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Hide-and-seek Game With CEO

Hide-and-seek Game With CEO



  "That night, she was betrayed by her superior and a plot was made to make her the first lady of a wealthy family." Divorce. " Having stayed alone in an empty room for three years, she thought that the two of them could hit it off perfectly. Who knew that he would actually smile so charmingly, "What do we do? I suddenly can't bear to part with it." He was a powerful man, and if he didn't want to get a divorce, she would be his sheep. He tyrannically cut off all of her peach blossoms, cutting off all of her escape routes. He doted on her as if she were his life and doted on her until a piece of paper containing proof of infertility fell from the sky. A sudden change in their relationship, Xiao San coming to visit, it was all an elaborate scam, she had no choice but to divorce him. But, why was there such a disturbance in her stomach right after the divorce? When they met again, he looked at the pair of small buns beside her and asked, "Miss Yang, can you explain it to me?"
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Night. Heavy rain.

In a sealed room, the lights were dim and there was a tall man sitting on a white chair. In a split—second, a long scar was reflected on his face, shocking everyone who saw it.

Both of Yang Xu's hands were tied to a wooden pillar not too far away from him. The moment her consciousness disappeared due to the pain, a bucket of cold water splashed down, causing her thin body to tremble violently. The ice—cold water droplets were like thousands of needles, piercing into her body and penetrating through every part of her body.

"Yan Qin's woman …"

The man opened his mouth, and the smoke that was just exhaled made a pretense in front of his face before disappearing. Standing up, he stepped over the cigarette butt that was thrown away by him, and walked towards Yang Xu, step by step.

As the man neared Yang Xu, his breath tightened, but he could not dodge at all.

Suddenly, the man ruthlessly pinched her chin, forcing her to raise her head, and savoured it wantonly. Even though the current Yang Xu was in a sorry state, her facial features after her hair had been messed up were still exquisite.

"She's really beautiful."

The hand holding her chin slowly moved forward, gently caressing her face. Subconsciously, he lowered his head, inch by inch, to move closer to her lips.

Yang Xu quickly turned her head to avoid his lips, and then struggled out of his evil big hands to ease the pain, before spitting out blood from her mouth, sneering:

He's already been missing for three years, I don't think I can find anyone after getting a divorce. If you can find him, then I would like to trouble you to help me pass on the information that I was also looking for him. "

When she said this, she ruthlessly slapped her face. The left side of her face was burning with the pain of being burned.

"Stop fucking arguing with me here! Yan Qin caused my family to be ruined, and I lost everything, I want to let him have a taste of the feeling of losing his beloved woman! "

Beloved woman?

What an ironic word.

Yang Xu chewed on the salty blood at the side of her mouth, gave a self—deprecating sneer, and said word by word:

Whether you believe it or not, it does not matter to him whether you kill me. But I want to remind you, although killing me has no effect on him, I am his wife after all. He has always been ruthless.

"Is that so?" Hearing this, the man's eyes became even more bloodshot. He turned around with a ferocious expression and moved closer, using force to hook her body over, "Then I want to try, see if his wife is killed by me or not."

"What do you want? Let go of your dirty hands! " Yang Xu struggled and screamed with all her remaining strength. The rain that was pouring down at an extremely fast speed smacked the eaves of the house, trying to frighten her even more.

"Bitch, Yan Qin already made you wait for three years and you still want to be a widow? Don't you want to? "Don't worry, I promise to be a bit lighter …"

As he spoke, the man reached behind her and untied her extremely quickly. After that, he roughly dropped her on the ground.

A dangerous aura assaulted her, and the fear that enveloped her heart made her collapse. She could only resist and shout, "Scram! Get out of my way! "

On the other hand, the man's interest was piqued. He roughly tore open her clothes and recklessly moved his hands up and down her body like a wolf or tiger …

"Boss, something bad happened!" Just as the man was about to act recklessly, one of his subordinates ran in frantically and reported while panting, "We are already surrounded, it's Yan Qin!"