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My Sweetest Momery

My Sweetest Momery


In order to compete for me, the three second-generation officials had used all their schemes and even alerted the power group behind them. My mother saw Money-hungry Businessman want to marry me to a nouveau riche. In a fit of anger, I made an appointment with a fire bag, but it turned out that my promise was tarnished by love. He said, "Tang Qing, loving you is the happiest dream of my life, and it is also the most difficult, but I will never give up." I smiled charmingly and said, "I'm glad to hear you say that. However, the happiest dream of my life is to destroy your happy dream. Your heartbreaking voice must be very pleasant." Bai Muye, I love you, I hate you.
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  After the storm, as usual, Bai Mu leaned against the bed, lit the smoke afterward, and satisfactorily swallowed the clouds, while I wrapped myself in a bath towel to take a bath in his indifferent eyes, and then dressed up to go home. Now it was 8: 30 p.m. When I went home, I could also paint a large American movie. However, I didn't know which part of it was wrong tonight, so I suddenly wanted to stay overnight.

  I thought it might be because he was in a bad mood, he drank a lot tonight, and his eyes were as red as a rabbit.

  Bai Muye was tall and handsome, and his arrogant temperament was like a wild horse. He smiled at you so casually, and the male hormones burst out in an instant, and the deer in your heart could kill countless people.

  However, it was a pity that this man was just my flame friend.

  Three months ago, my mother saw Money-hungry Businessman forcing me to take a marriage proposal from an upstart man. And because I was the daughter of the Qi family who offered a high price, in order to take revenge on my mother, she went to the bar to find a man to hand her over.

  At that time, he met him at the door of the bar. Under the blurred neon lights, he was like a domineering male protagonist coming out of a romantic novel. Without saying a word, he directly took me into his car and brought this presidential trap.

  So far, I haven't figured out what he was going to do that night. I asked him, and he answered with a vicious tone, "A man wants to sleep with a woman, does he need a reason?"

  "That's right, not to mention that I'm a pretty woman."

  I didn't even talk about a decent love. After the appointment with him, I had a strong sense of guilt. But when I thought of my mother's attitude to me, I had a perverted pleasure of revenge again. Therefore, with this contradiction mentality, I got a dark satisfaction and was out of control on this boat.

  He and he had an appointment for three months, but they were just hot friends. They were pure and innocent. They didn't interfere with each other's life and didn't ask about each other's love affairs. They had no affection for each other. They only had physical contact. When they were done, they went back home. They hadn't eaten before, let alone overnight.

  I didn't expect that Bai Muye would suddenly ask me to spend the night. For the relationship between him and me, this humble request was undoubtedly a big shot.

  After the shock, I happily agreed. I also wanted to experience how quiet it was in the morning soft sunshine when I woke up in a man's arms.

  "Does Bai Muyu ask me to stay overnight mean that I will have a qualitative leap in my relationship with him?"

  When I took a shower, all I thought about was this stupid question, and I was in an inexplicable mood.

  After taking a shower, Bai Muye was playing with my mobile phone. When he heard my movement, he didn't even raise his head.

  "A beauty doesn't even want to see a bath. Is the mobile phone so fun?" I sat next to him, making fun of him, trying to make the atmosphere more active.

  He ignored me and lit another cigarette. He took a deep breath and then handed the phone to me. He sneered and asked, "Are you getting married?"


  I took it and looked at it. My mother sent me a long message. It was said that Gao Youde had already sent the betrothal gifts to my house, which cost 66,000 yuan. If I was not satisfied, he could add it. When I got married, he would buy me another car. The diamond ring was also worth tens of thousands yuan, and he would never treat me unfairly. Let me go home tomorrow to discuss the wedding. It was best to get the marriage certificate next month, and then choose a good day to finish the wedding as soon as possible. He said that Gao Youde was willing to spend money on me.

  The implication was that she had already negotiated with others about the price to sell me, and she was waiting for me to deliver herself to the door. Oh, what a real mother, she could feel the joy of getting sixty-six hundred and sixty thousand dollars through the screen.