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President's Adorable Wife

President's Adorable Wife



Her adoptive father arranged her marring a gay, but she didn’t refuse it and thought it was okay. On the first night of their wedding, she stayed in the hotel room alone. Unexpectedly, another man came to her room when she was in her deep sleeping. He touched her and kissed her, leaving the marks on her skin, which she thought it was just a dream or sleepwalking that caused these bruises. It turned out that this marriage was a designed scheme. She didn’t really marry that person but his brother. She thought after three years she would be free again, but some feelings and emotions were out of control. She lost her heart and deeply attracted to that man because of this designed marriage.
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Hilton Hotel.

Tang Yue sat on the sofa in the presidential suite. As she listened to the man who called the other man in an amorous tone, goosebumps appeared on her skin layer after layer.

"Darling, after I settle this girl down, I'll go to your bridal chamber."

"Washing for nothing, wait for me …"

"En, Baby, I love you. Kiss one."

"Ouch ~ ~ ~"

Tang Yue couldn't help but shake her body. After living for twenty—two years, this was the first time she heard a grown man tell another man that she loved him. She had the urge to bite her tongue and commit suicide.

However, this was also the place she was at ease with. The man she married was a GAY, so it just so happened that she could keep her innocence.

The foster father had sold her for ten million for three years, and after three years, she would be free again.

Seeing Huo Sheng Xuan put down her phone, she immediately sat upright.

"Um …" Eldest Brother, do you have any other instructions? " He did not know how to call him, and it was better to call him Eldest Brother.

Hearing her words, Huo Sheng Xuan crossed his legs gracefully and gave her a charming smile: "You can just call me Mark, but don't call me Eldest Brother.

"Eldest Brother is right. I will definitely remember his words in the future."

The corner of Huo Sheng Xuan's eyes twitched.

He raised his watch and checked that there was no time left. "Drink this bowl of porridge. I have to go downstairs and report back."


Tang Yue was impolite, she picked up the bottle and gulped it down quickly.

Huo Sheng Xuan laughed and snapped his fingers, he stood up and turned off all the main lights in the room, leaving only a floor lamp in the corner: "My grandfather only wants to carry his grandson. This way, they would feel more at ease. "Take a shower, then go to sleep. I'm leaving."

"Take care, Eldest Brother."

Reaching out his head and seeing Huo Sheng Xuan's figure disappearing from the elevator, Tang Yue let out a long sigh of relief.

After a long day, he felt a bit tired. First, he went to the bathroom to take a bath. When he came out, he felt dizzy. He wondered if there was a problem with the air conditioner in the room, causing his body to feel extremely hot. However, his eyelids were so heavy that he couldn't lift them up, and he couldn't care less whether they were hot or not. As soon as his head touched the pillow, he fell into a deep sleep.

When Huo Sheng Xuan came out of the elevator, he saw Si Han standing guard at the entrance not far away. He had a straight back and was looking straight ahead, as if he was a soldier on duty.

Huo Sheng Xuan laughed, walking over with his hands in his pockets, stopping two meters away as he hooked his fingers at him.

"Vice President."

"How is my Eldest Brother feeling?"

Si Han truthfully said, "I came all the way back with a darkened face, and I'm not in a good mood."

"His face hasn't changed since eight years ago. Go eat something, I'll talk to Eldest Brother with you. "


The moment Si Han left, someone from the corridor walked over quickly and handed over a bottle of red wine and two wine cups.

Huo Sheng Xuan smiled meaningfully as he received it and pushed open the door.

In the luxurious presidential suite, a tall figure was standing by the window. Without turning back, a deep and powerful voice could be heard.

"What's the newlyweds doing here?"

Huo Sheng Xuan smiled until his eyes narrowed into lines, and sat on the sofa with the bottle of wine: "As expected of someone who has been a member of the special forces, he knows who I am without even turning his head." Huo Sheng Xuan said as he poured two cups of red wine.

The two brothers clinked their cups, Huo Sheng Xuan tasted a little: "I still have to go to the bridal room, you have to do Eldest Brother."

Huo Sheng Zhi looked at him indifferently, then looked at the bright red light which lightly swayed in the cup and drank it all down.

Red wine wasn't drunk like that, but today, when he went to the military to pick up some things, he was in a bad mood. If it were not for the fact that this thing in front of him had gone to the leader of the troops time and time again to pester him, he would not have left his beloved military camp.

Huo Sheng Xuan happily poured another cup for him. "Eldest Brother, actually, that girl from the Cheng family is not bad, and she has a beautiful figure … …"

Halfway through his words, he was interrupted by someone.

"Do you believe that I can still call back to the army?"

"Well, I didn't say it. Eldest Brother, I just came to see you. The main reason is because this tower is too tall, I'm afraid you won't be able to think of it … "

"F * ck off."

Huo Sheng Xuan smiled happily, "Alright, Eldest Brother, drink slowly. I'm going back to my bridal room."

The moment he closed the door, he saw Eldest Brother s gloomy face as he picked up the wine cup and gulped it clean. A cunning smile surfaced on Huo Sheng Xuan's face.

Knowing that Eldest Brother was a tough guy, he intentionally added three times more to the liquor.

Eldest Brother, even if you are a tough guy, you won't be able to resist the contents of this wine tonight.