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Love of Royal Palace

Love of Royal Palace



  A bucket of goat's milk caused the five-year-old princess to nod her head and marry the number one Battle-King of the Xuan Kingdom. When he came to propose marriage, the little princess looked at him with her fingers. He asked, "How did you manage to keep your heart as still as water in front of me?" The little princess replied, "Hypnosis grass, sleep well every day." He asked, "Aren't you jealous that I'm surrounded by beauties?" The little princess replied, "You look like a ferocious tiger. I like little sheep." The little princess grew up and welcomed her wedding night. He wanted to marry her. The little princess waved her grass doll and threw it at him. "This princess has given it to you. The seventy-two positions can be changed at any time." The Battle King's face darkened. What did he marry?
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"It's all in vain!"

The dense wooden barrels were filled with milky white milk.

Above it floated a layer of red floral valve.

Chief Eunuch swung his whip and grabbed the tip of his voice.

A small thing crawled in from under the wide robe.

A pair of small hands were doing evil.

's face turned into an eggplant as he screamed.

"Young …" Princess, don't pinch your servant. The Chief Eunuch cried out.

A few female servants carried the little princess out and bowed respectfully to her. "Princess, please accept."

"I don't want it." The five—year—old princess twisted her waist with a face full of resistance.

Chief Eunuch limped over to her: "Princess, this is a milk bath. Hurry and take it, Battle—King is still waiting for you."

She pouted, her lips like pink peach blossoms. She pointed at the wooden bucket, and said in a soft voice, "I don't want to soak in milk, am I a small cake? You want to be eaten when you're done soaking? "

"Aiyo, little princess." Chief Eunuch had a worried look on his face, "Where are you going? We've completely soaked him in water, let's go to Battle—King. He has prepared so many delicious things for you."

Wow, delicious.

The little guy's eyes were sparkling as he gulped. "Alright then."

Chief Eunuch smiled proudly, and ordered a few female servants to wait upon the Little Princess.

About an hour later.

The little princess was soaking in happiness. She smelled the milk and occasionally licked it.

When the servants were exchanging floral valve s, they discussed amongst each other, "Tell me, where did our Battle—King get such a little guy?"

"Who knows? She's only five years old, so she's eight years younger than our Battle—King."

"That's right, the difference is too great. Should I take on a concubine?"

"Probably for fun."

Just when the little princess was about to fall asleep.

Those servants carried her out.

She was dressed in a short dress with a small embroidered shoe and a round hairpin with a butterfly hairpin in it.

Whenever she moved, the butterfly's tiny wings would move back and forth, glowing in the sunlight.

"Princess, follow Servant." The maidservant led her forward.

Summer heat.

The bluestone path was covered with wild flowers of all colors.

The little princess played by the side of the road and picked many small wildflowers.

In front of the pavilion.

A thirteen year old youth stood with his hands behind his back. He was dressed in purple silk embroidered clothes, but there was a hint of complex coldness in his clear eyes. His thin lips were pressed into a straight line.

Her black hair was loose on her shoulders, and a piece of black jade was tied up in her hair.

He was the world—shaking Xuan Kingdom — — Li Yan Shang.

"Battle—King, the little princess is heading towards your palace." He was Li Yan Shang's trusted aide.

"Right." Li Yan Shang humphed out a word from her throat.

If the valley was empty, no one would dare to go near it.

Li Palace!

This was Li Yan Shang's temporary residence.

The vast palace was like a galaxy.

The ink—black wall was painted with mountains and rivers, as though it was a paradise.

However, it was full of depression.

On the floor were rows and rows of silk—wood shelves.

On the shelf hung a knife, a sword.

How awe—inspiring.

"Wow." The little princess clapped her hands in admiration.

"Princess, please wait here for Battle—King." After saying this, the maidservants withdrew.

She held the little wildflower between her fingers and touched it here and there.


A cold voice came from behind him. "Aren't you afraid of cutting your hand off?"

"Yah." The sudden voice startled the little princess.

He turned his head and saw the paralyzed ice sculpture looking at him coldly.

She raised her small head, her small face red. "Who are you? Why are you so fierce?"


Not afraid of him.

Normally, these servant girls wouldn't even dare to look at him directly.

Li Yan Shang sneered, and asked with raised eyebrows: "And who are you?"

The Little Princess blinked her large eyes, placed her hands on her waist and thought for a while. "I am Zhi Cha, I am the Little Princess."

"Zhi Cha?" Li Yan Shang squinted at him with dangerous eyes: "Does it taste good?"

"Huh?" "Are you going to drink me?"

This little thing is too small.

Li Yan Shang naturally did not plan to enjoy it now.

"Are you afraid?" He wanted to tease tea.

Tea frowned and thought for a while.

She was a beauty when she was young, so she would definitely grow up to be like a fish that fell prey to a goose.

The butterfly wings on her bun flew around and around, making her seem more and more agile.

Grasping the small wildflowers with her soft hands, she bravely walked up to him and raised her head with great effort. "I'll give you flowers, don't drink from me."

Li Yan Shang's heart suddenly softened.

He received the flower with his back towards the cat.

Suddenly, he smelled the scent of her skin. "You drank your milk?"

The tea nodded, then shook his head. "They put me in milk."


Li Yan Shang frowned.

What did these people think they were?


He made her feel like he wanted her?

No matter how hungry he was, he would never do anything to a child.

He just wanted to wash her up after looking at her dirty tea.

He pinched her soft cheeks, which were as elastic as an egg.

When he suddenly touched her eyes, Li Yan Shang suddenly felt a hint of disgust.

Get up.

His tall body dragged out a long black shadow.

Li Yan Shang came to the front of the wooden shelf, touching her cold blade and sword.

Pull it out.

Bladelight, Bladelight, and Swordshadows.

A trace of killing intent appeared in his eyes.

The faint aroma of milk and the light footsteps came from behind him.

His robe was tugged.

Li Yan Shang frowned.

He subconsciously lowered his head.

Tea looked up at him.

He said nothing, waiting for her to speak.

A childish voice sounded out, "Are you going to kill me?"

"..." Li Yan Shang was startled.

The sword was in his palm.

There was a long silence.

His lips slightly parted, and his cold voice slowly came out. "At least … Not now. "

How could a dignified Battle—King kill a helpless child?

teahouse rubbed her nose in confusion and asked again, "How can you not kill me?"



Li Yan Shang sneered.

He looked down at the little thing condescendingly. "If you listen to me obediently, I won't kill you."

teacup shook his long eyelashes and nodded seriously: "I know how to be obedient Battle—King."

Hearing that, Li Yan Shang was startled.

He placed his sword back in its place and squatted down to look straight into the eyes of tea. "How did you know I'm Battle—King?"

"Because you are so handsome and so mighty." The eyes of the tea were as bright as glass.

He smiled, his small mouth sweet.

He was about to say something.

Suddenly, teacup's small face reddened. With both her legs together, she covered her small face with her hands. Her eyes were filled with panic and helplessness.

"What's the matter with you?" Li Yan Shang was surprised.