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The poor man who fled from home happen to meet a lady doctor and marry her . The doctor marry her for her family property according to will of her grand parents . The will is clear once she got married and had kid on birth day she will get all her family property . On that day the doctor throw her husband and kid out and start to love her lesbian life ....
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  It's too hot to start a day as porter complaint by senior porters in row shuhail is less concerned about it and walked quitly to pick rice bags in lorry . Leo who fist his hand and just try to make conducts to all labours whom is lazy in unloading from lorry . The white color land rover just came in and watched all activities it's quite hard to assume the happening of daily market . The manager just went asked a fat man in white and white whom is gigantic in sharp eye conduct and call shuhail his side and gave him 100 rs bill and said good work young man . All porter and stamped on silance where boss is busy with this young guy whom is very new to market . After finishing unloading shuhail went to lunch and than to liberary in uk embassy . The Mylapore is too different koembedu shuhail in 4 months seen lot of difference in himself . When he got out of bus the gate keeper is very keen in passers once he found dirty person getting in he shout and ask for reason shuhail just show his platinum membership card which make him more crusious and suspicious on shuhail he checked the card and get to know it's him and he is student in law pursuing in kings College London . He is shocked and felt bump on his stomach but shuhail show no expression just passed in where Roger is enjoying his book . On siting shuhail he just patted his shoulder . Yes with grain and fear shuhail answered . Roger know him from second grade they have best friends for fifteen years . He is searching for shuhail for 8 months now Roger is top lawyers in queens court if shuhail did the last exam he too become the lawyer like him .

  Nandini in other hand too crusious about her grandpa will whom hate her lesbian character but he willing her to have husband and kid . It's normal while driving back from hospital doctor Nandhini just stopped in coffe palace and had her coffee with her intimate Rezaul whom is doctor too from different background they two are pairs for decades . .

  On other hand shuhail was comforted by Roger and asked his passport which is expired month before he conducted a friend for renewal and opened a bank account in his name and transferred 2 billion rupees in acount which shuhail promise to repay by working in Roger know shuhail dedication so he did and promised him with last exam fee and said he need to fly tonight and hugged once and left . Shuhail felt relif Roger didn't ask much about past and he just walk on road side where he found a complex with house is for sale . He just rang the bill and found old men walk out and coldly said no job or food which dig deep in shuhail . But he controlled his words and ask to whom should conduct for buying the expression changed and said 5 million rupees which made shuhail little happy which make old men in fire who the hell you are ? Can you count zero of million shuhail neglected his words and just shown clam face and ask his account number for transfer the old man said it took 50 years to build and complex as a passer it's too much for you to ask but he was stunned by shuhail calm face and ended in giving his account number in fraction he recive a message confirming he got his money that's too much for him with due respect shuhail call him for name transfer in three hours he made it . Shuhail said to old man I can wait for weak to get occupy new bought house and complex . The old man is not yet out of shock just nodded and and got out of auto and arrived to wife with news of day happening . Shuhail think what to do with new earned loan just a shop lot is empty hospital is near where there is no canteen or provision shop he planned to open it .

  Nadhan is busy in dreaming to join in Don Mohamed company whom is asian tycoon and government lender . It's cool for him to give up all properties to his sister who is lesbian with no heir . So filtering with doctor Stella is no big deal . Stella a convex concave beauty whose eyes make men to die . Like his sister Nandhini she too from well to do family and relatives and same in status . Stella is supportive and happy to be wife of nadhan just waiting for her PhD in child care .

  Shuhail just walked across a street and found a car showroom where he badly needed a car or bike he plan to take a car first he just walked in and intern roshan saw his approach and ask manager should he serve that kid by seeing his dress and dirt manager just said learn from him but don't let him break anything . Shuhail is impressed by silver Tiago and and asked the car name which in second roshan explained politely shuhail give his card and ask him to swipe card without invoice roshan swipe and said himself not worth of swipe no money card but its done seven lacks in six second . Manger just ran out and scold roshan for letting the kid to touch the car and he just ask shuhail to get out with cold face shuhail ask for his car and card . Manager saw roshan running with invoice and manager for stunned because he is not for loan and not for wasting time just to buy he did it . Shuhail show no interest in manager it hurt him but realised his treatment on shuhail he withdrew and let roshan to manage .

  It doesn't take time to take Nandhini to have a play with Rezaul and they to depart with plan . Rezaul ask Nandhini to marry and have kid let's play with your old grandpa ..