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Am i in love with you  Author Archana Ap

Am i in love with you Author Archana Ap



Hi I am flora Jose my sister Dahlia gonsalves n his husband died in car accident they had one girl child named as Jasmine after my sister died I m taking care of her but on the other hand my family is forcing me to get married but I can't marry anyone if I get married then what about Jasmine but in my life I got a person who understands me but before I use to treat him just like a frnd but then days past n one final day i fall in love with him
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  Hi u know me well right I m flora Jose hey why r u getting shocked I m talking to you only u r my readers so I will keep on talking with u like this okay now come with me my dad is calling me come let's see for what dad is calling me come let's see wait I forgot to say my dad name his name is Melvin Jose come let's go


  Dad . Flora.......

  Flora . Yeah dad m on the way to you

  Flora reach to his dad

  Flora. Hi dad I heard you calling me is that true

  Dad. Yeah my child sit here

  Flora sat on a chair

  Flora. Yeah say to me Dad

  Dad. I heard that you are working in school an they rare paying u a very less amount is that true my child

  Flora. Yeah dad

  Dad. I want you to stop working in that school

  Flora quickly stands n turns n to wall an says

  Flora. Dad I can't do that you know becoming a teacher is my dream Dad

  Dad. Yeah my child I know it well an I have a way for you my child

  Flora. Way ?????? What's that dad

  Dad. If you want to work then u mag go to America and there your sister Dahlia also stays with his family so u may go if you Want

  Flora . That all is fine but sister family may fell uncomfortable n I can't stay without u Dad



stands an walk towards flora n laughs aloud n says

  Dad. One final day u will also get married then u will be separated from us so take this has your practice my child

  Flora turns towards her dad n laughs aloud n says

  Flora. Yeah u r right dad but I can work here somewhere

  Dad. That is your decision my child but from your childhood you are not got separated from us once also so I wanted you to go America for this reason you should learn to be without us my child

  Flora thinks for a time

  Dad. Okay dear am going to do some of my work u decide what u want to do

  Flora. Bye dad

  Dad. Bye my child