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Kiss under rain

Kiss under rain



Bethany, a girl who never get treated right by most people she knew, except for her 2 best friends. She was in a very toxic relationship, had a very unreliable and greedy family. And then suddenly, there came a guy, Joshua, who got involved in her life. A guy that has everything anyone would asked for. A perfect guy and a broken girl. How would the story end?
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  WARNING: This story contains mature language and some mature scenes

  "Thank you, have a nice day!" Bethany said to the lady and gave her a smile. The lady gave Bethany a smile of appreciation back before leaving. "Wah, you look happy today, huh" Alice, one of her best friend said while smiling at her. "Do I?" Beth asked. Alice shrugged and said "Well, you do, to me" "Well, I look like this everyday." Beth said and shrugged. They looked at each other for a few seconds and chuckle. "Yo, ladies. What're you talking about? " Jane, Beth's other best friend, joined and asked with excitement. "Ehh, nothing much actually." Beth and Alice both answered and chuckle again. "Well, you better be keeping an eye on work if you don't want to lose your bonus this month" Jane said playfully, while also getting ready to take a customer's order. Without wasting another second, Beth and Alice both started working along with Jane. After their shift ended, they all went to their own home after bidding goodbye. Beth started walking back to her

hers and her boyfriend's

apartment happily. Then she suddenly felt sad and exhausted, when she was getting closer to her apartment. 'I hope this end well' she thought to herself and took a deep breath in and out, then continued walking. She was standing in front of her apartment's door, feeling nervous to go in, then the door suddenly swung open, frightened her to take a step back. There stood her boyfriend *cough* toxic one *cough* completely wasted. "Have you been drinking all day again?" Beth asked Mike, her boyfriend. " And is that girl's perfume I smell?" Beth added. " It's none of your business, bitch" he responded rudely. "Well, it is my business. You're my boyfriend! You're literally drinking all day and sleep with other girls! How is it not my business?!" she replied, feeling a little mad that he treated her like this. " Just because I'm your boyfriend, doesn't mean you get to stick your nose in my every fucking business!" he replied, raising his voice, feeling a little angry. Beth stood there speechless. "You weren't like this before, were you?" she said softly. "You were so sweet, so caring and now you're just an alcoholic, a cheater and a complete jerk!" she yelled back, letting everything out. She had had enough of this argument, this relationship! On the other hand, because of being drunk and angry, Beth being off guard, Mike slapped her across the face so hard that she fell down. "Who the fuck do you think you are, raising your voice at me?!" Mike asked, with hands clenched on both side. After recoverd from the slap, Beth stood up and yelled back "Who the fuck am I, you asked?! Well, I'm your fucking girlfriend! Oh wait, your soon to be ex-girlfriend! I'm breaking up with you, Mike! We're over!" Hearing this, made Mike angrier than before, that he suddenly threw a punch toward her. With her good reflex, she easily dodged it. Then she kicked him where the sun doesn't shine, hard. Getting kicked in the ball so hard, he felt down to the floor, screaming in pain. Beth took this opportunity, went to their bedroom

not hers anymore

, picked up the luggage that she had already packed, and went back to the living room. "Goodbye, Mike. I hope I never, ever see you again!" she said to Mike then left. After getting out of the apartment, Beth called Alice and asked if she could come over to her place. And of course, she said yes. Beth went to Alice's place. She knocked on the door and waited. A few seconds later, Jane opened the door. "Wait, am I at the right place?" Beth asked with a giggle. "Yes, you are. Alice called me here" Jane replied. "Wait, she invited you here? For what?" Beth asked, confused. "I don't know" Jane shrugged. "She said she had a bad feeling when you called her, she said your tone sounded a little sad, so she called me here. To help cheer you up" Jane added. " Ahh.. I see" Beth said. " Wait, what's that bruise on your cheek? " Jane asked while making a way for Beth to come inside. Beth touched her cheek and hissed a little, because of the pain. "Well, it's quite a short story actually." she said with a little giggle, a sad one. "And what's with the luggage?" Jane added, still a bit confused." Why don't we close the door, go inside then we can talk, yeah?" Beth suggested. Agreed, Jane locked the front door, and started tailing behind Beth with her luggage in her hand. They took a seat on the couch in the living room, then Alice's head popped up from the kitchen and asked "You guys want something to eat or drink?" " Anything's fine" Jane responded. "Ok" Alice said while going back into the kitchen to grab some food. "So, what happened?" Jane asked, facing Beth. "Yeah, what happened? I got so worried when I heard your voice over the phone" Alice also asked, coming out of the kitchen with a plate of fruits and three glasses of water on a tray. "Perfect timing, aren't you?" Beth said. "So, I broke up my *toxic* boyfriend" Beth continued. " Wait, seriously?! " Jane and Alice both said in surprise. " You finally broke up with that jerk? " Alice asked. Beth nodded. " And what about the bruise on your cheek? Did he hit you?" Jane asked. In realization, Jane suddenly gasped and shout "Wait, did that fucker hit you?! Oh, Imma go and kill that fucker right now! " Jane stood up quickly, ready to leave when Beth stood up and stopped her immediately before she could step any further. Because if she doesn't Jane, then there's gonna be a big problem. Jane is someone that says then does it. She ain't kidding with anything. "Wait, no, Jane, no. I already broke up with him. There's no need to make the problem bigger than it already has" Beth pleaded her friend. Jane looked at Beth's pleading eyes and gave in." Fine, I won't kill that fucker... Not yet" she said then plopped back down on the couch. "Thank you" Beth breathed out. "So that jerk really slapped you, huh?" This time Alice was the one who said it, with a look that shows she's ready to kill someone.

Overprotective friends are great, aren't they

"Oh no Alice. Please, not that face. It's fine. I'm fine now" Beth said to Alice, trying to calm her down, also with pleading eyes. Seeing her friend trying to calm her down, and with those pleading eyes hers, Alice also gave in. "Fine. Are you sure you're completely ok? Not in pain at all?" Alice asked to confirm. "Yeah, I'm ok" Beth answered, even though she was just hissing at the pain on her cheek a few moments ago. "I don't bout you girls, but we need to treat the bruise. I'll go get some ice" Jane spoke up after listening to her two friends talking and went to get some ice. "Do you have a place to stay? Is that why there's a luggage with you? If you need a place to stay, you can stay here with me" Alice said to Beth. " Really?" Beth questioned. " Yeah, of course" Alice confirmed. "Aww, thank you!" Beth replied. Jane came out of the kitchen with some ice wrapped around by towel. "Come on, I applied some ice for you" Jane offered. "Thank you guys so much! I don't know what would I do without you guys!" Beth thanked her friends. " That's what best friends are for! " Jane and Alice said while smiling at her and also gave her some hugs. Beth was overwhelmed that she has two best of the best friends with her, waiting to support her, to protect her, as well as being here as her real family. After chitchatting, and eating, they all got ready and went to bed. There's only one bedroom, so they all slept in the same room. The room was big enough for three people so it was fine. Now I know you may wonder, if I knew that Mike was cheating on me, why don't I break up with him sooner. Well that's because I was planning to, it was today actually but who knew he was wasted and made things more complicated. Even though, I feel sad that I have to break up with him. He was so sweet, so caring, he was a good boyfriend. It was a few months ago, he started to change, he started to drink more, stayed out late almost everyday. For the whole time, he treated me like trash. Then, just a week ago, I noticed he came back smelling like women's perfume everyday. I had enough of his shit, that's why I planned on breaking up with him. But it didn't really go as planned. Well, at least now I'm free. I don't have to deal with him anymore. I don't have to stay and let him treated me like trash anymore. It's time that I move on.