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Our story

Our story



It's a story of Kiara who belongs to a poor family but later found a guy Sam who is rich and belongs to a well known family in the country Sam and Kiara were in the same college where girl name Sarah was her girlfriend and somehow situation happen and Sam started liking Kiara.
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  Kiara lived in a small house as her father is no more she and her brother Roy lived together with their mother here. They are really poor so after college Kiara has to do some part time job for earning , she is all busy whole day in morning she has to do some house hold chores and college also in afternoon she is at her job as waitress in a restaurant at night she really study hard for her assignment ....

  Today , she is late for her college as she always go there by walking when she reached she saw senior out there are trying to stop other girls at the gate and bullying them .there is a boy name Sam also who is smart and handsome enough to get every girl attention in the college .When there is Kiara's turn Sam's girlfriend Sarah try to tease and told her to remove her top in front of everyone ..Remove remove remove it every one started shouting and suddenly Kiara started crying she felt really bad and thought to run away from here but these people were all around her , So she gave up and about to remove her top suddenly Mr.Sam hold her hand ..stop said by Sam

  Are you mad ! What are you doing? You are not supposed to do this and shouted out to move away from all of them and help Kiara to settle down on the bench near to her , Kiara and Sam were classmates but they never talk to each other before .Even Kiara haven't talk to other students also because she is here only because of scholarship and all other students are belongs to rich and well known family. Suddenly, Sam stand up and said next time fight for yourself and turns to move. This was the first and official meeting of them but secretly Kiara had a crush on him but because of her family status she haven't tried further to talk or meet him.

  The class is going on and Sam and Sarah were sitting on the front bench and Kiara at last bench thinking about the morning experience with Sam . She was in some thought suddenly her phone rang ,she comes out of the class and received it was from her mother , her mother repetedly saying I am dying Kiara come home ,when she listen this her hand grip losened and phone fell down and this voice catch the attention of the students in the class .

  Kiara unconsciously fall on the ground too .After one hour when she woke up she found herself in a very big villa ,she was shocked suddenly she reminds her mother phone call so she stand up quickly and about to leave but a voice from behind stopped her . You are unwell Kiara so can I drop you to your home if you don't mind , he was Sam

when she fall down he lift her up for the medication but as there was no information about her he takes her to his home

  No ,thank you Sam I will manage ,you already helped me two times in a single day . Ok so takes one more help I m waiting for you outside, said Sam and leave.

  Kiara was in shocked why all these things happening with her but right now her mother is more important so she sits in Sam's car, but she was unable to put the seat belt seeing this Sam smiles and forward his hand to help her , Kiara and Sam were so close to each other even they can listen their heartbeats , Sam's hot air makes Kiara white face into red completely and her ears were burning ..and it's done suddenly a voice come ..where do you live ? Tell me Kiara nodded and told her address to Sam when she reach there she saw a crowd standing at her house so she quickly went out and go inside her mother is died