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Chase His Tricky Lover

Chase His Tricky Lover



  He was the heir to the military power, and in an accident he had pressed her down on the sofa and eaten her dry. Four years later, she had changed into men's clothing and appeared in his world as a swindler. She had killed countless people in the business world, was treacherous and ruthless, had won countless beauties with a frown and smile. He said, "I want to see you in a woman's dress." She turned away from him and danced with the other men with her long, flowing hair. He was driven mad with jealousy, but he still tried to cover for her, indulge her, and even schemed against her to force marriage step by step. He only wished to be stuck in her heart for the rest of his life!
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Hillsborough County, Florida, America.

In the most famous KTV, fluorescent lights flickered, and it was very noisy.

Kris was a little perplexed as she paced back and forth along the gorgeous corridor. She wasn't sure which room the person she was looking for was in.

A tall figure rushed out from behind her, and she was instantly dragged into a room at the side!

The door was closed!

The back of her head slammed into the sofa. She could not see anything clearly because there was no light in the room!

The sudden change scared Kris and she couldn't help but scream, "What are you doing!"

"Buddy, listen to me. I'm extremely dizzy right now. My companions have all left. I need you to call a doctor for me!" August's voice was dull, and everything that happened in front of him caught him off guard, let alone explain it to the strange boy.

He tried to organize the language, but his reason was almost completely broken!

When Kris was struggling non—stop, he shouted at her in shock and anger, "You are a girl?"

Kris was angry!

She was a girl, was this her fault?

"My mother brought me up like a boy! Let me go! "

"It's too late..."

Before she could even react to the man's words, he pressed on her, her lips were blocked, and she lost her virginity!

"You bastard!"

"Tell me your name."

"Fuck you!"

"Name, I will treat you well."

"Fuck you!"

"Name, good ~"


No matter how gently August coaxed her to reveal her name, Kris never said it.

While struggling, her hand touched a beer bottle that had fallen horizontally under the sofa. She quickly picked it up, raised her hand and viciously smashed it down!

The man on her body did not move. She pushed him hard and his body fell to the ground destructively!

Kris cried, she was terrified, quickly donned her clothes and ran out of the room!

She was vented three times by this strange man before she managed to touch the beer bottle!

She was so fed up with this!

Half an hour later...

The door was opened again, and the lights in the room went on.

August laid on the ground, unconscious.

His shirt didn't move, only slightly wrinkled,but his pants were pulled down below his knees.

Delia looked at the scene in front of her in shock. She caught a glimpse of the scattered blood stains on the fabric sofa, as if it was left after the girl lost her virginity.She covered her mouth and was startled!

After calming down for a few seconds, she immediately tousled her hair, tore her coat, took off her jeans, and whimpered sobbing on the blood stain.

Not long later, August's comrade—in—arms all came to look for him.

They were all exchange students, and because Hillsborough County was a military region, they were sent by their own states for three years of exchange study. Tomorrow was the day they would return home, so they thought about coming to KTV tonight to celebrate.

The scheduled next activity should be enjoying a hot spring, but when they arrived at the bathing center, they found that they were missing a person, hence they came back to look for August.

August's identity was not ordinary, if he has an accident, everyone will be severely punished!

However, the scene made the comrade—in—arms who had just arrived at the door naturally have some association!

One of the girls was called Mona, and today, she drugged August,because her good friend Belle took a fancy to August and wanted to be August's girlfriend, so she got the medicine and begged Mona to put it in August's cup.

But, Mona herself liked August!

So after she drugged August,she had been waiting at the staircase for August to come out, wanting to get in on the ground floor.

But she didn't expect that someone would be faster than her!

Mona was so angry that she was about to explode, "Delia! You are too shameless! You actually seduce August!"

Delia's eyes were red from crying and she had a look of lingering fear, "I didn't, and I don't know why~ It was him who pounced over ~"

"Bullshit!August was not such a person! We've been comrade—in—arms for three years, how could we not know his personality? But you, you have liked August for a long time, and I think you have also been wanting to have sex with him for a long time, right? "

"I've already suffered such a loss, and yet you still say that? You're clearly jealous, and you also want to have sex with him for a long time, don't you?"

"Stop quarreling, let's see how young master August is doing. Should we send him to the hospital?"

"Ah!Young master August's head is broken, bleeding ! "

"Hurry up and call 911!"

Although August was still dazed and unable to move his body, he could still hear most of the sounds.

He felt two boys pull up his trousers, put them on, and one of them carried him out of the room.

When he opened his eyes again, there was an intravenous drip on the back of his left hand and had a headache.

His few comrade—in—arms were all there.

Delia's eyes were red from crying, she stepped forward and whispered, "Young master August, you're awake?"

"Humph!" You still have the nerve to appear here? If you hadn't drugged him,would he lie here?" Mona's voice was loud and everyone looked embarrassed.

She drugged August, and now the doctor found out that August was drugged by someone, she couldn't say that it was herself, since the one who appeared on the scene was Delia, she had to get rid of the suspicion of being a criminal!

"I didn't, I really didn't!" Delia immediately cried.

She wanted to say that she had no relationship with August,but was afraid that he would not marry her after she said it.

The two women started arguing again. A doctor in a military uniform came over,frowned and shouted, "Both of you, get out!"

"Yes, Chief!"

"Yes, Chief!"

The girls glared at each other,then they closed the door and left.

The doctor sat on the bed of August's bed, looked at him, and explained with a smile, "There are two stitches in your back of the brain. I have done a brain CT for you. Your injury is very serious and a slight concussion. For your safety, change your flight tomorrow! Leave in seven days. "

On the side, there were his two comrade—in—arms, one called Alan and the other called Bert. Both of them shared the same dorm withAugust.

Both of them nodded again and again, saying they were willing to change the flight and accompanied August back.

As for who August slept with after being drugged, this military doctor did not care about such private matters.

They all knew that August was very popular with women.

August sighed helplessly. They didn't ask him, but he must explain, "It's not Delia. I remember very clearly that I caught a boy and asked him to call for a doctor, and he turned out to be a woman. I couldn't help it. I was knocked out, she ran away, Delia came later and wanted to pretend to be that girl."