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Never Let You Go

Never Let You Go


In a substitute marriage, she married a man who had a leg disease but had great power. "I, Mo Shen, don't want a woman with a bastard." She thought it was a trade marriage, but unexpectedly, she lost her heart and walked around. She left sadly. Many years later, Xiao Zheng too, who looked exactly like him, slapped Ye Mo's head. "Bastard, who do you think is a bastard?"
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  In the evening.

  Heavy rain poured down, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

  Shen Tuo dragged his suitcase and walked aimlessly in the rain.

  "Hey, hey, Lin Jiang divorced you not because he won five million lottery tickets, but because you didn't fulfill your obligation as a wife."

  "Shen Tuo, are you tired of it? You wanted to mention divorce a long time ago. If you don't want to leave, do you still want to divide the property?"

  Shen Tuo's face couldn't tell if it was rain or tears.

  His vision was blurred.

  A silver Bentley in the aisle flew toward them at a high speed, but Shen Tuo, who was extremely sad, didn't notice it.

  Until the car was almost in front of her, she reacted, but her brain was in a state of collapse. She stood in the same place and watched the car driving straight toward her.


  The silver Bentley turned rapidly, and it could be seen that the car owner's driving skills were too fast, so he accidentally hit the guardrail.

  Shen Tuo stood where he was, his heart beating wildly.

  The silver Bentley didn't move after it was stopped by the fence.

  It was late at night, and it was quiet here. There were no vehicles in the past.

  Shen Tuo stood in the same place for a few seconds before he reacted. He suddenly raised his hand and wiped away the tears on his face. Then he threw the suitcase and ran to the silver Bentley.

  Inside the car, it was dark. Shen Tuo lay prone on the window and vaguely saw a man's figure lying on the steering wheel.

  Shen Tuo slammed the window hard. "Sir, are you okay?"

  Anyway, he hit the fence in order to avoid her. If there was anything wrong with him, she had to be responsible for it!

  When Shen Hao heard a crack, he quickly opened the door and leaned his upper body into it. "Are you all right? Ah..." Her voice was still full of tears.

  Before he could finish his words, the man lying on the steering wheel suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed Shen Hao's arm and pulled her in.

  boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

  The door was closed and locked.

  Shen Tuo fell on the man's leg. The man's hot hand was locked on her waist like a chain, making her unable to move.

  "Let me go, let go of me..." Sensing the danger, Shen Tuo stuttered and said to the man.

  "Do you want to die?"

  She said slowly, her voice was deep and deep, like a sweet wine passing through her throat.

  Shen Tuo was stunned for a few seconds before he realized that he was saying that he was walking in the middle of the road. She quickly shook her head and said, "I, I didn't mean it."

  "Whether you did it on purpose or not, don't blame me if you came to me by yourself..." As soon as he finished speaking, the man lifted her up and put her on his lap.

  Sensing the man's strength, Shen Peng's head went numb and he stammered, "What are you doing..."

  "What do you think?"

  The man bent over and kissed her with his cold thin lips.

  Shen Tuo felt as if something had exploded in his head.

  The man's kiss was aggressive and a little green, but soon found the way.

  Shen Tuo's head went blank for a long time. It was not until a burst of pain hit him that he came to his senses and beat the man in front of him desperately.

  The man knew what was going on and pressed her under his body after he laid down the seat...

  The heavy rain fell the whole night, as if to wash away the sins of this city.

  After a crazy night...

  The person in the car moved his fingertips, and the man opened his sharp and deep eyes. It was late at night and he sat up.

  There was still the sweet scent left by that woman in the air, but he was alone at the scene.

  "He ran away?"

  Ye Mo's eyes deepened a little. His gaze fell on the red spot on the seat, and there was a complicated look in his eyes. What a trouble!

  Ye Mo Shen called Xiao Yan, his assistant, and ordered in a cold voice, "Find my position immediately, and then find out who the woman was last night."

  After that, without waiting for his assistant to understand, he hung up the phone.


  Shen Tuo escaped in the middle of the night. Taking advantage of the heavy rain, she returned to her parents-in-law's house in a mess.

  After being married for so many years, she didn't even sleep with her husband, but today she slept with a strange man, so Shen Tuo was very panicked.

  When she woke up, she subconsciously chose to run away.

  "Tuk, tuk, tuk."

  Shen's mother pushed open the door and came in, giving her a bowl of ginger soup.

  "Thank you, mom."

  "Are you completely finished with Lin Jiang?"

  Speaking of Lin Jiang, Shen Tuo lowered his eyes and held the ginger soup in his hand to drink it over and over again. Obviously, he didn't want to mention it anymore.

  "It's good that you get divorced. Anyway, your father arranged another marriage for you."

  Shen Hao's heart started to thump when he heard that. He suddenly raised his head and asked, "Mom?"

  "Although the other party has a leg disease, you are still the second marriage after all. Don't dislike it."

  Shen Tuo asked, "Mom, what are you talking about?"

  Shen's mother stood up quickly and looked at her with a look of anger. "The marriage is set in a month's time. You have to marry her even if you don't want to."

  "I didn't get married to Lin Jiang until tonight. How did you know that?" Shen Tuo felt a chill run down his spine.

  "To tell you the truth, this marriage should have fallen into your sister's hands, but since you have divorced, you can do it on behalf of your sister."

  Speaking of this, Shen's mother took a deep breath and looked at her with deep eyes. "The other party has a leg disease. The Shen family can't destroy both of their daughters."

  With a dull pain in his heart, Shen Tuo's hand holding the ginger soup gradually trembled, and her lips trembled. "Mom, I am your biological daughter..."

  "Yueyue is your sister. Can you bear to see her suffer?"

  "What about me?"

  "In short, this matter is decided in this way. You have to marry into the Ye family in a month! If two daughters of the Shen family are destroyed, I and your father can't live any longer."

  On the day of their marriage, Shen Hao's younger sister, Shen Yue, came to see her.

  "Sister, I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose, but mother..."

  Shen Tuo stared at her, his eyes motionless. "I'm sorry? Are you willing to put on the wedding dress and marry yourself?"

  "Sister, I..." Shen Yue clenched the fist in her hand and gritted her teeth. Finally, she loosened her hand and breathed a sigh of relief. "I have a boyfriend's sister, but you have divorced..."

  Shen Tuo looked away and lowered his eyes. "Yes, I've divorced... Take good care of my parents. They've done their best for this matter. They've tried their best to make me agree."

  Marrying to a person with leg disease meant that she would take care of him for the rest of her life. If it was her life, she could accept it.

  But this was obviously Shen Yue's, and she, Shen Tuo, after experiencing her husband's betrayal, returned to her parents-in-law's home. She originally wanted to get some comfort.

  But she didn't expect that she would get the news that she would marry into the Ye family on behalf of her sister.

  Because of Shen Yue's leg disease, her parents did not want Shen Yue to be destroyed.

  What about her? Was she going to suffer so much just because of the marriage?

  It was ridiculous! But it was her parents who gave birth to her and raised her. She had to accept it.

  The Ye family prepared a grand wedding. After a tedious wedding, Shen Tuo's brain was washed clean by the Shen couple before he came because he was married in Shen Yue's place.

  Although everyone didn't know her, Shen Rui was probably feeling guilty, so he lowered his head during the whole process and tried not to let others pay attention to her.

  Fortunately, the groom was sitting in a wheelchair, and his breath was so cold that the wedding scene was almost frozen into icicles, so everyone's attention was mostly on him.

  Although the wedding was grand, it was still simple. Because of Night Cooer's disrespect for wine, the people who were afraid of him did not dare to make trouble for him.

  After the wedding, Shen Yue was sent to a new room.

  The older servant stood in front of her and said, "Second Young Mistress, although our Second Young Master has a leg disease, he is the second young master of the Ye family. After the Second Young Mistress marries, you should try your best to take care of our Second Young Master."

  Since she got wet in the rain that night and was told by her mother to marry into the Ye family on behalf of Shen Yue, she had a high fever the next day and then retired for a few days.

  After that, her condition was reversed and she hadn't recovered completely. Until today, before she put on the wedding dress, she still took the medicine for catching a cold.

  At this moment, her eyelids were very heavy. After listening to the servant's words, she could only nod repeatedly and then said, "I know, can you let me have a rest for a while?"

  She really couldn't hold on any longer.

  The old servant looked at her with disgust and went out while talking.

  As soon as she left, Shen Tuo did not care whether he was wearing a wedding dress or not. He directly fell asleep.

  In her sleep, there seemed to be a sharp gaze falling on her face, which was strange.