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The Adorable Super Miracle Doctor

The Adorable Super Miracle Doctor


My wife married me reluctantly. But she made a deal with me, so she had to obey her words. I was the successor of the greatest doctor in the world and I was the only one who knew how to use the Miracle Needles. That's why the richest gorgeous Kaylin asked me to cure her mom. I agreed but she needed to marry me. Born in a rich family, Kaylin initially looked down on me and rejected being intimate with me. However, as I moved to the city and worked as a doctor, she begged me to love her...
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Eight hundred miles below the steepest cliff of Decayed Mountains, there stood a village named Leurbost Village.

The village was tiny. It would hardly be seen on the map even if one zoomed in on it millions of times.

Early in the morning, in the village with only dozens of households, a sharp voice rang from the west side.

"Brodie Jiang, if you don't cure Annie's pig right now, you're out of here!"

Following the sound to a crudely fenced courtyard, a man in a tunic suit with a face full of pockmarks was yelling at the top of his voice.

The young man in front of him was in his twenties. He had a pair of bright eyes. However, there was sensible evil in those eyes.

With his leg crossed, he sat there smoking a tobacco pipe in his hand. When he heard the cries, he put on his wicked smile and sneered, "What, you wanna drive me away again?"

"Let me tell you, Flynn, if I leave the village, nobody's gonna treat the hemorrhoid on your *ss, your wife's gynecological inflammation, and your dirty dog's epilepsy..."

Hearing Brodie's words, Flynn instantly trembled with anger.

But he had no choice!

Brodie was the only one in the village who was medically skilled. Without him, Flynn's own hemorrhoid would kill him!

After some thought, Flynn softened up and said, "How can I get you to treat the pig? Did you know that the pig hasn't eaten for three days?"

Brodie rolled his eyes. Then, he replied, "Hmm, I won't be greedy. I'll have your century-old vintage wine! Once it's in my hands, leave the pig to me."

"No way!" Flynn jumped in a heartbeat!

"You're so ruthless. I worked so hard in the mountains decades ago to get that wine. And now, you want it just like that?"

With a smile, Brodie sighed, "What's wrong? Can't even let go of some wine? Dang! Annie even did the deed with you in the cornfield. In the end, it's not even worth it!"

"What did you say?" As soon as Flynn heard that, he almost panicked.

"I said, you made out with Annie in the cornfield... And you refuse to give me a bottle of wine. What a stingy man!"

"How did you know that, you b*stard?" asked Flynn as he almost fell to the ground in shock.

Annie Wang was a pretty widow in her thirties. She had white and tender skin. A few years ago, her husband died from an illness. As a result of loneliness, she did the dirty thing with Flynn.

"Well, I went up the mountain to pick some herbs a while back and passed by the cornfield. Coincidentally, I saw you hugging and kissing her..."

When Flynn heard this, he almost burst into tears.

Everyone knew that although he was the village chief, his wife was a monster. A few years ago, they quarreled, and in the end, she chased him down the street with a kitchen knife!

This was definitely going to stir up a hornet's nest now that Brodie knew of Flynn's dirty deed with Annie. Plus, Brodie was known for doing anything he wanted, so if he were to spread this news, Flynn would be a dead man.

"What do you want then?" Finally, Flynn admitted defeat.

"I already told you, I want your bottle of wine! Give it to me, and I'll keep my mouth shut. Plus, I'll cure Annie's old pig as well!"

At this point, Flynn was trembling all over, and his heart was racing. After a long time, he finally agreed. "Okay! Fine. But remember this, if you dare to spread this matter to others, I won't spare you."

"Chill out. I'm the most trustworthy man you can find!"

"Wait here, I'll get the wine now!"

Looking at Flynn's retreating figure, Brodie grinned in joy.

He was happy to get the wine.

After that, he went back to his room.

There was a large square table in his modest home, and an old portrait was hung in the middle. In the portrait, there was an old man with grey hair that looked like a sage. There was also beautiful writing on it that read: Doctors save the world and are kindhearted. In front of the portrait was a memorial tablet, on which was written: Benefactor Jonah Wu's spirit.

Brodie entered the house and took out a wooden medical kit. When he came in front of the portrait, he squinted at it.

"Gosh darn it, master. You fooled me! You say that I can live a good life and even get married after studying medicine. After a decade of learning from you, I've become a vet!"

After a few choice words, Brodie left the house, ready to treat Annie's old pig.


When Flynn came to Brodie's house with the bottle of wine that he had kept for decades, Brodie had already come back from Annie's place.

Seeing Brodie casually sitting in the yard, Flynn asked, "Brodie, did you treat Annie's pig yet?"

"All done, buddy! The old pig caught a cold after giving birth. I've already met Annie and prescribed some medicine for the pig. It's gonna recover in a day."

"Alright, I knew I could count on you!" laughed Flynn.

Although Brodie was young, he was famous for being a great doctor in Leurbost Village. Whether the patient was a human or an animal, Brodie could cure them in three days.

The downside was that he was cruel, and the other party often had to give him something precious to get him to work. It was one of the reasons why he wasn't welcomed in the village.

"Where's my wine?" Brodie narrowed his eyes as he looked at Flynn.

Tightly, Flynn held the bottle of wine with both hands as he suffered inside. He had no choice. What could he do when he needed Brodie to keep one of his secrets?

"Here!" Flynn reluctantly handed the bottle of century-old wine to Brodie.

Immediately, Brodie grew excited. He snatched the wine over from Flynn and sniffed it. "Mm! This wine smells amazing!"

"I've given you the wine, Brodie. You must remember our agreement," reminded Flynn.

In response, Brodie waved his hand. "No problem!"

After saying that, he ignored Flynn and went into the house.

At home, Brodie opened the bottle of wine, poured a glass out from it, placed it in front of the portrait in the middle, and prayed to the memorial tablet.

"Master, I'm here for a toast again!" greeted Brodie as he sat on the floor with his legs crossed.

Looking at the portrait in front of him, Brodie had all his old memories surge into his mind like a puff of smoke.

More than a decade ago, Brodie and Jonah Wu moved to Leurbost Village from another place. But because the villagers didn't like outsiders, the two of them were coldly treated.

Jonah was an old doctor, but when he got drunk, he yelled that he was still the best doctor in the country. Obviously, Brodie never believed it.

Jonah liked to drink, and he drank every day. It was until a stormy day three years ago that he died from drinking too much.

After Jonah's death, Brodie lived alone in Leurbost Village. It was tiring, but he got used to it.