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Benevolent Tyrant

Benevolent Tyrant



Aaron Williams, an arrogant 19 year old heir of the most wealthiest family of the world, neglected his inheritance of the family tradition and pursue an ordinary life instead, as he thought that he could enjoy being ordinary than getting the family's wealth. Although being arrogant, he's different towards his friends and people who like to hang out with him. He was doing this since middle school, people mocked him and humiliated him, but it didn't bother him atleast bit since his family is incomparable to them. On this journey to enjoy what's fun for him, sonething interesting happens to his normal life.
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  "S-Sir Aaron! Please think about it! The Old Master is worried about your decision! You need to accept the inheritence! It's the tradition of the William family! "

  Aaron's grandfather's personal butler Braidey Miller, he's 61 years old and has been taking care of Aaron, his father and his grandfather since young. Braidey was ordered to serve and take care of Aaron by the age of 2.

  When Aaron grew up he got tired of being super wealthy and try to enjoy his life more so he left home.

  Braidey was ordered to find Aaron's whereabouts for 2 years and finally found him. Even with the power of the family, they can't find him that easy. They thought that Aaron had died or gone missing but he was just enjoying an ordinary life instead on the east country.



  At Greenwoods Middleschool. Aaron was just preparing to leave when suddenly he was stopped by someone. It was their adviser Evelynn Dennis

  "Mr. Gunnar, before you leave, clean the classroom first, and what i mean by cleaning is clean it perfectly, leave no dust. If you did not do it properly you'll be forced to drop out of school! Understood?!". Olivia was taking advatage of Aaron

  Aaron was a quiet kid

  "Cheh! Alright i'll do it." Aaron could only agree

  Olivia was pissed about his attitude and was about to slap him but he blocked it easily and it infuriated Olivia even more.

  "How dare you talk to me like that! You are just an orphan with no money! I will suspend you for 2 months!"

  The Olivia left while stomping her foot while grunting angrily.

  "It aint my job anyways but i'll do it for now."

  While he was cleaning an old man janitor was amazed by his amazing precision when cleaning.

  "Young lad! You are really good at this! Mind if i help a bit?"

  Aaron turned his head and looked at the old man.

  "Sure!" Aaron nodded and cleaned with the old man janitor.

  After half an hour of cleaning Aaron was finally done and was about to leave.

  "Young lad i must thank you for cleaning before me. I knew you were a good lad!" The old man smiled and thanked him.

  "By the way before you go, take this bread. Eat it to regain stamina."

  "Thanks!" Aaron nodded and bid farewell to the old man.


  "This is the place! Park the car beside the road!" An old man in his 60s ordered the driver on the luxury car. It was a custom white Rolls Royce Phantom. There were 20 other luxury cars following the gallant looking Phantom and lined up behind.

  People from the village were stunned as 21 luxury cars was parked beside the road near the plains.

  "Goddamn! This is amazing!" A villager exclaimed in awe.

  They walked to a muddy path on the roadside 10 minutes and saw a house afar.

  They finally found Aaron's house which was surrounded by the tall stalks of grain. They we're surpised at his figure because his body changed completely in just a two years. He gained muscles from planting stalks of grain, kinds of vegetables, fruits and also doing labor work but only gain 120$-150$ a month which is 3.75$ a day. He was 12 years old at this time. He was in shabby clothes and the house he seem to live looks absolutely run down. His bedroom, dining room was beside each other and the kitchen was outside, built with clay, sticks and stones.

  Aaron just got from home after cleaning their classroom he was dripping with sweat and he was hungry so he washed up himself first and prepared to cook for his dinner. Just as he was preparing, Aaron saw a very familiar face from a distanxe. The person was in his early 60s coming to his house with a lots of people from his back dressed in black suits. Aaron finally knew who it was was and he was surprised. It was Braidey Miller his caretaker and butler. Braidey finally arrived to his house after a 10 minutes muddy walk. Ofcourse he knew what Braidey was here for.

  When Braidey and the men in black suits was almost close to his house, Aaron immediately stopped what he was doing and ran into them and stood upfront.

  "Didn't I told you, i have no interest on being the next heir for the family."

  Aaron was staring at them with a terrying look and in a very domineering manner. Making all the men fear and thought to themselves. 'This is the the heir of the Williams? He is so young but our senses is telling us to go back.'


  "Sir Aaron, i know it's useless on persuading you on accepting the tradition, but can we atleast request your attendance on visiting your grandfather, he missed you and wished to see his grandson even for just a bit."

  "And why would i do that?" Aaron asked coldly.

  "Because your grandfather is not well in terms of health."

  Braidey told Aaron in a worried tone.

  "What?!" Aaron was shocked about the news and was a bit saddened by it.

  Even with Aaron's unbreakable decision, his feelings don't lie, he also missed his grandfather and his parents which who cared about him.

  "Alright, i'll visit for a bit then return to my house right after."

  Aaron could only agree.


  At the entrance gate of the Manor that big enough to cover a whole mountain, Aaron arrived with his escorts.


  At the gate, 10 elite bodyguards were lined up in expensive and flexible black suits. Greeting Aaron in unison.

  Aaron was a bit overwhelmed by the improvements of the manor. It looks like an extremely large hotel with modern style since it's been 2 years since he left the residence.

  At the manor, servants was discussing of how the Young master looks like.

  "I heared the young master Aaron was incredibly handsome!" Young female servant 1 exclaimed.

  "Didn't he left the William Manor for 2 years? What was his reason?" Young male servant 1 asked in curiousity

  "I heard he left because he likes to be living in an ordinary life." Young male servant 2 answered

  "Wow, he likes to be like that? I'm impressed with this young master, i can't wait to see him!" Young female servant 2 was a impressed with Aaron.

  4 new young servants were talking about Aaron.

  Their names were Amanda Rose, Harvey Myre, Lucy Pearl and Brendon White.

  When they finally reached the door of the manor, two of the men in black suits opened the door for them to enter and gets greeted by 100 beautiful and handsome servants lined up beside the carpet, as if it was a ceremony.


  The voices of the servants echoed all around the entrance door.

  "Didn't i just heared this from the gate?" Aaron just smiled awkwardly.

  When Aaron was walking, he was dumbstrucked by the young beauties smiling to him.

  "He is the young master?! He's looks so simple yet looks so powerful"

  "Wow, he looks manly even with his ordinary attire, i mean look at his figure, he got muscles."

  "Oh my, i knew he was handsome, but i never expected him to be this handsome, he looks like a prince but in ordinary!"

  "My respect and admiration was gradually increasing as he was walking on the carpet"

  The four young new servants were looking and admiring him on the side of the carpet.

  "Shush you kids! Don't go talking on his young master on his back, that is rude and disrespectful! I'll deal with you four later!"

  A lady on her late thirties were reminding the new young servants about proper behaviour when meeting such a person. Especially a William descendant.

  When Aaron noticed the servants, he could only smile awkwardly while scratching the back of his head while nodding shyly.

  "Do you think he has a girlfriend?" Amanda was curious


  The three young servants was surprised by Amanda's question.


  After 10 minutes of walking and getting to the elevator they arrived into the top floor, it was a huge hallway, filled with servants, and behind them was walls decorated with very expensive paintings and kinds of authentic porcelain vases located below.

  "Wow, so many has changed in just a couple of years"

  Aaron was astonished as he was walking towards the end where two super bodyguards where standing.

  At the end of the hallway they finally arrived and one of the two superbody guards opened the door.

  Then they bowed to Aaron in respect.

  "Old Master! The Young master has arrived!"

  Braidey announced the arrival of Aaron to the old man.

  "Grandfather, i'm here!"

  Aaron was a bit happy and worroed at the same time when he saw his grandfather lying on his bed.

  "Oh you finally came back my grandson!"

  The name of his grandfather was Hendrick William. He is the most powerful person on earth with multiple thousands of large businesses around the world. He was lying on his bed, reading a book.

  "I heard you were ill so i came to visit. So what was the cause?" Aaron asked in curiousity

  "Oh yes, but let's talk about that later. By the way hold this for me".

  Old man Hendrick handed Aaron a pad which was unknown to him and could only ask.

  "What is this grandfather?"

  "It's nothing, it's just a card." Hendrick smiled as he replied.

  Aaron was a bit confused so he just held onto it in the meantime.

  "By the way, Aaron how are you?" Hendrick asked.

  "Oh I'm actually enjoying my life so far."

  "That's great, how about we chat for awhile since it's been so long." Hendrick tapped Aaron's shoulder with a smile.

  "Sure why not." Aaron nodded.

  After chatting for awhile. Aaron recalled about his grandfather's health.

  "So about your health."