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My 'Popular' Husband

My 'Popular' Husband



  In the business world, he was the god that all women dreamed of. He was the man that she wanted to get rid of the most. She sent him a divorce agreement once a week for the sake of divorce. The reporter asked: "Young Master Gong, can you tell me why you are so protective of your wife?" "Because she deeply loves me, every week will write me a very interesting love letter, three years without interruption." Nonsense, Gong Mingye, you are an inverted bastard. The reporter then asked, "Young Master Gong, when do you think your wife is the most beautiful?" When I'm not even in my hair. " Young Master Gong answered without a change in expression. No, he made it up.
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Life was too miserable, fairy tales were all lies.

"Stories between presidents and poor girlsare also deceptive." Amy sat on the roadside flowerbed and cried herheart out.

She loved to read the stories about CEO since high school. She racked her brains abouthow she could becomethe Cinderella in the stories.

Didn't the presidentin those stories like a woolly—minded girl?

When she remitted money to her customers, she pressed one more "0" to attract the attention of the president.

As a result, it did attract the president's attention.

However, the result was that she implicated the entire branch in being fired.

The second time, she finally found a jobas president's secretary. In order to seduce the president, she used the way used by the female leading role in the novels. When she served the tea for the president, she deliberately upset the tea cup and helped the president to wipe off the water. She hoped to to attract the president's attentionin this way. However, the cup of boiling tea was sprinkled on the president's crotch. The president was scalded and was sent to the hospital.

She was taken to the police station and prosecuted.

But now, after the lawsuit, she had lost all of her possessions, including the house her mother had given her.

Everything happened to her didn't follow the scenario of the novels.How could she be so unlucky!

"Is it wrong for me to just want a fairytale love? Damn presidents, why do you all not know how to have compassion for me? " Amy cried as she wiped her tears.

Suddenly, a luxury car drove over. Because it had just rained, there was a lot of water on the ground.The car went past and sprayed her with dirty water.

There was black, muddy and dirty wateron her head and face. The disgusting stink made her want to vomit.

The anger in her heart like a storm could no longer be suppressed. She stood up and crazily chased after the luxury car.

"Stop! Stop!" Amy shouted as she took off her high heels and chased.

Inside the car.

"Young Master, someone is chasing the car." The driver slowed down the car and reported.

The girl seemed to really have something urgent.

The person sitting in the back seat was a man who was extremelyhandsome. He was not only respected and noble, but also dignified and rich. He was a marvelous person.

He lazily leaned on the back seat and closed his eyes to rest.He only raised his eyelids slightly, and Harper who was the driver immediately understood, and slowly stopped the car.

When Amy caught up, she was already drenched in sweat. Her eyelashes were covered with beads of sweat and dirty water, which made her unable to see clearly what was in front of her.

She faintly saw the rear door of the car open, and the next second, the shoe in her hand flew out.

"Damned president, do you think that I will flatter you and because you are rich?Then youcan make someone dirty and leave without a care?"

When the string of curses was over, she wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her shirt and went on venting outrage.

"Do you think you don't need to compensate me if you don't say anything? Let me tell you, if you dirty my body, you will at least pay me 1400 dollarsforcleaning fees and my clothes. "

Amy placed both of her hands on her hips and prepared to scare her opponent.

She had merely scalded the president, not made him disabled. However, the president had extorted her hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then,what waswrong with her blackmailing the rich now?

However, when she saw the man sitting in the back seat, all her anger vanished.

What replaced it was laughter.

When Harper, had just opened the car door for the young master, two high—heeled shoes flew into the car.

One landed on the head of the man in the back seat, catching his short hair and still hanging over his handsome side face.

The other was hanging at his unbuttoned shirt's collar. The coquettish red shoes were in sharp contrast to his white shirt and black suit.

"Young Master." Harper who was standing beside the cartook a long while to regain his senses.

My God! Did he have blurred vision?

There was actually someone in the world who dared to throw shoes at the young master! And shethrew themso skillfully, so accurately!

However, the young master still looked very handsome. Theyoung master was publicly recognized as a handsome man!

With a gloomy face, ScottBrown made a gesture for Harper to retreat and get the shoe that hooked onto his short hair down. At the same time, he also took off the shoe that hung on his chest.

The way he behaved implied his intoxicating elegance. When Amy looked at him, she was stunned.

"Miss." His slightly moved his thin lips twice, which was as delicate as a flower and so sexy.

God! He couldmotivate someone to commit a crime. She really wanted want to take two bites.

"Don't call me Miss." Amykept her head up and thinking so what if he was handsome? No matter how handsome he was, he had to give her money.

"Here is 7,000 dollars, so is it enough for your cleaning fees and clothes?" He took out a thick stack of cash and carelessly ran his fingers along the edge of it.

The money slid through his fingers, making a crackling sound.

Amy seemed to be able to smell the fragrance of money.

It could be seen that she was desperately poor.

Swallowing her saliva, she reached out her hand to take the money from his hand. Since it was for her, why should she be courteous?

When she reached out her hand, he put the stack of cash back on the seat next to him while crossing her legs and stared absently ather startled eyes.

"Are youtricking me?" Amy's face darkened.

"No." He narrowed his eyes andsurveyed this woman in front of him with an extremely unfriendly gaze.

Her figure was petite and her chest was alright, but it was not big enough. Her entire body was filthy. Hereally did not have the desire to look at her for a second time.

Of course, he would never reflect on it. She was dirty because it was all thanks to him.

" What do you mean, then? You want to go back on your word? " Amystood in front of the carwith her hands folded across her chest. In this world where the strong preyed on the weak, if one wanted to win, then one must not lose in terms of aura.

"I only want to get even with you because your high heels broke three stands of my hair." He held up her high heels. There were three strands of hair on the heels.

"A shirt flown here from Italian," he said, pointing to the collar of his white shirt, which was stained by the mud on herhigh heels. "Four hundred and twenty thousand dollars, deduct the seven thousand dollars I owe you, and you still need give me four hundred and thirteen thousand dollars."


Amy stood there dumbstruck, until she heard the man's mocking laughter, only then did she come back to her senses.

Fuck! Four hundred and twenty thousand dollars? Oh, no, four hundred and thirteen thousand dollars?

Even if he sold her, it wouldn't be worth this price!

"It was extortion!Do you think I don't know the brand of the shirt you're wearing? At most, it would be worth tens of thousands of dollars.Four hundred and twenty thousand dollars? Do you want to blackmail me?Amy was so angry that her face turned Nelson.

She already had nothing, and now she had met a rich person who wanted to blackmail her. It would put her on the road to ruin.

"Miss, my clothes are indeed not worth much, but the value of three strands of hair on my head cannot be measured by money, the price of Four hundred and twenty thousand dollars is already a 30% discount." He spoke with a serious tone that could anger a person to an extreme extent.