monstrous genius. "Your Highness, I'm stupid, ugly, and poisoned, so I'm really not good enough for you." This hall likes a fool like you. " "Stupid thing, could you let me know when you want to marry me, Your Highness?" It's still too early to say. " 'Monster! 'He directly dragged her into the bridal chamber. From then on, he would protect her and help her! … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
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East Continent, a manor outside Heavenly Star City.

Feng Zi was lying on top of an ancient looking bed. She was in a dazed state, but no matter what she did, she could not open her eyes.

She remembered that she was ordered to protect the SSS Class Secret Treasure, but the plane was destroyed by the enemy. The code iron box that held the Secret Treasure suddenly shot out a golden light and brought her to a girl named Feng Zi.

However, the girl's memories were very messy, and after receiving it, she only felt a splitting headache. Even now, she still hadn't figured out the situation.

At this moment, the door to the chamber opened. The sound of two footsteps could be heard, one after the other, walking to the headboard of the bed. Then, Feng Zi felt a sudden pain.

F * ck, someone was actually looking at her like a salted fish and even said in a disdainful tone, "It's her?"

This man's voice was very pleasant to hear, like the sounds of nature, but his tone was extremely rough.

"Yes, Your Highness. This woman is the daughter of the Phoenix Blood sent by the empress. She can definitely cure the poison in your body." A solemn voice sounded.

"Hmph, the empress actually sent in such an ugly woman. I don't want it, return the goods." The rough guy said with dissatisfaction.

The heck, how can I be ugly when I have eighteen flowers?

Feng Zi really wanted to open her eyes to see who was so daring to turn her down, but her eyelids were stuck shut like glue.

"That won't do, Your Highness. You must have intercourse with the daughter of the Phoenix Blood in order to dispel the demonic poison in your body."

A hint of anxiousness was revealed in her serious voice, as if she was a salesman selling products. She said, "In fact, if you look closely, her facial features are quite good."

"Are you blind?" The rough man was filled with contempt.

"At least her skin is okay." A serious voice was filled with a guilty conscience.

"Are you comparing it with the bark?" The tough guy was extremely disdainful.

"Your Highness, it's the same even if women blow candles." With a solemn voice, he continued, "In any case, you only need to absorb the Phoenix Blood within her body to detoxify the poison. Don't worry about the others too much."

"If they haven't even developed yet, how do we absorb them?" The rough man became even more manic. Then, Feng Zi immediately felt herself flipped over and slapped on the back. "So flat."

The heck, what do you want?

Feng Zi had been treated with such disdain. If she didn't open her eyes now, she could go and die.

She suddenly opened her eyes. What she saw was not the wretched old man she had imagined, but a handsome face.

Long and sharp eyes, pure black pupils that were as shiny as gems. Straightening the nose, beautiful red lips, and wearing a profound robe with golden cloud patterns embroidered on it, it gave off an extraordinary and cold temperament.

Feng Zi was startled when she saw this ancient beautiful man. So she had been transported to ancient times. She didn't know what era this was.

"He woke up." The well—dressed man stood up, crossed his arms over his chest, and condescendingly looked down at Feng Zi as he said, "You are ugly, and your legs are short. If a woman does what you say, she should die."

"F * ck, you dare to dislike this old lady? This old lady will kill you!" Feng Zi had never been humiliated like this before.

"Kill me?" The well—dressed man was stunned for a moment before he suddenly threw his head back and laughed out loud.

After he finished laughing, his face immediately turned cold. He shouted to the baby—faced guard, "Black Xuan, I'll repeat myself. Send this ugly woman back."

With that, he left without even turning his head back.

"Don't even think about leaving." Feng Zi suddenly sprung up from the bed and pounced on the ancient beautiful man's body like a hungry tiger pouncing on a sheep.

As a result, Black Xuan saw an extremely shocking scene. That ugly woman was straddling his highness' body …

"You grew up at such a young age, just what did you eat?" Feng Zi said with disdain.

His face was completely distorted. He glared at Feng Zi, who stared back at him fearlessly.

There seemed to be a fire burning on the body of the well—dressed man. Moreover, the fire seemed to intensify.

"Your Highness, you can't get angry!" Hei Xuan shouted, but it was already too late.


Violent gusts of air erupted from the body of the beautiful man, causing all the windows and doors in the room to burst open.

Feng Zi's thin and weak body was directly sent flying out of the door. She spat out a mouthful of blood and almost lost consciousness.

The face of the beauty dressed in ancient clothing instantly paled. Her piercing black eyes fiercely glared at Feng Zi as she flicked her sleeves and left.

Black Xuan hurriedly ran over to Feng Zi and stuffed a pill into her mouth. "You mustn't die, my prince wants to detoxify you."

Untie your sister!

Feng Zi really wanted to spit out a pill and spit it on this idiot's face, but that pill melted in her mouth and turned into a warm current that pressed down on her chest and abdomen.

"Someone, bring this ugly woman back to rest." Seeing that she was not going to die, Hei Xuan stood up and called for two servants to carry her down.

The two tough looking female servants dragged the purple phoenix as if they were dead dogs. They kept muttering to themselves, "A queen that kills thousands of enemies actually sent such an ugly woman to our Prince. This is simply going too far."

"That's right, this ugly bastard isn't even fit to carry our Prince's shoes, much less climb high, pui."

"The most despicable thing is, this damned ugly woman actually dared to anger His Highness. According to what I said, she should have been chopped into pieces and fed to the dogs."

"Forget it, forget it. The Black Armored Guard has already said that it would still be useful to let her live a lowly life."

Feng Zi combined the two retainers' nagging with the incomplete memories in her head and arranged a few useful clues.

First, this world was divided into three races, all of which cultivated spiritual energy as an honor.

Secondly, the beautiful man dressed in ancient clothing who had been fighting with Feng Zi was the eighth prince of Heavenly Star City, Yue Cang.

Because he had suffered the demonic poison in one of the trials, requiring a woman with phoenix blood to detoxify it, the Empress of Heavenly Star City had put in great effort to find a girl with phoenix blood for him.

Third, the body she transmigrated into had special bloodline Phoenix Blood, but because it was a trash that could not cultivate, the Queen used it as an item to detoxify the poison.

Logically speaking, to be treated as an item and given the antidote should have a very lowly identity. However, Feng Zi instinctively felt that the original owner's identity wasn't simple and seemed very honorable.

However, the original owner's memories were too fragmented. She did not know the original owner's true identity yet, nor did she know why he was sent here as an item.

However, there was one thing that he was sure of, and that was that the original owner was very ugly, very ugly. However, as to how ugly the original owner was, he still needed Feng Zi to personally look at him in a mirror to verify.