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The Extraordinary Prisoner

The Extraordinary Prisoner


In order to avenge his parents, Chen Yang, the military king of the Celestial Empire retired and returned to the city. When he returned to the city, Chen Yang wanted to investigate in a low profile, but the enemy would not let him go. All kinds of beautiful women also pestered him. This was a story of a drunken beauty sleeping on her knees and waking up to take charge of the power of the world.
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  Since Su Yanran started her career, she had never encountered such a bizarre thing.

  She was supposed to go somewhere else to perform today, but she didn't expect that she was invited to perform in the prison on the spur of the moment.

  Originally, she thought that it would be crazy to see a man in prison who hadn't seen a woman for months or even a few years.

  But the result surprised Su Yanran.

  At this moment, she was performing and singing hard on the stage.

  The hundreds of prisoners in front of him squatted beside the chair, with their backs to themselves and their ears covered, as if they didn't dare to see her performance or listen to her singing.

  However, in front of these hundreds of prisoners, there was a young man who stood out from the crowd.

  The young man was wearing a prison uniform, with his hands crossed and legs crossed. He looked at his performance with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

  Su Yanran and he looked at each other and found that he was very different.

  Other prisoners did not wear anything, but he wore heavy handcuffs. And his eyes seemed to be able to see through people.

  After the song was finished.

  Su Yanran stopped, glanced at the prisoners present, and said, "You can sit down and listen to me sing. If you agree, I can also sign it for everyone."

  After Su Yanran said that, no one moved.

  She gave a hint to the prison guards next to her. The prison guards also pretended not to see her.

  Su Yanran had no choice but to say it again.

  However, there was still no one moving.

  "Beauty, you don't have to shout. They won't listen to you. You'd better continue to sing for me."

  The young man, who was sitting in front of them, smiled faintly.

  "Why?" Su Yanran pouted and said, "I came here today to sing for everyone, not to sing for you."

  "Why?" The man touched his nose and said with a smug smile, "Because you are the woman I like. They are not allowed to move or look at anything that belongs to me without my permission."


  When Su Yanran heard the man's words, she was stunned at first, and then she became a little annoyed and said, "Shameless."

  The man squinted and said with a smile, "Beauty, I like you. Why don't we get married?"


  Su Yanran was speechless.

  "Hey, what should you do at this time?" The young man looked at the prisoner next to him and smiled.

  "Marry Brother Yang, sister-in-law."

  The criminals in the lobby shouted in unison, as if they had rehearsed before.

  Hearing the deafening sound, Su Yanran was stunned on the spot.

  After they shouted a few times, the young man pressed his hands to calm them down.

  Everyone was quiet. The young man looked at Su Yanran and said with a smile, "Beauty, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Chen Yang. It seems that everyone wants us to get married. Why don't we have a wedding today?"

  "A bridal chamber! A bridal chamber!"

  The criminals started to heckle again.

  "You, you~"

  Su Yanran looked at this scene, as if she could not get out of breath. She spat out two words with difficulty, and then her body went limp and she was about to faint.

  Just as she was about to fall to the ground, a figure appeared behind her and held her.

  "Hey, it's just a marriage, a wedding, a wedding? Can't you be so excited and faint?"

  Chen Yang held Su Yanran and said with a smile.


  Lying in Chen Yang's arms, Su Yanran used her last strength to curse these two words, and then completely collapsed.

  In the medical room.

  Lying on the bed, Su Yanran slowly opened her eyes.

  At this moment, Su Yanran gave a wry smile. She had a strange illness again. And recently, she had been getting more and more frequent.

  Since a few years ago, Su Yanran had been suffering from this strange disease. She would always faint for no reason. Every time she woke up, she would lie on the bed for a few days.

  If things went on like this, he would soon give up his favorite entertainment career.

  "So your name is Su Yanran."

  While Su Yanran was sighing, a faint laughter sounded in her ear.

  Su Yanran turned her head and saw that the man who had molested her was sitting next to her and reading an interview magazine.

  Hearing his question, Su Yanran scolded him secretly. She didn't even know her name, and even said that she wanted to marry him. This was simply the behavior of a rogue.

  Su Yanran did not answer, but she continued to say, "According to the magazine, your three walls are 108, 59 and 850. What a coincidence, it's the same as my goddess's and teacher Bo Duo's three walls."

  Hearing this, Su Yanran couldn't help but fly into a rage. "How about my encirclement? Do you need to take care of it?"

  Su Yanran always felt that she had a good temper. But when she saw the man in front of her, she felt angry.

  Chen Yang turned to look at her, looked at her, and said with a smile, "But I can see that you are not enough in the third round. It's not enough."

  Listening to these words, Su Yanran was like a cat whose tail was trampled by someone. She jumped up on the bed and said angrily, "Bastard, what are you talking about?"

  "I'm telling the truth."

  Su Yanran gave Chen Yang a hard look. She was too lazy to argue with Chen Yang. She turned to the prison guard next to her and said, "I don't want to see him. Take him away immediately."

  The prison guards looked at each other, and then they walked to Chen Yang and said politely, "Brother Yang, you have to go back."

  "Brother Yang, please cooperate."


  Seeing that the prison guard respected Su Yanran so much for a prisoner, she was stunned again.

  Chen Yang looked at Su Yanran again and then said with a little disappointment, "Beauty, I saved your life. It's okay if you don't marry me. It's too bad to drive me out."

  "Humph! Smelly hooligan!"

  Su Yanran snorted and said.

  "Didn't I just help me up when I fainted? What kind of life-saving thing is this? And you even promised me that you would marry me? Only this pervert can think of it."

  "Yanran, I heard that you fainted again. Are you okay?"

  Not long after Chen Yang left, the door of the medical room was pushed open again. Su Yanran's agent rushed in and asked.


  As soon as the agent came in, she saw Su Yanran standing there, and she exclaimed.

  "Sister Xiangyun, what's wrong?" Su Yanran asked curiously.

  "You, are you all right?" The agent pointed at Su Yanran and said excitedly, "Every time after you faint, it will take you two or three days to stand up. You can actually stand up now."

  After hearing the agent's words, Su Yanran also found that this illness was different from before. It was not as weak as before.

  "How could this be?" Su Yanran asked with a shocked face.

  "You have to thank Brother Yang."

  Said the prison guard next to him.

  "Thank him?" Su Yanran pouted and said, "Why?"

  "Because it's Brother Yang who treated you," said the prison guard.

  "The disease he treated me? Does he know how to cure diseases?" Su Yanran showed a look of disbelief.

  "Of course. There is no disease that Brother Yang can't cure." The prison guard said with some gratitude, "My mother's illness was cured by Brother Yang. Brother Yang is a miracle-working doctor."

  As the prison guard said so, Su Yanran's face showed an even more surprised expression.

  "That man actually knows how to treat diseases. Moreover, he is a miracle doctor?"

  He didn't look like a highly-skilled doctor at such a young age.

  And the most important thing was that both prisoners and prison officers were respectful to him in prison.

  In an instant, Su Yanran was full of curiosity about this man.

  "What crime did he commit? How many years have he been sentenced?"

  Su Yanran asked.