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The Sovereign Queen

The Sovereign Queen



  Blind? Trash? Sorry, she was not the beautiful, cowardly and weak Mu Qing! Her red eyes opened once again. She had returned with the hatred of the original owner, and she had gone on a rampage! This was the most mysterious and highest-grade soul stealing technique. It was a technique that she could effortlessly use to kill the entire world! With the Six Clans Divine Equipment in hand and the supreme mystical demonic qi in his body, with the universe in hand, who could fight against him! In this life, Mu Qing's actions had blinded the eyes of all the people. He was extremely talented and domineering; he was in cahoots with the Prime Minister who was unbridled by General Xie; he colluded with General Xie and massacred everything in his surroundings. But what the hell is this supreme Demon Lord? You are a black female fox, he said lazily. You are a perverted wild wolf. The Demon Lord carried her into the room. "A black fox and a perverted wild wolf, perfect match!"
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fireworks 3 months down Yangtze River.

These words were about the beautiful scenery on both sides of Cang Kingdom's Cang Du.

It was a beautiful spring day with many visitors, but gradually all of them gathered together and snickered at a young girl while pointing at her. Some of the comments were sarcastic and others were mocking her.

"Why is this girl so ugly?" The rouge on her face is so colorful, like a female ghost.

"No, her cheeks are as red as a monkey's ass."

"Tsk tsk, I've never seen such an ugly girl before. She wore a red flower on her head, and she wore red clothes and a green skirt. She was even uglier than Ah Chou from West Street. "

"Sigh, this girl looks to be only 13 or 14 years old. I wonder which clan she belongs to, but she's dressed like this. This is simply disgraceful."

"Isn't that so? It's too ugly, I have to use Yangtze River's water to wash my eyes. "

As soon as he said this, the surrounding tourists burst into laughter.

The girls, surrounded in the middle, turned in confusion at the sound of their voices, at the sound of their mocking laughter.

Although she had eyes and her vision was blurry, she could hear everything clearly.

Words like "Cang Du's ugliest woman" pierced her heart like thousands of arrows.

Tears welled in her eyes as she dashed out of the crowd.

With a "Putong" sound, she actually rushed towards Yangtze River, and jumped into the river!

The onlookers turned pale with fright as they rushed over one after another to watch. They discussed amongst themselves that this girl was too narrow—minded and was only discussing a few things.

However, no one jumped into the river to save him.

A young woman that was as beautiful as a flower that stood six meters away saw this scene, and the corners of her lips curled up into a sinister smile.

"Eldest Miss, I didn't expect the fourth lady to fall into the river, this is an unexpected harvest."

The Sun mama standing beside her laughed sinisterly.

The young woman smiled coldly, "That b * tch couldn't stand the ridicule and discussion any longer, she fell into the river and drowned herself. It has nothing to do with us."

Sun mama knew that although the young miss had brought the four ladies out to play, the young miss had already made perfect preparations.

The indifferent onlookers saw a kind boatsman rescue the drowning girl from the water.

These people began to talk and give pointers to the drenched girl because the colorful rouge had been melted. Her small face was even uglier than before as it caused another wave of discussion and laughter.

The girl did not move. She must be dead.

"Fourth Sister..."

A beautiful yet miserable scream drifted over. Everyone looked over and saw a goddess—like girl dashing towards them.

Wow, so beautiful!

This girl was dressed in crimson and looked like a lady from a noble family. There was a heaven and earth difference between her and a drowning girl.

Some recognized her, "Isn't she the young miss of Imperial Advisor's Mansion?

A man rubbed his chin and stared at the lady playfully. "It's not that Bao Fei Yan who is the prettiest out of the four beauties of Cang Du."

That's right, the lady in red was Di Chang Nv from the State Advisor family.

"Fourth Sister... Fourth Sister... " Bao Fei Yan pushed the drowned woman, wailed and grieved, "If you die, what should I do?"

"Fourth Sister, I never thought that you would commit suicide right after returning to the capital. How are you going to make big sister face you?"

"Fourth Sister, I'm your eldest sister. I'll take you home, okay?"

Bao Fei Yan cried sorrowfully. Suddenly, she laid down heavily on's chest and cried out loud.

Puff … —

The river gushed out of his mouth.

Bao Fei Yan pressed and pinched her chest while her low voice was filled with hostility, "Lowly bones, since you've left for five years, why did you return? You want to steal my direct daughter's position? You want to compare beauty with me? You, a blind trash, want to snatch it from me? You overestimate yourself! "

Bao Mu Qing's mind became clearer, and heard these words.

Who was speaking? Who are you calling a bastard? Your whole family is scum!

"Bitch, you're the smart one to throw yourself into the river. Otherwise, I really don't know what I'll do from now on."

Bao Fei Yan said viciously.

No one could hear it, the spectators all thought that Di Chang Nv of the Imperial Advisor's Mansion was extremely sad for the death of the Fourth Sister.

The blind trash of the Imperial Advisor's Mansion, Fourth Miss, had been famous in the capital for many years and was welcomed by many. However, five years ago, when the Fourth Miss left the Cang Du with her mother, it was as if she had been taken away from the common people's field of vision.

As Bao Fei Yan listened to the crowd's discussion of the blind trash, a sense of pride flowed through her lowered brows. She held Bao Mu Qing up in her arms and said hoarsely, "Fourth Sister, big sister will take you home …"

Secretly, she squeezed and pinched the cheap bones.

Suddenly, she saw a pair of black eyes staring at her. "Ah …"

She let go of him in horror.

Everyone was shocked as well, clicking their tongues in wonder.

The drowning girl had actually come back to life!

The dead Bao Mu Qing did not fall to the ground.

The spring water was ice—cold. His drenched clothes were wrapped around his body, and his entire body was ice—cold as if he had fallen into an icehouse.

What the heck! Why can't I see anything? Why was it so white?

There was a slight headache and a buzzing sound.

By the way, her most trusted partner, her favorite man, the Eagle, had suddenly shot her in the head. No wonder it hurt so much.

Whether it was the betrayal of her work or her emotions, she was not prepared for it. Before she could even get a clear picture of the situation, she was dealt with by that trash of a man.

From now on, she, Fire Fox, would never trust another man! No, anyone! He was no longer in love!

The moment the bullet pierced her head, she, who was most familiar with the Eagle's marksmanship, knew that she would definitely die.

But why was she still alive?

As the chief strategist of the world's strongest and largest secret service organization, Firefox's mind was now exceptionally clear, to the point that she could clearly feel another strange and turbulent memory inside her head.

Bao Mu Qing, 14 years old, blind trash of the Azure Dragon Continent's family.

This morning, Bao Fei Yan brought her to the Yangtze River to play. However, Bao Fei Yan first brought her to a place where he could help her buy clothes of the latest style. He told her to change into them and smeared the best rouge on her face. Then, they came to the Yangtze River.

Suddenly, the original owner discovered that the eldest sister had disappeared. The next scene involved a bunch of people pointing and discussing endlessly around the original owner, who only had a tiny bit of vision. The original owner could not stand these harsh comments and ran away, drowning in panic.

Although the original owner had a glass heart, the main culprit was the malicious Bao Fei Yan.

Wasn't the reason why Bao Fei Yan bought new clothes and rouge for her so that everyone could see with their own eyes the influential and frightening "ugly woman" like the original owner? Wasn't she trying to make the whole city form an idea: The blind trash of the Bo Family, the Fourth Miss, was actually an ugly girl?

Although she couldn't see, she, Fire Fox, was certain that this was the Transcendence of the Tall!

Bao Fei Yan stared at her vigilantly, not knowing if she was a human or a ghost.

He was clearly dead, but why was he alive?