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Reborn as a Queen

Reborn as a Queen


Michelle's ready to give her fiance a birthday surprise, only to catch him making out with her stepsister. Then, it dawned on her that her fiance wanted to marry her for the ring left by her mom, which was the key to her family’s wealth. And it’s her stepsister and stepmother who had plotted the car accident, which rendered her crippled with one leg missing. Oh, her stepsister wheeled her to the lofty balcony now. The world was so cruel. She jumped off, secretly swallowed her ring. They would never found it, right? Hah. A rebirth? Wow, she got her leg back. Didn’t God want her to take everything back by giving her another life? But wait. Why did she go back to the night when she previously lost her virginity. The man she slept with, a rent-boy? And he proposed! Who was he?
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Michelle Yates wheeled herself towards the bedroom with much difficulty. She was holding a porcelain cup made by herself. She felt that a DIY item was always the best gift ever. She put in a lot of effort to mold this cup.

Today was Harrison Lewis's birthday. She wanted to give him a surprise.

He worked so hard every day. He should be sleeping now. She wanted to go to his bedroom and have a look at him. She hadn't seen him for half a month.

When she opened the door, she heard a very familiar woman's voice, "Harry, are you really going to marry Michelle? She's a cripple..."

Michelle was stunned. The door was left ajar. She saw her fiancé, Harrison Lewis, cuddling her stepsister, Teresa Yates, on the bed.

Harrison sneered, "Of course I am going to marry her. This is the only way to make her give me the diamond ring that her mother gave her." 

Teresa looked at him and asked, "Well, can you please divorce her after you get the ring from her?" 

Harrison smiled coldly. "I am going to make her die. I will not get a divorce."

Teresa giggled, "You are really bad."

Harrison asked in a hoarse voice, "Do you like me being a bad guy?" 

"I like it..." Teresa said coyly before they cuddled and kissed each other again.


The porcelain cup on Michelle's hand dropped to the ground and broke into pieces. She tried to wheel herself away in a panic. However, her wheelchair was stuck. 

"Who is it?" Harrison questioned. He got out of the bed immediately and wrapped himself with a towel before he ran out. He was startled when he saw Michelle there.

He asked, "Michelle, why are you here?" 

Michelle smiled bitterly and replied sarcastically, "I'll miss such a good show if I'm not here." 

"Michelle, please listen to me," Harrison said anxiously. He was just one step away from his success. 

He held Michelle's wheelchair tightly. Michelle didn't have much strength as she only had one leg. She couldn't move the wheelchair at all.

Teresa wrapped herself with the blanket and ran out. She grabbed Michelle's hand and apologized, "Michelle, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. Please don't blame Harry. I just want to stay with him. I'll not stop you from marrying him." 

Michelle almost broke down. She shouted, "Let go of me. You guys are disgusting."

Then, she raised her hand and slapped Teresa in her face. Her face became swollen immediately.

"Teresa, are you all right?" Harrison looked at Teresa's face and asked anxiously.

Teresa shook her head.

All of a sudden, Harrison's expression changed. He uttered, "Michelle, don't be so shameless. Do you think I will really fall in love with you and marry you? If you don't have the diamond ring your mother gave to you, do you really think you stand any chance to marry me? Geez, take a look at yourself! You only have one leg. How can I make out you? I'll be scared! You have a huge scar there!" 

Michelle roared in a trembling voice, "I lost my leg because I tried to save you! How can you say that you're afraid?" 

Harrison answered coldly, "Just because you saved me, do you think I would care for you? You're pathetic."

Michelle gave a bitter laugh as tears rolled down her cheeks. God knew what she had given up for Harrison.