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Sweetest Seduction

Sweetest Seduction

Author:Bex Pinckney


When Arianna and Uriel both move back to their hometown, they start to realize that their feelings for one another are far more intense than they would have expected. With a lifelong history of viewing one another as just friends, will either of them break the ice?
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  Cars sped past me as I walked towards my apartment in downtown Atlanta, enjoying the spring weather. The prenatal yoga class that I taught Wednesday evenings had ended as soon as it had begun, with one student going into labor and their water breaking all over the studio floor. Her wife had promptly taken her to the hospital, and class was dismissed. I smiled to myself, picking up some Thai food on the way home, wanting to surprise my fiance with his favorite.

  In the restaurant, a handsome stranger sat across from me while I waited for my food. He gave me a small wave, friendly, and when I returned the gesture, I made sure to wave with the hand my engagement ring rested on. He smiled politely when he saw it, leaving as soon as he picked up the food. If I was single, he was exactly the type of man I would have given my number to, but I was nothing if not loyal.

  Reaching the apartment, I heard voices coming from Lance’s office, and I tiptoed down the hall. He was normally off by this time, but he must have had a video meeting run later than normal this evening. I quietly opened the door and held the food out before poking my head in, only to gasp at the sight before me.

  On Lance’s desk, his secretary lay with her skirt unzipped, clamoring to cover herself. The food dropped to the floor, but I hardly noticed as I watched my fiance tugging his member back into his pants. He wasn’t even wearing a condom. Oh god. I needed to go, needed to get out of there.

  Stepping out of the apartment, I barely registered the sound of Lance scrambling after me, begging me to come back into the house. I pulled out my phone, only to see that Uriel, my best friend, was already calling me.

  Great timing.

  I answered the phone. “Uriel, you aren’t gonna-”

  “Arianna, you won’t believe what just-”

  We both stopped for a moment. If I wasn’t in complete shock, I would have chuckled. “What’s going on?” I asked him, walking away from Lance’s begging.

  “It’s Rochelle. She just ended things, said she needs to find herself while she’s in college or some shit. I thought she was the one, man. I don’t even know what to do with myself, anymore. She was the only reason I was staying in California anymore. I’m thinking about coming home.”

  Uriel, like me, was from Swainsboro, Georgia. A small town with just enough to keep you from going completely crazy. He’d moved with his parents to California ten years ago, when he was fifteen. We’d stayed in touch, having shared many visits between the two of us.

  “Ugh. I hate to ask this, but would it be okay if I crashed with you and Lance, just until I figure things out? I know you’re busy with wedding planning, but I can pay rent once I pick up a bartending gig and help you with the wedding.”

  “I would say yes if there was going to be a wedding.”

  Behind me, Lance gasped at my words and the seriousness of my dry tone. “Please, Arianna, don’t do this. It was a mistake!”

  I took the ring off and threw it at him. “Give it to the secretary you were just going raw with! I’ve got to go get tested now, you asshole. I’ll be gone tomorrow.”

  “What the hell is going on?” Uriel asked. I could hear the shock in his question.

  “My class ended early and I walked in on him fucking his secretary in our home with no condom. We’re through. I’m moving back to Swainsboro.”

  “Shit, Arianna, are you okay?”

  “No, but I will be. So, you’re going to need a roommate?”