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I hate you too

I hate you too



It all started at jasion's birthday. We shouldn't have kissed that day, we shouldn't have met that way. If only i could leave you without any regrets i promise i would. I am lost in words, i cant explain this to you in short time that is left but all i wonder now is what did i do to deserve this.
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  Lisa was still on her bed playing with her phone when a strange sound caught her attention. She pulled earphone out her ears to listen to that sound carefully & Suddenly!!

  Some one knocked on her door.

  Knock! Knock ! Knock!

  Lisa was so scared just now.

  She got off her bed & slowly walked towards the door. Who is it? She asked.

  "Guess who" a funny voice replied.

  Roma is that you? Lisa asked.

  "No... Why would you think it's roma" the voice replied. Just open your door & you will see.

  But, Lisa was not sure what to do, she slowly unlocked the door.


  It was roma & elsa wearing a nurse outfit. "Why are you here at this hour, it already 11pm" Lisa said with a confused expression on her face.

  Today is Jasion's birthday & we are here to take you with us, Elsa said.

  "Yeah, & why are you still wearing this jeans isn't it uncomfortable to sleep wearing it" Roma added.