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Century Wedding Ceremony

Century Wedding Ceremony


It was the first time he saw her. She was seven years old, and he was twelve years old. He was hunted by someone, and she saved him. It was the second time he saw her. She was ten years old, and he was fifteen years old. In her mother's funeral, he gave her an ancient jade and promised her that it was a token. The third time, she was 25 years old, and he was 30. She didn't marry, he didn't marry. She didn't want to marry him, but he wanted to marry her. The fourth time they saw each other, she wore a cheongsam and he wore a suit. Their first photo was printed on their marriage certificate. 。。。。。 They had known each other for many years and it was not too late to get married. She was An Zhisu, and he was Ye Lancheng. This was the story between her and him.
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  "Go, go, go, where are you from? Do you still want to see our president? Hurry up and leave, or I will be rude to you."

  In City S, at the entrance of the Flourishing Age Group, the security guard kicked a woman out. The woman stumbled and almost fell.

  This small movement attracted the Flourishing Age employees who came in and out, and everyone's eyes subconsciously looked at that woman.

  It was an extremely thin woman. She was thin and dressed thinner. It was almost the end of October. She was only wearing a white shirt on her upper body. No one knew how many years she had worn. Although she was washed clean, the yellow marks on her sleeves betrayed her age.

  Below him was an old-fashioned jeans with delicate embroidery. The blooming flowers seemed to smell the fragrance, and the lifelike butterflies seemed to be able to fly out of the pattern in the next second.

  Such exquisite embroidery was embedded on an old-fashioned pair of jeans, which was inevitably regrettable. If it was placed in the clothes of the South brand which were special with embroidery, the price of the South brand would definitely be doubled.

  An Zhisu heard the discussion of the people around her, and her slightly lowered mouth curved into a mocking smile.

  The South brand?

  Who knew that she, An Zhisu, used to be the leading designer of the brand of the Deng's brand. Every drop of the brand of the Deng's brand came from her. Now, who could still remember that the Young Lady of the An's Group was her?

  Five years ago, she was trapped in a psychiatric hospital by her stepmother and half-sister. She pretended to be mentally ill for five years. An hour ago, she came out of the mental hospital. After pretending to be ill for a long time, she forgot that she should show a normal expression.

  No wonder he was regarded as mentally ill by the security guards.

  An Zhisu made a self-criticism, adjusted his facial expression, and walked back to the security guard. He tried to put on a bright smile and said, "Brother security guard, please show this to your president. He will see me when he sees this."

  Then, he handed over a jade pendant with his white hand.

  The security guard looked at the jade pendant and showed a more strange expression. He confirmed, "You are really sick. You have watched too many TV shows. How can you still have a token? Do you still want to tell me that you are the benefactor of our president and come to our president to repay your kindness?"

  An Zhisu nodded as if he was eating rice.

  This big brother, you are the truth. I am indeed your president's lifesaver. He owes me a life.

  "You're crazy."

  After confirming his eyes, the security guard was sure that it was a mental patient. When he was about to beat her away, he heard a voice behind him.

  "What are you doing here even if you don't go to work?"

  As soon as they heard this voice, the surrounding employees scattered like frightened birds, and soon all disappeared.

  "Special Assistant." The security guard turned around and reported to the president's special assistant, Old Nine, "Special Assistant, I don't know where a lunatic came from. He wants to meet the president with a jade pendant. I'm going to drive her away."

  Jade pendant?

  Lao Jiu caught the point. First, he glanced at An Zhisu and then asked, "What jade pendant?"

  "This." An Zhisu handed the jade pendant to Old Nine. "Your president gave it to me."