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Take CEO Husband's Heart

Take CEO Husband's Heart



  After being drugged by a shameless customer, she accidentally pounced on Ol 'Five. The next morning, Chu Qingyan's face was completely red. She mustered up the courage to say something shameless, "Last night's matter … I... I won't. "Responsible..." The man's cold voice floated over, "Did I perform badly last night? I can't wait for you to get rid of your relationship with me. " Hearing this, Chu Qingyan's heart skipped a beat. Although his consciousness had been blurred last night, his body still retained the feeling of wild joy. He could only feel his breath from a distance, yet his heart was already churning with the feeling of wanting to make a move …
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"The number you have dialed is empty. Please verify it before calling …" The number you have dialed is empty, please verify it before you dial … "

Chu Qing Yan kept on calling the same number as if she was possessed by a devil, but all she heard were the same voice.

From morning till night, she finally accepted reality.

Her fiancé, Lei Hao Xuan's, phone number had really been cancelled, and his place had already been emptied.

She didn't even know when he had moved.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Chu Qing Yan saw the account book on the bedside table.

After throwing away the account book, the grief and indignation in her heart seemed to have found an opening. She threw herself down on the bed and started to wail.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and her beautiful big eyes were swollen like walnuts.

Today was supposed to be a happy day for Chu Qing Yan and Lei Hao Xuan to get their marriage certificate, and she had already been looking forward to this day for an entire three years.

But Lei Hao Xuan suddenly went missing. Chu Qing Yan had been waiting at the entrance of the Civil Administration Bureau for a whole night, he repeatedly listened to the conversation: "The number you have dialed is empty, please verify and then dial …"

At first, she was worried about Lei Hao Xuan's safety, but after that, she went to his apartment and only when she went into his company did she finally realize how naive she was.

Lei Hao Xuan escaped the marriage...

She had never forced him to marry her, so why would he want to escape?

Not only did Lei Hao Xuan escape the marriage, he even started to disappear.

He wrote off his cell phone number, quit his job, and moved out of his rented apartment.

had completely disappeared from Chu Qing Yan's world.

Tears washed over Chu Qing Yan's sorrow, her heart, was in so much pain that she could not breathe!

Yesterday, they were happily discussing the matter of obtaining a marriage certificate. In the end, it was like a dream.

Chu Qing Yan cried until she had no strength left. She laid on the bed and sobbed.

His eyes were sore and his nose was blocked. He could only open his mouth and breathe.

After crying, Chu Qing Yan calmed down a lot. Although her heart was empty, she no longer had the urge to live.

She leaned over to pick up the phone she'd dropped on the floor when she lost control of her emotions. Luckily, it hadn't broken.

His phone suddenly rang.

Chu Qing Yan was stunned... Was it him?

She used all her strength to wipe away the tears in her eyes, trying her best to clearly see the name on the caller ID — — CEO Zhang!

She was a big customer of the company. She was following up on the orders, yet the other party was dragging on and not signing the contract. She was worried to death.

Chu Qing Yan did not dare delay any further, she immediately cleared her throat and pressed the answer button: "Hello, Chief Zhang, the contract is with me. Okay, I will send it over immediately, it will be here in at most half an hour, thank you Chief Zhang, goodbye!"

The heavens weren't too bad for her.

Chu Qing Yan dried her tears and jumped off the bed to wash her face in the bathroom.

It was nothing to be heartbroken about! Who doesn't break out of love a few times before they learn to grow up?

Putting all the sadness aside, the most important thing right now is to work hard!

After washing his face, his eyes were still swollen. Chu Qing Yan then used the mirror to cover his face with a towel that was soaked in cold water, hoping to make the redness in his eyes disappear with the help of the cold compress.

He took off the towel and looked at himself in the mirror. He could be a little better, but he was still a bit swollen. Furthermore, he looked very haggard!

Forget it, forget it. Just let the wind blow on the road blow on you!

After Chu Qing Yan was dressed properly, she picked up the folder on her desk, checked the contract, and stuffed it into her bag before hurrying out.

She took a taxi to the hotel where she met her clients and looked in the hall mirror.

Her eyes were no longer swollen. She forced a smile at herself while looking at herself in the mirror. Ye Zichen immediately gained confidence and pressed the button to go straight to his destination.

Room 3151, right here.

Her monthly salary was only enough to stay one night in a five—star hotel suite!

Chu Qing Yan knocked on the door.

"Come in!"

As the slightly aged baritone sounded out, he concealed his swelling desire well.

"Director Zhang, I've brought the contract over. Take a look at it first. If there's no problem, we'll sign it!"

Chu Qing Yan pushed open the door, lowered her head, and respectfully entered the luxurious suite, holding the documents with both hands, she placed it in front of CEO Zhang who was seated on the sofa drinking red wine.

Zhang Qing Sheng's big fat hands shook the wine cup in his big hands, his lustful eyes turned on Chu Qing Yan's body, and occasionally he swallowed his saliva.

The twenty—three year old Chu Qing Yan was like a bamboo shoot in Zhang Qing Sheng's eyes. When she opened her outer robes, the fruits inside were tender and alluring, making him drool.

"You go in first and take a breath. Put the contract on the table, I'll look at it later!"

Zhang Qing Sheng laughed, put down his wine cup, got up and walked to the counter, and gave a can of cola to Chu Qing Yan.

"Thank you, Director Zhang." Chu Qing Yan placed the contract on the table and uncomfortably received the cola from Zhang Qing Sheng.

Cola didn't open it, so it seemed like there was no problem.

Chu Qing Yan was thirsty, she pulled open the ring and drank a few mouthfuls.

Seeing Chu Qing Yan drink a cola, Zhang Qing Sheng beamed, a lustful glint flowing in her eyes.

He reached out his fat bear's paw and patted Chu Qing Yan's shoulder, pretending to be cordial: "Little Chu, you really are a good employee, speaking half an hour, not a single cent less. Very good, I like your meticulous attitude towards work."

Zhang Qing Sheng's actions made Chu Qing Yan feel uncomfortable, she quietly moved to the side, and turned to look at the big hand on his shoulder, feeling disgusted.

"Director Zhang, you're too kind."

Chu Qing Yan's scalp went numb, and she entered a state of full alert.

She made up her mind that she would leave immediately after signing the contract and would not stay for long at all.

With a dry throat, she put the cola to her mouth and took a sip, but her throat was even drier. Suddenly, a hot stream flowed through her body, causing her body temperature to rise and her breathing to become rapid.