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Blind Date, Sober Love

Blind Date, Sober Love



  The male god would slap the face when he met the scum of a man and woman on a blind date! After the face-smacking, the male god became the husband … Everyone said she married a man who had no car, no house, no savings, and that she was a loser. One day, he came to pick her up from work in a world-limited multibillion-dollar sports car and found out that she was married to a big shot! How big is it? He said, Try it. Let's get divorced, she said angrily. It's not what I thought it was. Wife, stop it, be careful of our children!
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It was a very elegantly decorated restaurant. A girl wearing a pink dress was sitting in front of the French window. She was holding a phone and saying something with a helpless expression on her face.

"Got it, got it, I will definitely complete the mission. "No, how could I be bad. Mom, you're thinking too much."

Song Xin Ning took her mobile and responded to her mother's nagging while rolling her eyes unceremoniously.

It wasn't easy for Song Xin Ning to console her mother, so she could not help but mutter under her breath after hanging up the phone.

"Although I promised not to be naughty, I didn't say that I wouldn't cause trouble."

After hanging up the phone, Song Xin Ning looked out the window of the restaurant.

Unfortunately, she could only see a blurry image. Due to the rainy weather, there were a lot of droplets on the glass of the French windows.

Song Xin Ning was bored to death. She started to count the droplets on the window, waiting for the legendary matchmaking partner.

That's right, a blind date!

Recalling the scene a few months ago when he found out that his boyfriend had split his legs, Song Xin Ning suddenly had the urge to vomit.

It was already a blessing that she was unlucky enough to have fallen in love and did not leave a shadow behind. Yet, she had to face a reality that was even worse than the previous one.

"Baby, what do you want for lunch?"

A familiar male voice sounded, immediately attracting Song Xin Ning's attention.

She would not mistake this voice for anything else, because this damn voice just happened to be coming from her ex—boyfriend.

Song Xin Ning raised her head, and as expected, she immediately saw her former boyfriend Zhao Cheng.

At this moment, he was holding onto a delicate woman as he walked in her direction.

Seeing that, Song Xin Ning cursed in her heart. She turned her gaze towards his own phone, pretended not to hear, and started to play the game on his phone.

In her heart, however, she secretly prayed to not be discovered by Zhao Cheng. In her heart, she really didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore.

It was a pity that things didn't go according to her wishes. Because the place she was sitting at was near the window, it was quite eye—catching. Moreover, she had purposely dressed up for today. It made her even more attractive.

"Dearest, look at that woman. Is she your ex—girlfriend? Why was she here? You're not following us, are you? "How terrifying!"

A pampered cry of surprise sounded out, causing Song Xin Ning to uncontrollably frown.

The lady beside Zhao Cheng had noticed her figure and pretended to be surprised, asking Zhao Cheng with a loud voice.

From time to time, she would glance at Song Xin Ning with a provocative gaze from the corner of her eyes.

Zhao Cheng heard his voice and felt his bones soften.

However, he still noticed the meaning behind her words. Following the direction of her companion's finger, he indeed saw Song Xin Ning.

"It's really Song Xin Ning."

Zhao Cheng never thought that he would meet Song Xin Ning in this restaurant.

"The location of this restaurant has to be reserved. Why would she come to this sort of place?"

Zhao Cheng's voice was also not soft, as if he was afraid that others would not be able to hear his clearly.

Because of their exaggerated conversation, Song Xin Ning became even more eye—catching.

Being pointed at like that, no one would be happy, and Song Xin Ning was not a soft persimmon that anyone could pinch.

She sneered, straightened her long hair and took the initiative to face the incoming attack.

"Who do I think it is? It turns out to be a trashy combination of men and women. What a coincidence! I didn't expect to see you here. "

"What do you mean?"

When the woman heard Song Xin Ning's obvious taunt, she could not help but let go of Zhao Cheng's embrace and walk towards Song Xin Ning's direction. Who are you talking about? "

"Who else can you say? There are so many people here, who replied to my words, I'm talking about who. "

With that, Song Xin Ning looked at the woman provocatively, "Since you responded to me, then I'm talking about you guys. Isn't that obvious? "Excuse me, are you a retard?"

Song Xin Ning taunted, not giving the other party any face at all.

When the woman heard her straightforward words, she wanted to make a move, but she was worried about the surrounding guests, so she forcefully stopped her movements.

But she would not let this go, she turned and looked at Zhao Cheng with grief written all over her face.

"My dear, look at her! She was clearly very happy to just meet someone she knew and wanted to greet her. He's so kind, and she … she actually slandered me! "

With that, the woman started to cover her face and cry, as if she was a victim.

"I, I'm really too sad!"

Song Xin Ning couldn't help but laugh.

"Yeah. I slander you. "

Seeing that the surrounding people were attracted to them, Song Xin Ning decided to make the matter clear, she was not willing to be framed.

"I also accused you of having to sleep with a man to get her into a corner. But I should have thanked you. After all, you helped me get rid of an animal that was thinking with its lower body. Being with him only brought me down. Since you're so kind to help me accept demons, I might as well thank you in advance. "

Song Xin Ning acted as though she was extremely lucky, and spoke out the words that she had wanted to retort about.

Her words very clearly revealed the relationship between Zhao Cheng and the girls. Hearing that the girls were still in their third year, the surrounding customers all started to look at them with ridicule.

Originally, when Zhao Cheng saw his beloved girlfriend broken down in grief, he was extremely furious. However, after hearing Song Xin Ning's sarcastic remarks, he felt his face burn even more.

"Who are you calling a demon?"

Zhao Cheng saw that the surrounding people started to point and talk to them. He had always been a person who cared about face, and now, he was even more furious.

Naturally, he would not let Song Xin Ning go so easily.

He waved his arm, waving his palm towards Song Xin Ning's fair face, as though he wanted to beat her up.

Seeing that Zhao Cheng's palm was about to hit its target, Song Xin Ning was also shocked in her heart.

However, she was not the kind of person who only knew how to stand and receive a beating. She had already seen his movements clearly. She took a step back, bent down, and blocked the incoming slap with her hands.

"What is it? So angry from embarrassment? Do you really think that you can do such a disgraceful thing in front of so many people? "

Song Xin Ning dodged the palm and did not let the opponent off.

She glanced at the glass of orange juice on the table and picked it up easily, throwing it right at Zhao Cheng's face.

"Since you want to lose face, I'll help you. No need to thank me."

"You crazy woman!"

Without any preparation, Zhao Cheng was hit on the face by a cup of orange juice. His anger immediately soared to Elder Gao, and without caring about the crowd watching, he directly pounced to teach Song Xin Ning a lesson.

He learned his lesson this time and his speed was fast. He quickly grabbed Song Xin Ning's arm, and clenched his other hand into a fist.

"You crazy woman, if I don't teach you a lesson today, you won't know what's important!"

"Feel free to give it a try if you're afraid of anyone!"

Although Song Xin Ning was caught, she was still unwilling to give in.

She knew that she was, after all, a girl, and it was impossible for her to be a match for her opponent with just her strength alone. The surrounding guests were clearly onlookers, and no one would step forward to help him.

However, on the surface, she would not admit defeat. After all, she hadn't done anything wrong!