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 Love Trap

Love Trap



  "Lin Xiangyu, where else do you want to run off to?" When she returned five years later, she was caught red-handed by Lu Jingjing with her son. "He was cruel and tyrannical and wanted to keep her by his side." Uncle, it's illegal for you to catch the little fish. " said the son, protecting her. Lu Jingwen flung out his marriage certificate, "My good son, your mother is my wife. If you don't capture her, you want me to guard an empty bed?"
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"Little Fishy, where are you? Hearing mother's words, hurry up and come out! "

"Mom shouldn't have angered Little Fishy today, can you apologize? Little Fish, hurry up and answer Mommy. Mommy will take you away from here! "

She looked for her son in every room of the mansion, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Where did that man hide her child!

It had not even been two days since he returned home, and he had already used such a despicable method to force her to come here. How could he not feel worried about her conscience?!

The clock in the room said seven o'clock in the hour, the night outside the window was dense, and suddenly the sound of a man returning could be heard in the courtyard.

He's back?

Lin Xiangyu's fear of men had long since seeped into her bones. However, when she thought of how he had ordered his men to capture the little fish in the afternoon, she couldn't help but feel furious and terrified …

"Lu Jingjing, return my son to me!" Lin Nianyu ran down the stairs.

A man in a suit and tie had just started up the stairs when he heard her voice. There was an indistinguishable crease between his eyebrows, and his shiny black shoes followed his steady footsteps up the stairs to the second floor.

The moment Lin Xiangyu's gaze landed on Lu Jingjing's figure, his voice froze in his throat. It had been five years since they last met, and the man's aura made her shiver even more.

The man's face was a perfect beauty that attracted countless women to him. His facial features were as deep as sculptures. His dark eyes were so dark that no one could see what he was thinking.

Lin Xiangyu did not dare to meet his gaze. Every time he took a step back, she would tremble with fear, "Lu, Lu Jingjing. Return the little fish to me." "I … I'm only returning home for a small matter. I'll go abroad tomorrow and never come back again to obstruct your view."

Lu Jingjing narrowed his eyes and spat out these words with a cold voice, "Lin Nianyu, you're too bold. What are the prerequisites for negotiating with me? Are you still not clear?"

He had disappeared without a trace before, and now that he had brought back a bastard, the woman dared to betray him. She had no dreams of a good ending!

"I've done everything you wanted me to do for you. The deal with you has ended five years ago, and I have no conditions to talk to you about anymore. I only want my son. Lu Jingjing, I was the one who did wrong. I shouldn't have come back, so I beg you not to do anything to Little Fishy, I'll take her with me right now, okay? "

She knew too many secrets of his. Since she had chosen to disappear from the face of the earth and never set foot in his world again, she should never return! Now that he had come back, it was undoubtedly a provocation to his ability and temper!

Lu Jingjing curled his lips coldly. With one hand, he pulled her over from the corner. With two fingers, he pinched both of her jaws and placed his palm against her exquisite chin, "Go? Where else can you go? I only believe that only a dead person would obediently submit to me. "

The aura that was too dangerous caused Lin Nianyu to widen her eyes and struggle with all her might, as she shouted, "Lu Jingjing, did you make a move on Little Fishy? You bastard, let go of me! Don't ask me to do anything else for you! If you hurt my son, I'll sue you in court! "

She clearly remembered how many methods this man had. She had never obtained any benefits from him based on the law, but she was extremely afraid that he would secretly send her back to the country in order to take revenge on a small fish.

She had no choice but to resist!

"sue me? Hm? "He's in my hands, and I want him to die just because of you."

With a cruel and merciless cold expression on his handsome face, Lu Jingjing suddenly reached out and dragged Lin Nianyu into the guest room on the second floor. Escape and betray him for five years. How could he vent his hatred if he didn't keep them for fun?

Her body was shackled between the man's chest and the wall. The man's breath on her face was unsteady. She looked at him in horror. What did he mean by this?

Before she could react in the next second, Lu Jingwen's hand had already ripped off her jeans. Crazy! Lu Jingjing had gone crazy!

Lin Xiangyu's fair legs kept kicking and beating him, but he soon stopped her. She retorted angrily out of embarrassment, "Lu Jingjing, you're a devil! Madman! What more do you want? Let me go! "

Lu Jingwen untied her tie and tightly wrapped it around her hands. He rudely threw her onto the bed, "Let me know that last time, you were born with a little less pain. If you don't want to agree, then continue shouting."

A bastard? Lu Jingjing was abnormal! His heart twisted!

Lin Nianyu bit her lower lip, her reddened eyes stubbornly refusing to let her tears flow. Her entire body trembled as she curled up on the bed with nowhere to run. In front of him, she was like a fish on a chopping block.

The pain was heart—wrenching, just like the night five years ago when he had countless dark desires.

But at this moment, Lu Jingjing's mobile phone suddenly rang. He accepted the call with some impatience. Immediately, his brows gradually furrowed and his cold expression gradually darkened.

Not long after the call ended, he tossed the phone aside and sat on the edge of the bed. He grabbed her ankle and pulled her over.

Lu Jingjing's fingers groped for her ankles with a face full of heartlessness: "Your bastard jumped off a building and broke his leg."

Little fish jumping off a building?

"Suddenly, Lin Xiangyu was on the verge of going insane. She threw both her hands on his back, wishing that he could die right there and then!" Lu Jingjing, you're worse than a beast! How are you going to deal with a small fish? He's only a five—year—old! What are you unhappy about, come at me! Are you still a man when it comes to such a small child? You said my son is a bastard, and you are a bastard yourself! In the past, when the Lu Family was in ruins, it was all because of you, a bastard beast! "

From the day he took control of the Lu family, who dared to scold him like that? Is this woman messing around outside?

Lu Jingjing grabbed her hands, flipped over, and grabbed her hips. He looked down on her angrily, "Lin Xiangyu, can you try cursing again?"

Lin Xiangyu struggled but to no avail. Tears streamed down her face as she cried out in pain, "Lu Jingjing! How can someone like you live to this day!?" What right do you have to hurt my son! I hate you! Why don't you go and die! "

"Shut up!" "That bastard is in surgery. If you dare be so impudent, I'll get him out of the hospital!" Lu Jingjing was a little distracted as he pinched her shoulder and coldly berated her.

Her mournful cries did not stop as she glared at him in fury and grievance. She really had nothing left but a small fish. She would rather suffer and suffer and suffer than let a small fish suffer and be harmed!

The two stayed in a deadlock for a long time.

Lu Jingjing didn't have the slightest intention of letting her go. Lin Xiangyu had no choice but to beg and cry: "I beg you, I beg you to let Xiaoyu return to me. No matter what you ask for, I'll agree."

"Remember what you said!" Lu Jingjing got off the bed and picked up her jeans, throwing it at her. He untied the tie on her wrist and returned to his cold, aloof position as a person in power.

He took out the cigarette case and lit it up. As the smoke rose, he took a good look at her embarrassment and caution, "Your eyes look really ugly when you cry." "I only like you crying below me. The more miserably you cry because of me, the more I like you."

A tremor ran through her. She understood what he meant.

Shifting her gaze away, she used both hands to wipe her tears. With a hoarse voice, she asked. "Little Fishy, which hospital is he in?"

Lu Jingjing walked out of the room, "Follow me."