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Nothing Fated But Love

Nothing Fated But Love



  "Trash!" Behind my back, just how many men have you fooled around with!? " With just one slap, she had been beaten to the point of spitting blood from her mouth and nose. Sis Yan took the opportunity to add insult to injury, causing her to lose her life! When he opened his eyes again, a sharp gleam had appeared. He had been bathed in fire! The man with dregs brought his new pill over to bully her. She scoffed, "This kind of trash has the nerve to bring it out and make a fool of himself?" He threw a piece of paper in his face and told him to scram as far away as he could. The prodigy pampered and intimidated all beasts, while the godlike weapon intimidated all the way to the ninth heaven! With the pill in hand, I have the medical method. Kicking you, wailing like ghosts, howling like wolves, crying like the heavens and choking the earth! Screw you up, you bastard! However... "She is so strong and there is still someone willing to cling onto her with their life on the line?" I heard you slept with me a million times? How do you want to die? " His face was fierce. As soon as he woke up, he grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. She frowned coldly, and pointed a silver needle at him. "I heard that you carried me on your back? How do you want me to kill you? "
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The Chu Yun Empire, the unmarked cemetery.

The moon was pale and the cold wind howled.

At this moment, a few figures were standing in the barren wasteland that was usually filled with human habitation.

A sharp sound was heard —

"Fight!" Hit him hard for me! "

Under Leng Yue, the richly dressed lady gritted her teeth as she stared malevolently at the rolling figure on the ground.

It was a young lady in tattered clothes. Her hair was disheveled and dripping with blood. She was miserably whipped.


"Tsk tsk, good little sister, the way you call big sister is really comfortable." The woman played with the insect ring on her finger, as if showing off, "The Yun Family does indeed have a lot of good things. No wonder you could always find a variety of reasons to get close to Brother Yan Xiao!"

The girl's entire body trembled. She stared at the insect ring in the girl's hand in disbelief. "The ring … Why are you here? "

That was the token of love she gave him!

"How could that be?" The woman couldn't help but laugh mockingly, "Big Brother Yan Xiao said that he felt disgusted with your things and gave them to me. Your Yun Family's cultivation method and treasures are very much in the Su Family's favor. Good little sister, how should big sister thank you? "

"It won't happen... Big Brother Yan Xiao wouldn't do that! " The girl's eyes were tearing up, "I have always treated you as my own sister, so why are you snatching Yan Xiao from me? Why did you do this to me? "

"You can only blame yourself for being a useless idiot, you can't tie up Big Brother Yan Xiao's heart." The woman sneered.

"But... I love him with all my heart! " The young girl's body trembled, her heart felt like it had been struck by a rod, and her teeth were chattering in pain.

"Ignorant and vulgar, he is a trash that everyone in Phoenix City knows about! "Are you worthy of love?" The woman gritted her teeth and raised her hand to slap him.


The resounding slap caused the young girl to stagger and the corner of her mouth immediately dripped with blood. Her eyes were filled with grief as she muttered, "I don't believe it … Big Brother Yan Xiao wouldn't treat me like this … "If it wasn't to save him, I …"

The woman grabbed her by the hair and forced her head up. Stop dreaming! So what if you saved him? In the end, aren't you still abandoned? Isn't he in love with me? "

An indescribable sadness caused the girl to be on the verge of collapse: "It won't happen! Big Brother Yan Xiao will not abandon me! I want to see him! "

Back then, her meridians were damaged due to saving him, making her a trash that everyone despised. He once said that even if everyone in the world abandoned her, he would not abandon her.

The vows from the past were still fresh in her ears. She couldn't believe it, nor could she believe it!

The Yun Family was doomed, so was she. He was her only hope and support, but even he had betrayed her.

His heart felt as if it had been cut by a knife!

His heart felt like it was being cut by knives!

"Slut!" Until now, he still hadn't given up! Brother Yan Xiao and I are the true love! "Go and die!"

The soft, thorny whip was raised and lashed down with a "pa" sound.

Blood and flesh exploded, and blood splattered everywhere.

The girl crawled forward with great difficulty, but her speed became slower and slower until she could no longer move …

"Second Miss!" This little bitch seems to have lost her breath! " The thug tried to sniff out the young girl's breath and his body trembled.

A trace of ruthlessness flashed past the woman's eyes: Embroidery Yun, how could a trash like you be worthy to be together with Big Brother Yan Xiao? It was good that he was dead!

"What are you screaming for!?" Throw her down! "

The thugs didn't dare to resist and hurriedly lifted the dead girl up. Just as they were about to throw her down, a cold wind suddenly blew and the abandoned cemetery suddenly emitted a trace of cold air.

The thugs shuddered, "Second Miss, these are all places to throw people to their deaths …"

"Isn't she already dead?" The woman let out a cold snort, but she could not help but tighten her outer robe, a trace of nervousness flitting across her face. This unmarked grave was an evil place, and after hearing that it had been haunted, she did not want to stay any longer, so she shouted angrily: "What are you standing there for! Just throw it down! "

The few thugs trembled as if they were sifting chaff. Trembling, they were about to throw the corpse down when suddenly, the young girl's finger moved.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The thug was scared out of his wits as he screamed and threw the corpse away. He then held onto it tightly. "She's moving!"

The woman's face was ugly, "Shut up! How can someone who is already dead move!? "

Before he finished, the person on the ground supported himself with his arm and slowly stood up.

The man who was clearly dead actually stood up all of a sudden, and with the unorthodox methods of the cemetery, the woman screamed, "Ghost!" as the bandit felt guilty.

The moon was pale, and the young girl's clothes were soaked in blood. Her hair was disheveled as she stood there without a word, like an ice—cold zombie.

Yun Jin stared at the person before her through her messy hair.

There was still some chaos in her mind, and pain spread throughout her body. Memories kept colliding with each other, allowing her to understand the situation she was in right now.

"Give me back my life …" She stretched out her pale blood—stained hand and stiffly took a step forward.

"You, don't come over here!" Although the woman had never seen a ghost before, the more she had not seen a ghost, the more terrifying she felt. The angry cries of the surrounding wind made her shudder even more.

"You want to deny it after killing me?" The faint voice sounded even more ghastly.

"Why aren't you stopping her!"

The woman was about to faint from fright. She kept retreating, but the thugs became even more timid and stood in front of her, trembling. They watched helplessly as the ghost lady approached until they forgot to fight back.

"Trash!" Stop her! "

The woman screamed. Despite their extreme fear, those people could only brace themselves.

The ghost lady's voice was hoarse as she said, "A debt has its own owner. You forced me to my death, so give me your life …"

His loose hair was blown apart by the cold wind, revealing a face dripping with blood. As for his eyes, they were cold and dark, devoid of any warmth!

The person that was charging over seemed to be controlled by an invisible force, as both of his hands were tightly grasping his neck.

"Ghost … It really is a ghost!"


The neck bone was fractured, and a mournful scream resounded in the air.

The woman opened her eyes wide in fear: "Yun Jin Xiu... I'm your cousin... If you want to take your life, find them. "Don't look for me..."

However, the ghost girl closed in step by step. Her ice—cold killing intent caused the woman to scream and retreat step by step. Suddenly, the woman's foot slipped and fell into the cemetery. With a "peng" sound, she stopped breathing.

The pitch—black night was torn apart by the lightning. Thunder rumbled, followed by heavy rain.

The dense rain fell onto Yun Jin Xiu's body. She could no longer withstand it and staggered before falling to the ground.

The memories in her mind fiercely collided. One of them was an ancient martial arts family from the 21st century. With the help of the almost strange ancient martial arts medicine, she revived dead people and obtained countless honors. However, she was assassinated on the way home.

Another memory. It was like a movie going on in his head.