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Love Can Wait

Love Can Wait

Author:Tick Tock


Bella Tic is only 23 years old however after Paul broke her heart she vowed no other man would ever make her love again. Afterall what the hell was love? Then in walked Mark Domain with those smooth words and that hot ass body and those blue eyes. What was wrong with her why was this man so easy to fall for?
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  Bella stood in front of the window her mind going back to yesteryear remembering all those promises Paul had made to her. As tears ran down her face she picked up a book and threw it as hard as she could as it hit the bookshelf she could hear the glass shatter. "NOTHING BUT DAMN LIES" she screamed. " YOU NEVER LOVED ME!!! AND NOW YOU ARE WITH THE BITCH YOU SAID YOU HATED . THAT SORRY NASTY BITCH LUCY! "

  Her heart would break everytime she thought about it. She shook her head and tried to dry her tears that was long ago. Her heart had turned to stone long ago! She would never love another man! What the hell was love anyway?

  Now she just used these men. Why shouldn't she hurt them before they could her?

  Bella Tic was a beautiful woman 5'6 110 pounds. Long blonde hair beautiful blue eyes. Her complexion was perfect no flaws. Long tan legs a beautiful smile. The only problem when she looked in the mirror she didn't see a beautiful woman she hated the woman who appeared in that damn mirror looking back at her!

  She decided she was going out. She picked up her phone and called her best friend Tina. She was a cute girl. They had been friends for more than 18 years.

  " Hello" came a voice on the phone.

  "Tina get your dancing shoes on, let's go out for awhile, I will pick you up in 30 mins. Be ready" Bella said and hung up the phone. She didn't wait for Tina's reply she was always ready to go out to party.

  30 minutes later she pulled up in front of Tina's house.

  Beep beep. Tina was ready and came out ready to go. She wore a cute short skirt and a tank top and heels.

  "DAMN GIRL , looking hot" Bella told Tina. " U too she said to Bella!" Bella Tic was wearing a small black dress that came down to a little past her thighs. She had her high heeled dancing shoes on too. Her long beautiful hair was piled up on her head with just a few curls hanging down around her face her makeup was perfectly done. Her lips were shining with her lips gloss. As Tina looked at her she said. " Girl if I wasn't straight I'd do you myself"

  Bella smiled and said " we have played around many times in the bedroom and if I wasn't straight I'd do you too" They both laughed and threw their heads back as they drove singing along with the music playing loudly

  They pulled into Club Electric a short time later. As they got out of the car they could hear the guys that was going in behind them say. Damn look at those 2 hot ladies guarantee we will take them home with us tonight.

  Bella turned around and said " who you taking home with you tonight?"

  The guys stared at her and said "you and your friend of course"

  Bella and Tina both laughed and at the same time they both said " IN YOUR DAMN DREAMS"!!!!!!

  As they danced and was drinking and laughing and singing they didn't notice the hot man sitting in the corner watching Bella.