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Summoner With Phoenix Pendant

Summoner With Phoenix Pendant



  As a modern genius agent traversing through the world, the world suddenly changed color. What! This body was a waste of firewood! No! With the Exquisite Phoenix Pendant on her body and her unique physique, she would be unimpeded on her path of advancement, unstoppable. What arrogant young miss, this genius girl had been stepped on by her, she wasn't even fit to carry Nangong Jin's shoes! Everyone's eyes were filled with joy as they summoned their divine beast's tail to play with her. All sorts of divine artifacts and treasures were easily obtained, allowing them to roam the world on this continent that revered experts! You used to call me trash, but now I can turn you into trash with a flick of my finger!
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Profound Heaven Continent, Jiangling City.

It was already late in the night, and the only sound on the street was the night watchman striking a gong with a lantern. In the backyard of the Mayor's Nangong Palace, Second Miss Nangong Wan brought two young maidservants into an old and dilapidated building at the end of the courtyard.

With a creak, the door opened and a thin, ragged girl lay on the floor. A young maid walked forward and grabbed her hair. Her face was covered with filth and it was hard to hide her beauty. This was the young miss of the Nangong family, Nangong Jin.

Nangong Wan pulled down her cloak, revealing a bright smile, she stomped on Nangong Jin's face, "My good big sister, little sister came today to release you. You can finally reunite with your short—lived mother!"

"No, no, you can't kill me. How could dad let you come?" Nangong Jin shouted in a low voice, her panicked face was filled with disbelief, but she couldn't move her hands at all.

Those two slender hands of hers were currently bound tightly by Nangong Wan's underlings.

"Hmph, Father? Staying in our Nangong Family with a piece of trash like you would only embarrass us! "How could a trash like you come out of the dignified Mayor of Jiangling's mansion!" Nan Gong Wan revealed a look of despise, her tone was full of contempt and disgust: "You think you're still the rare genius of the Nan Gong Family, the famous young miss? You can't even summon ants, you are no longer a summoner, you are just a piece of trash! "

As she said that, Nangong Wan Su raised her delicate hand and summoned a deep blue butterfly. It reflected her exquisite and moving face, making her look even more ghostly in the middle of the night. Looking at Nangong Jin, Nan Gong Wan's face revealed an enchanting smile, he squatted down and caressed Nangong Jin's cheeks, "My good sister, I've grown up, have you never experienced the taste of happiness before?"

Nangong Jin stared at Nangong Wan, not knowing what she was talking about.

However, Nan Gong Wen Wan did not care about it at all, and laughed: "Sister, don't worry, tonight, I will come to satisfy you. Before you go see your short—lived mother, as your younger sister, anything that can satisfy you will naturally please you. " As he spoke, he snapped his fingers towards the door, and four sweating men came in.

Although Nangong Jin had no psychokinesis, she could estimate the psychokinesis of the bystanders. Judging by the naked eye, the four big men in front of her had psychokinesis values of at least level 10.

If this was the past, how could someone below level 10 be a match for him? However, he was already a cripple. Not to mention a level summoner, even an ordinary person might not be their match.

"No …" Nan Gong Wan, what exactly are you doing? " Nangong Jin looked at Nan Gong Wan who was standing on the side, smiling proudly.

Nangong Wan snorted coldly, "This sister of mine is a famous beauty in Jiangling City. You should receive her well." He then turned around and covered his nose and mouth with a handkerchief. He frowned and said, "How dirty."

The four strong men had already begun to take action, directly taking off their belt. As they did so, they had vulgar smiles on their faces. "The number one beauty of Jiangling City …"

Nangong Wan desperately tried to retreat. Unfortunately, this place was only this big. A strong man already approached and touched her slim waist.

The strong guy still wanted to touch her cheek, so Nangong Jin took the chance to bite his finger. The bite was forceful, but the strong guy couldn't take it anymore, when he pulled his finger out of Nangong Jin's mouth, it was already a bloody finger. If it wasn't for the fact that he still had some psychokinesis, he would have been crippled.

"F * ck!" Nangong Jin's actions completely angered the strong man. As a low—level person, he couldn't suppress his anger any longer. He kicked Nangong Jin right in the heart and with a great amount of strength, Nangong Jin immediately vomited a mouthful of blood. Not only that, seeing that Nangong Jin dared to move her mouth, the remaining three big men also came forward, kicking each of them, while scolding, "Who do you think you are now? Or the genius summoner? You can't even compare to one of our Young Miss's fingers! "

Hearing the words of this strong man, Nangong Jin's heart turned sour. NanGong Wan's You Ruo Die... At that time, he already had a water type summoned beast. Although Serenity Butterfly was rare, he couldn't use it, so he let Nangong Wan do the last step of devouring it.

So it turned out that not all kindness could be exchanged for kindness! Nangong Jin thought angrily. Since Nangong Wan had appeared today, she must be doing all of this because of him!

Nangong Jin's body was already very weak to begin with, and that kick alone was already more than enough to take half of her life. Now that she had suffered three kicks, she could no longer hold on, clenched her teeth, and gave a cruel smile, "Remember, if there is a next life, I won't let you off!" As he spoke, he slammed his head against the wall.

The four hulks clearly did not expect this outcome, and quickly went to check on Nangong Jin's breathing. One of them, after checking for a long time, finally let go of Nangong Jin and said, "What … …" What should I do, she. "She's dead …"

Another strong man gritted his teeth and said, "So what if she died? Anyway, the miss wanted her to die …"

Faintly, he heard these words, "Die?" What death? Did the explosion just now kill me? Eh, why are your eyelids so heavy?

S97, the elite of the world's largest secret service organization in the 21st century, was killed in an operation to hunt down the world's biggest drug lord. She was the most outstanding among the special forces, yet she died in such an aggrieved manner. Just as she wanted to accept her fate, she found herself eerily hearing these sounds.

If he wanted to know why, he would have to open his eyes and take a look. S97 opened her eyes, but the next second, the pain in her body caused her to curl up. It was as if there were several different types of energy flowing through her body, causing her to feel a little hot.

The four robust men were about to leave when they suddenly saw that the dead man had come back to life. He was still struggling in pain on the ground. Deceit... What a fake corpse! "

"Motherf * cker, what are you yelling for!" The man who led the group to beat Nangong Jin said in dissatisfaction. He then looked at Nangong Jin with a sharp look in his eyes, "No matter what she is, she is just a trash without any psychokinesis. Just cripple her!" As he spoke, he moved forward.

All the energy in his body was absorbed by S97 in an instant. Suddenly, the pain from his body was gone. He felt enlightened and clear—headed. At this time, the sturdy man held the cloth strip and walked towards Nangong Jin.

He wanted to strangle Nangong Jin!

At this moment, Nangong Jin opened her eyes, the weakness in her eyes was gone. There was a sharp look in her eyes, and all the memories in her mind also came.