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Dr. Charming: Love On Call

Dr. Charming: Love On Call


She was a famous abandoned woman from a rich and powerful family; He is the noble and mysterious Third Young Master of the Lu Family; "Doctor Song, I want to treat you to a casual meal." "I'm sorry. The doctor can't accept the food and drink of a patient." He stretched out his long arms and held the woman's chin with both hands. "Woman, are you playing hard to get?" She realized the danger and wanted to escape; However, he continued to follow closely behind. She sneered and said, "Master Lu, do you know how to write the two words?" He pushed her into the corner. "Doctor Song, I don't know how to write since I don't know much about books. Why don't you teach me?" She snorted disdainfully and said, "Get out—" He curled his lips into a smile and said, "Doctor Song, you said less than two words." "What?" "The sheets!"
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  It was late at night.

  In the dark room, it was terribly quiet.

  The man's depressed breath, like a trapped beast, passed by her ear flirtatiously...

  Song Yuanxi was very scared. She moved her hand on the sheet and tried to avoid it, but her body could not move. Her heart was full of enthusiasm, as if there was a fire burning on her.

  There seemed to be a tiny flame on the man's cold fingertips, gentle and irresistible...

  She opened her eyes wide and wanted to see that face more clearly, but she could only smell the icy cold air.

  "Be... be a good girl!"

  In his ear, after the man sighed in a low voice, the tearing pain stabbed at him like dismembering.

  It was as if he wanted to drag her into the abyss, burning and raging...


  Song Yuanxi opened her eyes in the darkness.

  Again, this damn dream!

  She took a few heavy breaths, lifted the quilt, and walked into the bathroom.

  The woman in the mirror, with skin whiter than snow and a pair of star-like big eyes, was looking at herself with a little panic and horror.

  In her eyes, it was the pain she was familiar with.

  Time seemed to return to the night of a month ago... The man's dark eyes were noble, quiet, deep, and cold without a trace of warmth.

  Song Yuanxi closed her eyes in pain.

  She clearly knew that this was not a dream at all!

  He took a shower, blew his hair, and changed his clothes. Everything was in order as usual.

  Seven o'clock in the morning.

  Song Yuanxi, who was wearing a white coat, put her hair on her hair and walked into the operating ward of the People's Hospital of the capital on time.

  The initiative attached to her neck gave off a cold metallic luster.

  "Doctor Song, there is a patient who has a big bleeding in his stomach. He needs an operation right away." The little nurse caught up with him in a hurry.

  "Where is the patient from?"

  "It's sent from the emergency room."

  Song Yuanxi frowned. "Where is Director Chen?"

  "Director Chen is already on the stage."

  Song Yuanxi frowned. "I have a consultation at ten o'clock. I'm afraid it's too late."

  The young nurse quickly smiled and said, "Dr. Song is so well-known. He named you as the master knife. Other doctors in the department don't dare to accept it."

  Song Yuanxi's expression froze, and she made a prompt decision. "Get ready for the operation right away."

  On the cold operating table lay a pale-faced man, who was in a semi-conscious state.

  Song Yuanxi frowned and stopped.

  How could it be him?

  "Doctor Song, can the operation begin?"

  After a brief surprise, Song Yuanxi quickly calmed down. "I'm going to do anesthesia. Let's get started."

  After the operation was carried out in an orderly manner for an hour, Song Yuanxi had to stop and pointed to the hole in her stomach.

  "This place is completely rotten. One-third of it must be removed. Hurry up and communicate with your family members."

  "Yes, I'll go right away."

  The assistant ran out, but a few minutes later, he came in with relief and said, "Doctor Song, the patient's family members didn't agree to remove him. They said they wanted to see the doctor in charge of the knife."

  "It's a matter of life and death. What are you doing?"

  Song Yuanxi took off her gloves and left in a hurry. When she saw the face of her family members, she was stunned on the spot and her face turned pale.

  Tang Han was also looking at her at this moment, and his eyes flashed with surprise. "Song Yuanxi, how could it be your main blade?"

  Song Yuanxi curved her lips and stared at the man in front of her with her long and narrow phoenix eyes. She sneered and said, "Tang Han, I hope it's not me."

  Hearing this, Tang Han showed a look of understanding on his face. "No wonder his stomach has been cut off. You are deliberately trying to avenge your personal grudge!"