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Oh, My Domineering Highness

Oh, My Domineering Highness



  A single sentence, "Your Highness, your pants are open!" had caused him to lose all his face at the royal banquet, and she had gone from being a substitute servant to becoming His Highness' personal butler. As he moved forward, she retreated. Your Highness, what are you trying to do? "
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Preface –

Dawn Island, a beautiful island nation located in the vast Pacific Ocean.

On the Dawn Island, there was a constitutional monarch called Dawn. In this kingdom, there were seven young corporate powers that held the economic lifeline and ruled the lives of fifty million islanders …

The seven of them were known as the Seventh Young Master of the Feudal Lord family.

Six years ago, at the entrance of a five—star hotel.

A petite figure ran out of nowhere.

"Good morning, where did you run off to last night?"

Seeing a familiar figure, Chi Zao Zao immediately pulled at his hand. "You Ying, don't ask anymore, let's go quickly! You must not tell Yi Zhe about what happened last night! "

In a suite at the 5 star hotel.

"Your Highness, what happened last night?"

The man standing in front of the French windows had a gloomy expression on his face. "We have to find that woman."

"Yes sir!"

— — Six years later

At six in the morning, the sky had just begun to brighten, when the disturbing sound of a mobile phone rang.

On a double bed that wasn't too big, a small lump of flesh emerged from the quilt. It glanced at the phone on the bedside table and pushed a woman who was sleeping soundly beside it.

"Mummy, your phone is ringing. It's Auntie Xiao Jing."

The woman opened her eyes, groped for the phone.

"Hey …" The lazy voice confirmed that she had been woken by the phone.

"Morning, I have something that I need your help with!"

"Not if you want to borrow money."

"Don't worry, it's not borrowing money. It's a good job for you to earn money."

Once he heard about earning money, Chi Zao Zao, who was originally confused, instantly became clear—headed. He suddenly sat up on the bed: "What is it! "What is it?"

Didn't I tell you that my aunt is working in Imperial Palace? You know that the always mysterious His Royal Highness is finally going to appear, and tomorrow, Imperial Palace is going to hold a grand ball for the His Royal Highness, so I need a lot of servants. Originally, I said that I would go, but tomorrow, I am going to Korea, so …

Even if the other party was very tactful, Chi Zao Zao would still be able to understand his words given his IQ.

"You want me to help you become a maid in the Imperial Palace?!"

If he had a mirror in front of him, Chi Zao Zao would definitely be able to see his stupefied expression.


"Please! But Imperial Palace isn't your home! Would the people in Imperial Palace let me freely substitute you? "

Even if one were to think with his toes, one would know that the Imperial Palace was a very strict place. Without carefully investigating her identity, how could he let her in? Substitute? It's impossible to know everything you want, okay?!

However... Chi Zao Zao was also really curious what the mysterious His Royal Highness would look like.

"Don't worry, I've already told my aunt. She will come pick you up that day, and besides, there will be a lot of people on that day. The investigation won't be so strict, and the daily salary will be five thousand yuan."

Five thousand?

Hearing this number, Chi Zao Zao's two eyes seemed to suddenly have two $s.

One must know that her usual monthly salary wasn't that great!

"Good!" I'll help you substitute! "

In front of money, she, Chi Zao Zao, was just such a unbackbone.

"Mummy, why is Auntie Xiao Jing looking for you?" A grandmother's voice sounded.

Chi Zao Zao's gaze fell on a naked upper body boy beside him, who could not be considered fat yet fat.

The little boy had a baby fat face, big eyes and a high nose bridge. Looking at him, it was obvious that he was going to be a blue face disaster in the future.

He was her son, his name was Chi Shaochen, and his name was Chi Xiao Bao. He was five years old this year.

As for who his father was …

She could only say she was sorry she didn't make it.

She just got drunk and went to the wrong room, accidentally got into the wrong bed, and. He then gave birth to the baby in a daze.