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Love Mr. CEO

Love Mr. CEO



  "After finding his pants and shirt by the bed, he gracefully and slowly put them on, buttoning them one by one, and even rolled up his sleeves with great care." "You can turn around now." "If you can get me onto my bed, why would you be afraid to look?" Su Jiale was surprised at first, but soon understood what he meant. She retorted, "Sir, can you please clarify the matter before you speak? This is the room I booked, and I haven't even asked you how you got in! " Her thin lips drew back into a mocking smile, and her voice became even colder: "Do you think that I need to scheme against you? Do you have looks or do you have money? "
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The sky was dark, and it was clear that a storm was brewing.

A lady dressed in plain clothes stood in the garden and slowly watered the Four Seasons Green.

"Creak …" The old metal door slowly opened.

"Yo, is this still a glorious Su Family? Why does it look like an ancestral hall? " A woman dressed in luxurious clothing walked in. Behind her was a young girl. She had a look of disdain on her face.

Su Jia Le suddenly felt a wave of unhappiness in her heart. This was her grandfather's spirit hall, and today was exactly the day of the new moon.

However, she controlled her temper and called out in a low voice, "Mom, why are you here?" It was her mother—in—law.

"I heard that today is the day your grandfather leaves the month, so he came to burn incense. After all, he was going to take care of his family." mother—of—Qin was very arrogant.

"Then I'll give you some incense." Su Jia Le's tone did not reveal much emotion.

"Mom, let's hurry up and get to business." The lady standing beside mother—of—Qin suddenly spoke. Although her tone was gentle, it could not hide the anxiousness in her heart.

Mom? Could it be that Qin Huai still had a sister? I've been married for two years and I haven't heard him say it.

Hearing that, mother—of—Qin stopped her movements, took out a document from her bag, and handed it over to Su Jia Le. She looked at Su Jia Le who was dressed in plain clothes, and spoke with an indifferent voice: "Miss Su, please look at this."

Su Jia Le accepted it with a confused expression. The words on the page made her heart tremble — — Divorce Agreement!

She looked at mother—of—Qin in shock, her cold voice had a trace of doubt: "Mom, what does that mean?"

mother—of—Qin's tone became excited as she sized him up with disdain: "What do you mean? Our Qin family only has one son, and if you are not filial, there will be no future generations. Don't you know that!? "

Su Jia Le slowly raised her head, her voice cold: "Is this Qin Huai's wish?"

"I mean what he said!" mother—of—Qin replied strongly, "Our daughter—in—law is pregnant, don't dilly—dally, Lan'er's stomach can't wait!"

This sudden turn of events confused Su Jia Le for a moment, and then did her best to organize her own words and stared at mother—of—Qin as she coldly spoke: "What did you say?"

mother—of—Qin's eyes flashed with a proud look: "Heh, what did I say? I said that Lan'er has Huai Er's flesh and blood, so please sign the divorce quickly! "

Su Jia Le clenched the divorce agreement tightly with her slender fingers. Her fingertips turned white and her voice trembled, "This isn't real —"

"What's not true? The child has already been exposed. It's a boy. It's been more than three months!" mother—of—Qin said proudly, "So don't take the seat of Madam Qin, quickly get divorced!"

Su Jia Le's heart suddenly became empty, and she subconsciously held onto the divorce agreement tightly, suppressing the anger in her heart: "Even if you want to get divorced, it's not your place to say, call Qin Huai to talk to my lawyer!"

"Miss Su, the agreement is already very clear. The wedding between Qin Huai and I is about to take place, I'll have to trouble you to sign it as soon as possible." At this time, Lu Xiang Lan, who was quietly observing the situation, suddenly spoke with a pleased expression and ridicule from her words.

Su Jia Le merely swept a glance at her from the corner of his eyes. The depths of his eyes were filled with scorn, and even her voice had become slow and frivolous, "This Miss, whether or not I sign is not up to you. If I am unhappy, I might drag this matter out for two years."

Lu Xiang Lan's face suddenly turned white, and his body felt like it was on the verge of collapse.

mother—of—Qin immediately extended her hand to support her, and sternly looked at Su Jia Le. "I advise you to be tactful and quickly sign, and don't force Huai'er to take action!"

Su Jia Le's expression was cold and arrogant, she enunciated every word, "Please scram from my place!"