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The secrets in her heart

The secrets in her heart



Sofia is a bright and cheerful child until the day her family betrayed her and made her into a slave. On her 15th birthday she would finally be free of them but the aftermath caused her to choose paths that made her feel lonely and afraid. Sofia pulled her jacket up around her as she walked away from everyone she loved.
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  A small child of 3 years was at home playing with her papa. She laughed and giggled S she lay on the bed. She was dressed in a green zippered jumpsuit with a cute collar. The suit was dark green corduroy. Her papa had no shirt on and was laying next to her. The room was bright but she did not remember the details of it because daddy was unzipping her clothes. He told her not to be afraid. She knew in her mind he shouldn't be doing this. She tried to get free. As she struggled he said "it's ok don't be like that. This is what daddy's do.

  She is startled back to the present by the phone. She is older and with her family. She wakes up slowly confused. Her mind is still in the past as she sits up and realizes she is an adult and never has to go through that again.

  She answers her phone in a hurry and said " hello this is the bright residence." The other end of the line was her sister. Sofia and Wendy did not get a long in terms of closeness. Sofia felt betrayed by her sister and unloved. Her sister was the idealistic version of who she wanted to be growing up. Her sister didnt understand her and felt that the things in the past were Sofia fault.

  Wendy said " Hey sis what's up?"

  Sofia "I was asleep."