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I Can See You Through

I Can See You Through


Wang Xiaojiao had a dream, "I want to plant a lot of watermelon, make a lot of money, have a lot of women..."shh... lower your voice, keep a low profile. I am a person with X-ray vision.
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  "I want to plant a lot of wives... Oh, no, I want to plant a lot of watermelon, make a lot of money, marry a lot of women..."

  Three years ago, Wang Xiaoao, who graduated from university, set a goal for himself.

  Time flew. Time flew.

  Three years passed in the blink of an eye.

  In the first three years, Wang Xiaobiao had completed a third of the goal.

  He planted a lot of watermelons.

  As for the remaining two-thirds of her goals, which were to make a lot of money and marry a lot of women, that was, the West Lake Water, my tears...

  Sitting in the watermelon shed, playing with two balls that he had picked up from somewhere, with a cigarette in his mouth. Wang Xiaobiao looked at the watermelon in the tent, his face full of melancholy.

  "These watermelons are pretty good-looking, but when can I, Wang Xiaoao, marry a beautiful girl with these watermelons?"

  He had graduated from college for three years, and his pride and ambition had been worn down a lot now.

  He had been planting watermelon for three years. It seemed that God had been joking with him in the past three years.

  In the first year, it rained heavily, all the watermelon seedlings drowned, and the particles were nowhere to be found...

  The next year, there was no rain, drought, and all the watermelon seedlings were dry and dead, and the particles were still not collected...

  In the third year, the weather was good, but after the watermelon was planted, it would either be white phoenix or not sweet...

  Wang Xiaojiao was really puzzled. Was it because of his bad luck or the problem of watermelon seeds?

  However, this watermelon seed was the one he bought. It was a hybrid with a high-quality watermelon seed from the United States's company in an advertisement on the TV station... It was a hybrid species!

  "D*mn it. If I can't sell this watermelon, I'll be a bachelor for the rest of my life." Wang Xiaozhuang thought.

  At this moment, someone's voice came from outside the gourd shed.

  "It's Li Fu's voice..." Hearing the voice, Wang Xiaozhuang suddenly stood up, walked out and was ready to welcome him.

  Li Fu was the village head of the village. He was Wang Xiaojiao's father, Li Shuzi, an iron brother with a bad smell.

  Li Fu was good to himself and knew that he couldn't sell his watermelon, so he tried every means to find a buyer for himself.

  In the past three years, he had found no less than 20 buyers.

  It was obvious that these 20 buyers had no contact with him, Li Fu from now on.

  Now that Li Fu was here, it was obvious that he had brought another buyer.

  As for the buyer, Wang Xiaojiao naturally had to go out to welcome him.

  "Yo... today's buyer is a beautiful woman... She's tall, plump, and has a sweet voice..."

  Wang Xiaojiao was so happy that he couldn't close his mouth.

  He was a normal man, so he naturally loved beautiful women.

  He liked beautiful women, so he had three requirements.

  First, a beautiful woman must be kind and have good quality and love.

  Second, the beautiful woman's figure was good. She was curvaceous and open-minded.

  Third, in fact, if you can reach the second point, the first point can be neglected.

  Seeing the beautiful woman coming over with Li Fu, Wang Xiaosa was even more excited.

  "Look at her... That's really... Hey? Why is it her?" Seeing the comer, Wang Xiaozhuang suddenly frowned.

  "Isn't, isn't this my university classmate, Hu Meimei?"

  Hu Mei was not a good girl. When she was in school, she was born with a sense of superiority because she was a citizen of the city. She scoffed at Wang Xiaozhuang, a country boy. Even when she talked to Wang Xiaoiao, she always looked at Wang Xiaojiao with her nose up and down.

  "What is this woman doing here at this time?"

  "Could it be that she is the buyer that Li Fu found this time who came to buy my watermelon?"

  "F**k, stop teasing me."

  Hu Mei was so timid. If she saw that it was me, Wang Xiaoao, who sold the watermelon, she might humiliate me into a sh*t!

  Just as he was thinking about it, Li Fu and Hu Mei walked up to him.

  "Hey, isn't this Wang Xiaoniao?" Not seeing Wang Xiaoniao, Hu Mei immediately cheered up. "Director Li, don't tell me that the model of the college student in your village who has returned to the village is this Wang Xiaoniao?"

  "Yeah, yeah." Li Fu nodded immediately. "Manager Hu, do you know each other?"

  "Yes." Hu Mei smiled faintly and said, "Not only do we know each other, but Wang Xiaobiao is also my classmate in college for three years."

  "Really? That's a good relationship! Manager Hu, since you are classmates, you should take care of each other." Hearing Hu Mei's words, Li Fu was immediately happy. This classmate of the same class must help him no matter what. Then, Xiaoniao, who had a lot of watermelon, could be saved.

  "You don't need me to take care of him, do you?" Hu Mei said with a strange smile, "This Wang's boss has such a big business. He must have made a lot of money, wives and concubines, right?"

  "Manager Hu, don't say that. If that's the case, I don't need you to buy his watermelon. In fact, this child has been losing money for the past few years... Alas, it's strange that God doesn't help him. It's either Flood or drought..." Li Fu sighed and said.

  "So, Wang Xiaobiao, you didn't make anything in the past few years, and you lost a lot?" Hu Mei's face suddenly showed a victorious smile and looked at Wang Xiao Dumb Kid.

  "Well, it's true that the weather in the first two years is not very good..." Wang Xiaojiao smiled awkwardly and said.

  "It's not my fault to be ridiculed by others. I really didn't have any results."

  "Forget it!" Before Wang Xiaojiao finished his words, Hu Mei interrupted him with a wave of her hand. "I remember I told you that it's useless to start a business in the countryside. How can you get gold out of such a small piece of land? Is it possible? Are you daydreaming? You have no ability and no ability. How can you blame the weather? I'm also drunk."

  "Hey, Wang Xiaojiao, look at me. We also graduated from college. You were better than me at the beginning? How is it now? I have become the general manager of the juice factory, but what about you? You are still a local farmer... Ah... I really don't deserve it for your parents. I spent so much money on you and trained you, a college student. Unexpectedly, in the end, I cultivated a local farmer..."

  "If I had known that, I would have made a lot of money by using those money to raise pigs and dogs. But that's right. People like your parents, who have no sense of propriety, are so short-sighted. With such a useless son like you, they will still support you endlessly. If it were me, even if I didn't kill my son, I would find a place to hang him."

  "Hu Mei, shut up!"