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Magic Medical Inheritor

Magic Medical Inheritor


Aaron Lim was an orphan, he was saved and raised by a very powerful master, in a sacred secretive place. At the age of 18, he was told to go out into the world and use his medical skills to save more people's lives, and reach his final stage to become a true master. Before he left, his master told him, just don't believe those beautiful women! But young Aaron was too naive, for someone who never saw a beautiful woman, now he couldn't move his eyes away from those beautiful faces and boobs, and their silky skin. But he had to maintain a virgin, to develop his skills and get an upgrade of his cultivation. He managed to resist temptation from those married horny women, but until one day he met some real beauty, and he couldn't resist it anymore...
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The bustling Cathay train was filled with the incessant chattering of passengers as Labor Day was closing in. It wasn't as crowded as when the Spring Festival, but it certainly was crowded anyway. Meanwhile, there were three people squeezed uncomfortably in a seat originally meant for two people.

Aaron Lim was sitting between the two elegant young women awkwardly. It was already packed on the crowded train before they shared the seat, but once they sat down next to him it really became crammed enough to make one felt claustrophobic.

The young woman on his left was holding a little boy around the age of five. Although the child was all grown up, the woman was still well maintained. She had a mature look, coupled with a short white dress, her sizable chest made it hard for Aaron, a self-proclaimed gentleman to look away.

The other woman on his right had been restless the whole journey as she constantly moved about and rubbed her body on Aaron. She would also occasionally wink at Aaron and seduced him with words that made a total virgin like Aaron, who had had zero experience with women felt troubled.

The entire journey was total hell for Aaron.

The train arrived at a station and some passengers got down from the train. The woman who was holding the child finally had enough space and moved to the opposite of Aaron, allowing him to breathe a sigh of relief. 

"Mommy, I wanna sleep." The child grumbled as he fell asleep soundly in her arms.

The young woman covered her child with her coat and adjusted herself so that he could sleep more comfortably.

"Madam, has your child been eating right? He looks malnourished, have you considered taking him to a doctor yet?" Aaron asked the young woman curiously.

"You're right, he hasn't been eating much lately, not even his favorite snacks. I took him to the hospital recently but the doctor said that there's nothing wrong with him. I'm really worried about him..." The young woman replied bitterly.

"I know a little bit about medicine. Would you mind if I check on your child's pulse?" Aaron asked.

"I see, are you a doctor?" The young woman's face beamed with hope.

"Sort of. My master is an expert in Chinese medicine. I grew up with him so I picked up some of his knowledge myself. If you're willing to trust me, I can try to help your son." Aaron said with a smile.

"Okay, thank you so much." The young woman gently took out her child's hand as Aaron laid two fingers and carefully felt the child's pulse.

A few minutes later, Aaron let go of the child's wrist. He was familiar with the child's condition and he suggested to the young woman.

"It seems that your child's energy is a little unstable right now, and his Yin and Yang do not balance. Western medical knowledge would tell you that he's slightly anorexic, but he should be fine for now because the symptoms aren't very serious yet. Though I suggest that you take your son to a trusted Chinese medical practitioner. Some herbal medicine or a few acupuncture needles will patch him up nicely. Coincidentally, I happen to have some knowledge about Chinese medicine. Would you like to allow me in helping your son? It'll only take a few minutes."

"Oh, that's fine, thanks for the offering, though." The young woman shook her head hurriedly. Aaron was a stranger to her anyway, and she knew how dangerous it could be to accept a stranger's offer nowadays. Also, the woman did not convince that Aaron fit the image of a traditional white-haired Chinese medical practitioner. How could there be such a kind-hearted person in this world? Moreover, her son only lost his appetite. How could his outrageous opinion possibly be true?

"His condition might not look serious now, but it's not wise to delay it any longer. I suggest you find a Chinese medical practitioner to have a look at his condition."

Noticing that the young woman was getting wary of him, Aaron held his tongue. After all, they didn't know each other, and his overflowing enthusiasm made her suspicious of him instead.

"Young man, do you know Chinese medicine?" The woman next to Aaron asked. Her voice sounded so sweet that it was enough to make anyone melt.

Aaron's body suddenly shuddered. He was an expert in medicine and the human body, so he could tell that she had a big butt and she had a pair of eyes that were as pretty as peach blossoms. He knew that she was very well-endowed, which was why she couldn't help bumping into him occasionally just now.

Aaron was in his early twenties that year. Although he had traveled the world with his master and had experienced a lot, he would always resist the temptation to fall in love with a woman. It was because of his special constitution and the Irregular-Floating Pulse, he had been weak and was often sick since he was a child. Moreover, he could not have any sexual relationship with anyone before he was twenty-two.

So even though the young woman beside him was tempting as hell, he had to hold himself back.

His master was the successor of the Sacred Immortal Medical Sect. If it weren't for his help cultivating the Taoism Biblical Book of Supreme Verses to suppress the Irregular-Floating Pulse, he would not have been lucky enough to even lived to the age of eighteen. So he had to resist the woman's temptations, even though he really wanted to accept her advances.

As she spoke, the young woman leaned against Aaron again. Aaron felt a soft sensation on his right leg and quickly shifted it. He suppressed his impure thoughts and calmed down as he replied with a smile, "A little bit, I guess."

"Then... can you take a look at what's wrong with me? I haven't been eating and sleeping well recently. I always feel like something's missing from my body..."

The young woman stared at Aaron's weak and defenseless appearance lecherously. She had many experiences dealing with men and could accurately grasp what a man was thinking. She had her way with words and knew exactly how to toy with them.

"Also... I'm not feeling well over here, please take a look." The young woman grabbed Aaron's hand and pressed it against her chest. Aaron was caught off guard by her actions and quickly retracted his hand to avoid a nosebleed.

"Young man, what's wrong with my body? I have not been feeling so good recently, please take a look at my body for me." The woman gave him a sharp glare as she was starting to get annoyed at how oblivious he was. 

"In Chinese medicine, we pay attention to your pulse. I can't see anything from your body directly, so I have to check your pulse before I know what's going on." Aaron calmed down and said.

"Then won't you check my pulse for me, please?" The woman smiled happily. She was at a mature age, but her every move was like a hyena. A woman of her age knew exactly how to capture a man's heart. She stretched out her delicate right hand toward Aaron.

Aaron placed his hand on her wrist and felt the rhythm of her pulse. Meanwhile, the woman was scanning Aaron's body up and down.

A few moments later, Aaron let go of her hand and frowned slightly.

"What's wrong? Is there any problem?" Looking at Aaron's expression, the young woman suddenly became nervous.

"Something is wrong..." Aaron frowned.

"What's the problem?" The young woman asked worriedly.

"Are you in your thirties?"

"Yes, I am."

"Then are you married?"

"Yes, I am married."

"Have you had a child yet?"

"I have a boy, he's three."

Aaron was surprised at her answer, then he asked her with his face slightly red, "If you're married, you have a child, and now you're pregnant, then... why are you still a virgin?"

"Ah..." Aaron's unexpected question left the two women dumbfounded.